Has The Masked Madman Revealed His Face? Know About The Ghost In MW2

simon riley face reveal

Ghost is brought back for another adventure in Modern Warfare 2, and this time, Task Force 141 gets to see Simon Riley’s face for the first time.

Simon “Ghost” Riley is considered a legendary figure in the history of Call of Duty. When the cherished soldier arrived in the American Warfare era for the first time, he discovered his first word on the franchise in the year 2009.

In the reimagined version of Modern Warfare 2, Ghost is playable in more ways than ever before. On this page of Modern Warfare, we won’t speculate as to whether or not Ghost will pass away, but we do have some shocking news to share.

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Ghost Face Reveal

Who Is Simon Ghost Riley?

Fans of the series eagerly anticipated the opportunity to play Modern Warfare 2’s campaign early. Since October 20, the campaign has been available to players who have pre-ordered the game’s digital version on any platform.

In front of Task Force 141 and Los Vaqueros, in the second-to-last objective of the “Ghost Team” campaign, the beloved figure Simon “Ghost” Riley finally exposes his face. To their utter disappointment, players are unable to see his face because the camera is positioned behind him.

Captain Price turns his face towards his old friend and says, “Good to see you again, Simon,” alluding to the fact that the name “Ghost” is only reserved when the operator dons his recognisable mask.

This statement is followed by a very surprised silence from the squad. But by the time the camera returns to his face, Ghost has already donned his balaclava from the Ghost Team.

The Ghost Team mission scenes are the only other places in the game where the famed operator can be seen without his recognisable skull mask.

Ghost is a Caucasian man with short brown hair, yet we are unable to see his face in the movie scenario. Additionally, it reveals that Ghost has a set of brown eyes, but the rest of his appearance is still a mystery to fans and one of the most alluring secrets of the Modern Warfare franchise.

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Does Ghost Die In MW2?

The fact that Ghost does not perish during the course of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign will come as a relief to players. In spite of the fact that the character was betrayed in the first Modern Warfare 2, the developers at Infinity Ward have decided to take a radically different approach with this new game.

Does Ghost die in Modern Warfare 2 (2022) campaign?

To begin, General Shepherd’s part in the new Modern Warfare 2 campaign is significantly less active than it was in the previous one. He is never seen working away from his office, and we are never privy to any of his exploits in the field.

Since the General is less likely to be able to eliminate Ghost when he is sitting at his desk, we won’t grumble about this development. In point of fact, there aren’t that many fatalities of main characters in Modern Warfare 2.

Although Captain Price is killed by a stray bullet during the game’s final mission, the very final cutscene shows that he is unharmed and able to continue on with his life. Everyone who was a part of Taskforce 141 is seated next to him, including Laswell, Gaz, Soap, and Ghost.

At this point in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, it’s probably safe to presume that none of these characters have passed away. Although it is possible that the tale will continue in Spec Ops and Warzone, the stage has been laid for a third instalment in the Modern Warfare franchise.

No matter what takes place, we hold out hope that Ghost will survive it all. We are not ready to put ourselves through that psychological ordeal all over again.

Modern Warfare 2 Storyline

Despite the previous game preventing a nuclear war, Ultranationalists win power in Russia, and Imran Zakhaev dies a martyr. Vladimir Makarov, an ultranationalist extremist and Zakhaev’s protege, promises vengeance against the West for five years.

Diplomatic relations with the US deteriorate. In 2016, Private First-Class Joseph Allen, whose performance in Afghanistan impressed General Shepherd, joins Makarov’s team and engages in a mass shooting. Makarov, who knows Allen’s identity, kills him and leaves his body at the airport so the US can be accused for a false flag operation.

Know Everything About The Storyline Of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Captain John “Soap” MacTavish and Sergeant Gary “Roach” Sanderson are assigned to rescue an Attack Characterization System (ACS) module from a fallen American satellite held by Russian soldiers at an airbase in Kazakhstan’s Tian Shan range.

Soap, Roach, and other members of “Task Force 141” are sent to Rio de Janeiro after the airport slaughter to capture Makarov’s arms dealer. As revenge for the airport massacre, Russia launches a surprise assault of the U.S. East Coast after seizing the ACS module and destroying American satellites above North America.

Task Force 141 launches a counterattack in the Russian Far East to liberate Captain John Price. Price rejoins Task Force 141, aboard a Russian nuclear submarine for their next mission, and launches a ballistic missile above Washington to give the Americans an advantage. During the counterattack, the Americans protect the White House from a bomb run by the Air Force.

General Shepherd betrays and kills Roach, “Ghost” Riley, and other Task Force 141 members at a safehouse on the Georgian border to cover up his role in extending the Russian-American battle. Task Force 141 has two missions.

Price and Soap are ambushed in Afghanistan while Shepherd’s private men battle Makarov’s. After Makarov reveals Shepherd’s whereabouts, Price and Soap execute a suicide mission to avenge him. Soap fails to stab Shepherd after a long chase. Price fights Shepherd before he can kill Soap with the knife he pulled from his chest. After Nikolai evacuates Price and Soap, more happens.

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