Splatoon 3 Amiibo Unlocks And Rewards

Splatoon 3 Amiibo Unlocks And Rewards

Splatoon 3 is jam-packed with exciting new locations and stuff for players to explore and utilize, so it only makes sense that Amiibo will have a role to play. Splatoon’s amiibo figures, meanwhile, serve a much more practical purpose than just as collectibles.

Instead, they’re good for gaining access to exclusive in-game content. Read on to uncover the unlocking benefits that the Splatoon Amiibo gives.

If you’ve managed to get your hands on Nintendo’s wonderful Splatoon 3, you may already be aware that a wide variety of amiibo from prior games can be used with it. All amiibo from both the original Wii U game and the sequel, Splatoon 2, are compatible with each other.

All About Amiibo

Even if some Splatoon 3-exclusive amiibo are in the works for a later release, you can still get your hands on a ton of cool loot by using the previous models, plus they still look sharp!

The majority of these secrets also work for Splatoon 2. Splatoon 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

splatoon 3 amiibo

As expected, Amiibo will have a role in Splatoon 3, which is packed to the gills with enjoyable locations and goods for players to utilize. Splatoon’s amiibo figures, meanwhile, serve a much more practical purpose than just as collectibles. Instead, they’re good for gaining access to exclusive in-game content. Find out what bonuses the Splatoon Amiibo can help you open up next.

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Scanning Amiibo In Splatoon 3

When you first enter Splatsville, scanning your Splatoon Amiibo is as easy as pressing a button. Located just behind the spawn location, the Amiibo stand bears a striking resemblance to the Splatoon Amiibo box.

Walking up to the box and interacting with it will begin scanning your Amiibo immediately. When you’re done, you can scan as many Amiibo as you want. The more Splatoon Amiibo you acquire, the better, as they each come with their own unique set of weapons and accessories.

unlock splatoon 3 amiibo

Full List Of Splatoon Amiibo And Other Goodies

There are presently 13 Splatoon Amiibo, each of which may be exchanged for one of three rewards in Splatoon 3, and with the release of Splatoon 3 action figures, it’s likely that this number will expand.

Upon receiving your gifts, you can immediately update your look by selecting them from the equip menu. When putting together your best outfits for a return to battle, you also need to take into account the bonuses offered by the many pieces of clothing and unlocking gear you have at your disposal. Every Splatoon Amiibo and the in-game goodies it can get are listed here.

splatoon 3 amiibo

Here’s Everything That Can Be Unlocked With Amiibo In Splatoon 3:

  • Inkling Girl (Green): School Shoes + Hi Socks (feet), Base School Shoes (feet), School Uniform A (chest), School Uniform B (chest), Squid Hairclip (head)
  • Inkling Girl (Smash Bros. version): Same as Inkling Girl (Green)
  • Inkling Girl (Orange): No reward, but potentially the same as Inkling Girl (Green)
  • Inkling Squid (Green): Power Armor (chest), Power Mask (head), Power Boots (feet)
  • Callie: Hero Runner Replicas (feet), Hero Jacket Replica (chest), Hero Headset Replica (head)
  • Marie: Armor Boot Replicas (feet), Armor Jacket Replica (chest), Armor Helmet Replica (head)

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sphead splatoon amiibo
  • Inkling Boy (Green): Squinja Boots
  • Inkling Boy (Blue): Samurai Shoes (feet), Samurai Jacket (chest), Samurai Helmet (head)
  • Inkling Boy (Purple): Same as Inkling Boy (Blue)
  • Inkling Squid (Purple): Power Boots Mk I (feet)
  • Pearl: Pearlescent Kicks (feet), Pearlescent Hoodie (chest), Pearlescent Crown S (head), Pearlescent Crown L (head)
  • Marina: Marinated Slip-Ons (feet), Marinated Top (chest), Marinated Headphones (head)
  • Octoling Girl: Enchanted Boots (feet), Enchanted Robe A (chest), Enchanted Robe B (chest), Enchanted Hat (head)
  • Octoling Boy: Steel Greaves (feet), Steel Platemail (chest), Steel Helm (head)
  • Octoling Octopus: Fresh Fish Feet (feet), Fresh Fish Gloves (chest), Fresh Fish Head (head)
  • Inkling Squid (Orange): Same as Inkling Squid (Green)
  • Inkling Girl (Pink/Red): Baggy-Sock Fringe Loafs (feet), Base Fringed Loafers (feet)

In addition, there are three Splatoon 3 Amiibo that won’t be available until much later in the year, well outside the game’s debut window. These will most likely provide cosmetic benefits in addition to those listed below.

As of September 9th, Splatoon 3 was available for purchase in the United States.

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