Shaq Dating & Relationship Updates 2022: History Of Shaquille?

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Popular American Shaquille O’Neal played professionally for many years in basketball. One of the sports that Americans watch the most is basketball. Because of his new girlfriend, Annie Ilonzeh, he has been in the news for the past few months. Both were discovered having a good time on a beach. Shaunie O’Neal and Shaq had already wed when they divorced in 2011.

The romantic life of Shaquille O’Neal, the most famous basketball player, will be covered in the article below.

Wife of Shaq

shaq wife

A well-known American TV personality is Shaunie O’Neal. She has been married to an NBA player for more than 9 years, and the two of them have 5 kids.

 Former Wife Of Shaq

According to Viacom Press, Nischelle co-hosts Entertainment Tonight. Since joining ET in 2014, she has advanced significantly. She was chosen to co-host the program in 2021.

Nischelle has worked as a journalist and a contributor to CNN concurrently. In 1998, she launched her career. After that, in 2000, she started working for FOX News. Nischelle made the decision to transfer to KTTV in Los Angeles in 2004 after gaining a lot of skills while working for the news organization.

Nischelle seemed to benefit greatly from her love of sports when she was hired to host Fox NFL Sunday despite covering a number of news features. She has been actively reporting and developing since then.

Splitting Of Shaq And Shaunie O’Neal 

Shaq previously shared a daughter with Arnetta Yarborough, with whom he was married before joining forces with Shaunie O’Neal. Shaq and his ex-wife Shaunie were married from 1997 until their divorce in 2009.

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The couple had two kids together prior to getting married on December 26, 2002, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Current Wife Of Shaq

It is difficult to respond to the question because he hasn’t been married since his breakup with Shaunie O’neal in 2011. He is currently dating Annie Ilonzeh, but they have not yet tied the knot.

Prior to dating Shaunie O’Neal, Shaq was dating Arnetta Yarbourgh; the two of them also have a daughter. After nine years of marriage, Shaq’s relationship with his ex-wife Shaunie came to an end in 1997.

Prior to March 2022, Shaq hardly rarely mentioned his breakup with Shaunie. He disclosed the split on April 19, 2022. He took responsibility for everything, admitting, “I was horrible. She was fantastic,”

In addition, he added, “I did it all. I wasn’t defending her or those vows, but we don’t need to discuss what I was doing. You occasionally lead a second life and become entangled. I won’t say that it was her. All of it was mine.

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Everything he says regarding their relationship reveals his dissatisfaction with the 2011 decision.

Prior to getting married on December 26, 2002, at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the couple had two children together.

Shaq’s family

Shaq O’neal, an NBA Hall of Famer, is the father of five kids. Shaunie O’Neal, to whom he was married for more than nine years, is the mother of his children.

Shareef O’Neal, his son, is a college basketball player and professional basketball player.

Amirah O’Neal, Shaq O’Neal’s daughter, plays basketball like her father and siblings.

All of the kids are youthful, active, and leading pleasant lives. One of the most well-liked and accomplished basketball players in NBA history is Shaq. Shaquille O’neal is one of the wealthiest sports and basketball players in the world with a net worth of more than $400 million.

Who Else Has Shaq Ever Dated?

shaq relationships

Shaq has been idly playing the field after his breakup with Hoopz. Model Laticia Rolle and writer Karrine Steffans are a couple of the women he has been spotted with.

Shaq, though, was also a part of a few questionable relationships. The mother of NBA player Gilbert Arenas’ four children and the star of Basketball Wives L.A. Laura Govan exchanged a private email in 2009 that later came to light. Despite denials, it turns out that the two were dating while Shaq and Shaunie O’Neal were still married.

The next year, leaked texts between Shaq and Swedish model Dominica Westling also contained explicit language.

Shaq acknowledged being a dude in his autobiography, Shaq Uncut: My Story. I had too many alternatives for a guy. ChoosingWell, that’s on me to be with some of those women. I never intended to be disrespectful, but it’s evident that I shouldn’t have done it all.

Shaq and Annie Ilonzeh seem to be connected these days. Before assuming the character of Emily Foster on the well-liked NBC drama Chicago Fire, the 37-year-old actress made appearances on General Hospital and Empire. Although they were last spotted in September on vacation in Spain, the couple was originally speculated to be dating in 2019. Although neither party has officially acknowledged their connection, there are indications that it is more than just a passing fancy.

FAQs: People Also Ask

Shaq still has a wife, right?

Shaq O’Neal and his ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal separated in 2011. Shaq has been spotted with other girls after their split, although he is now single.

Is Shaq Married?

He is not married now that he and his ex-wife are no longer together.

Who is the wife of Shaquille O’Neal?

After many years of dating, Shaquille O’Neal wed Shaunie O’Neal in 2002. After a verbal separation in 2009 due to the inability of the couple to be together, they separated legally in 2011.

Who is Shaq’s spouse?

Shaquille O’Neal, who used to be Shaq’s wife but is now his ex-wife, goes by that name.

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