Stray PS4 Release Date: When Is Stray Going To Be Released?

Stray is a breath taking independent video game in which players assume the character of an orange cat. Sony debuted the PlayStation 5 at their Future of Gaming event in 2020, and one of the very first games that the company presented alongside the new machine was Stray.

The concept of a cyberpunk-inspired video game in which the player controls a cat as the primary character immediately piqued the interest of users on the internet, and Stray was able to garner their attention very immediately. The thick urban sprawl of Stray appears to be an extremely hazardous environment; however, fortunately, we will have the agile claws of a scrappy cat to help us leap up to air vents, across rooftops, and onto and over pipelines in order to escape any potential threats.

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Stray PS4 Release Date

Stray PS4 Release Date

On Tuesday, July 19, 2022, Stray will be available for purchase on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and personal computers. Stray will be available to you at no additional cost if you are a member of the new PlayStation Plus Tiers, specifically the Extra or Premium Tiers.

According to the PlayStation Store, Stray will be available for purchase at 1AM local time (PT), 4AM Eastern Time (ET), and 9AM British Summer Time (BST) on the release date. According to the Steam Store Page, the PC version of the game will be released at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, 12 p.m. Eastern Time, and 5 p.m. British Standard Time.

Details on the Pre-Order and Prices for Stray

You are able to place a pre-order for Stray through the official PlayStation Store page, even if you are not a member of PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium. The game may be pre-ordered right now and will only be accessible to PC users through the Steam platform.

The game Stray is presently discounted by 10% on Steam, bringing the price down from the initial price of $26.99 USD to a new low of $24.30. Unfortunately, there are currently no confirmed pre-order bonuses for Stray, which means that you should not anticipate receiving any unique goods or in-game cosmetics if you purchase the game before it is officially released later this week.


Stray: Story and Gameplay

Stray: Story and Gameplay

In the world that Stray takes place in, robots have taken the role of humans. The players will take on the character of a stray cat who is trying to find his way back home while scurrying and dodging their way through a confusing cyberpunk setting and adversaries who are out to get them.

On his journey, the cat will be accompanied by a drone by the name of B12, who will not only assist our feline hero in comprehending the language of the robots, but who will also assist in storing and recovering commodities that have been discovered throughout the world.

Stray is promoted as a platformer that takes place in an open-world environment. It will be necessary for you to guide the pawed protagonist over barriers, utilise your feline instinct to solve hard puzzles, and dodge swarms of the game’s numerous enemies, which are referred to as Zurks.

The Inspiration for the Heroic Feline Stray

The Inspiration for the Heroic Feline Stray

Fans were given a glimpse by BlueTwelve Studio producer Swann Martin-Raget of the real-life cats that served as the inspiration for Stray’s protagonist. Stray was developed by the team’s dedicated cat animator Miko and cat programmer Rémi after they spent countless hours researching each and every movement of three pets: Murtaugh, Oscar, and Jun.

This was done with the goal of making the in-game cat movements feel as natural as possible. Murtaugh, the pet of the studio’s cofounders, was the source of inspiration for most of the hero’s looks in the game; however, Oscar the Sphynx cat offered enough video reference of jumps and runs.

However, what about Jun? Martin-Raget stated in a blog post that “he was in charge of monitoring the team’s efforts every day and making sure that everyone was working on the proper issue.” This was due to the fact that he was the executive chief general president commander director officer at the studio. It would appear that there is no way to prevent a cat from behaving in the manner expected of a cat.

FAQs- People Also Ask

Stray: Is the world open?

There is no open world in Stray. Instead, you are given a few tiny spaces to look around in and organized stages to complete. Even while it’s not an open world, it has some non-linear sections that encourage exploring. If you know where to look, you can take on unusual encounters and entertaining mini-stories.

Does Stray allow you to personalize your cat?

Sadly, despite players’ aspirations, there are no ways to customize the cat in Stray. As a neon orange tabby cat with a backpack carrying its drone friend B-12, players explore the neon city. Players can only play as the orange tabby cat; the game’s prelude features three other cats.

How long is the game Stray?

It takes five hours or so to beat Stray. Most players required between four and five and a half hours to finish the story, according to the length tracking website How Long to Beat, with some fluctuation depending on “extras” that aren’t crucial to the main plot. These figures originate from roughly 80 players as of this writing.

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