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The scientific community has benefited greatly from Stephen Hawking’s contributions over the years, and he has frequently appeared in documentaries that make advantage of his extraordinary intellect.

The biopic of the now-deceased Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything, describes his time in college and the start of his career. Whether or not you can stream the excellent movie on the streaming service will be determined by Netflix.

Although the film was classified as a drama when it was released in 2015, it also featured many romantic themes.

The two main actors, Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne, portrayed Stephen in his younger years while he was attending university and, perhaps most significantly, when he first learned that he had ALS.

The film doesn’t go into great detail on the science he was associated with, but Netflix has a tons of documentaries that do just that.

The tributes to the professor have been led by Eddie Redmayne, who played Stephen Hawking, who said: “We have lost a truly beautiful mind, an astonishing scientist and the funniest man I have ever had the pleasure to meet. My love and thoughts are with his extraordinary family.”

The 1985 TV movie Creation of the Universe was the first documentary in which Hawking was featured. As implied by the program’s title, it explores the Big Bang’s original birth of the universe and how everything, including humans, came into being.

Hawking has since made appearances in some of the most well-known television programmes ever, including Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Big Bang Theory, and even The Simpsons.

Hawking not only participated in documentaries but also oversaw many of them. Series like Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking, Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places, and Stephen Hawking’s Universe were all hugely profitable and well-liked.

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The Theory of Everything Storyline

The biography of Stephen Hawking serves as the basis for the film The Theory of Everything, which is a biographical romantic drama.

In it, he discusses his admission to Cambridge University, his first date with his future wife Jane, and his diagnosis with motor neurone illness at the age of 21.

What is the storyline of the movie The theory of everything?

Jane chooses to remain by her husband’s side despite the gloomy prognosis that he has just two years left to live. Together, they fight against hardship and surpass expectations.

This movie offers an emotional investigation of Stephen Hawking’s personal life, despite the fact that he is well-known for his accomplishments as a great physicist.

The Theory of Everything Cast

  • Eddie Redmayne – Stephen Hawking
  • Felicity Jones – Jane Wilde
  • Charlie Cox – Jonathan Jones
  • Emily Watson – Beryl Wilde (Jane’s mother)
  • Simon McBurney – Frank hawking (Stephen’s father)
  • David Thewlis – Dennis Sciama (Stephen’s tutor)

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The Theory of Everything Plot

Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde date in Cambridge. Friends and teachers worry about Stephen’s lack of a thesis topic. Stephen and his lecturer Dennis Sciama attend a seminar about black holes, and he chooses to write his thesis on them.

Stephen’s muscles weaken, reducing his coordination. Motor neuron disease will leave him unable to move, swallow, or breathe. He has two years left without treatment. The doctor tells Stephen that his brain will not be impacted, therefore his thoughts and intelligence will remain intact.

Jane reveals she loves Stephen as he withdraws into his job. She tells his father she’ll stay with him while he becomes sicker. Robert is their first child.

Stephen argues that a black hole caused the Big Bang and will terminate in a Big Crunch. His walking deteriorates, therefore he uses a wheelchair. After having Lucy, Stephen Hawking develops a theory regarding black hole visibility and becomes a scientist.

Plot of the movieThe Theory of Everything

Jane can’t work on her thesis due to the children, Stephen’s health, and his rising reputation. Stephen will help if she needs it. She joins a church choir and befriends widower Jonathan.

Jonathan befriends the family, helping Stephen with his illness, encouraging Jane, and playing with the kids. Stephen’s mother asks Jane if Timothy is Jonathan’s, but she says no. When Jonathan and Jane are alone, they confess their feelings. Stephen tells him Jane needs him, so he rejoins the family.

Stephen gets hospitalized after falling ill after an opera in Bordeaux. The doctor tells Jane he has pneumonia and will be mute after a tracheotomy. She has surgery. Stephen utilizes a spelling board to communicate with his nurse, Elaine.

He acquires a computer with a voice synthesizer and writes A Brief History of Time (1988), a best-seller. Stephen tells Jane he’ll take Elaine to the U.S. to accept an award. Jane tells her husband she “tried her best” and they agree to split.

Stephen and Elaine fall in love at the lecture; Jane and Jonathan reunite. Stephen sees a student drop a pen during a lecture and imagines returning it, almost crying at the reminder of his disease. “While there’s life, there’s hope,” he tells audiences.

Stephen invites Jane to meet Queen Elizabeth II when he’s made a Companion of Honor; they enjoy the day with their children.

An extended closing series shows select moments from the film in reverse, back to when Stephen first saw Jane. The reversal recalls Stephen’s research method of reversing time to understand the beginning of the universe.

Jane marries Jonathan and earns her PhD. She’s friends with Stephen. Stephen declines a knighthood from the Queen and continues his research.

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