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Succession Season 4: Family Conflict And Power Struggles Are Still Present In The HBO Drama.

Succession Season 4: Family Conflict And Power Struggles Are Still Present In The HBO Drama.

The reunion of television’s most dysfunctional family will be more explosive than a Japanese rocket launch that Roman Roy arranged, according to early video from Succession season 4.

Dark, dramatic, and frequently amusing, showrunner Jesse Armstrong’s fictionalised portrayal of the Murdoch media empire combines tension and humour in ways that are rarely seen on television. The third season of the show, which debuted in October 2021, further demonstrated why Succession is one of the top HBO Max programmes available.

HBO approved Succession season 4 even before season 3’s final credits rolled, and we’re eager to see how the show’s forthcoming episodes resolve the dramatic cliffhanger from that season.


Succession season 4 will start streaming in the spring of 2023, which, for our Australian readers, falls between March and June of this year. Along with the season’s first full-length trailer, which you can view below, the release timeframe was also revealed.

The earliest we anticipate Succession season 4 to release is March 2023 based on how long each season takes to film. The earliest we anticipate the programme will return is May 2023, as HBO executive Casey Bloys previously stated to Date(opens in new tab) that the entire season will have broadcast by the Emmy eligibility deadline for the following year (May 2023).

As per usual, Succession season 4 will be streamable on HBO Max (or whatever the current name of Warner Bros. Discovery’s streamer is) in the US, while Sky Atlantic and NOW will take over in the UK. Succession may be available for viewing in Europe depending on when it debuts, courtesy to the ongoing expansion of Warner Bros. Discovery channels there.


Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, Alan Ruck, Matthew Macfadyen, Nicholas Braun, and J. Smith-Cameron are among the cast members who will return for Succession season 4 according to HBO’s official confirmation.

In June 2022, information about their participation in upcoming episodes was made public, albeit it wasn’t entirely unexpected. Because Succession’s drama depends entirely on exploring the complicated relationships within its centre Roy family (the show’s name is a giveaway), subsequent episodes would struggle to maintain the gripping tensions if even one member left the battlefield.

The fourth season of Succession will include the return of minor characters like Stewy (Arian Moayed) and Willa (Justine Lupe), while James Cromwell will likely reprise his role as Ewan.

Who will inherit Logan Roy’s media empire? is the central plotline of the show, yet many of these people have little direct impact on it. They are crucial components of Succession since practically all of them have very specific relationships with specific Roy family members that shed light on the motivations of the key characters of the show.

The same is true for Lukas Matsson, the IT entrepreneur played by Alexander Skarsgrd. Logan Roy appeared to negotiate a deal with Matsson at the end of season 3 to give up control of Waystar Royco in exchange for a payment, shocking his kids in the process. It should come as no surprise that Skarsgrd will appear in future episodes of Succession because this choice will likely be the central conflict of season 4’s story (via GQ(opens in new tab)).

The future of Adrien Brody’s brief appearance as wealthy investor Josh Aaronson in season 3 is less certain. Through Aaronson, the creators of Succession attempted to cast doubt on Logan’s suitability as an ageing CEO. It’s difficult to understand where Brody could take the character after serving that role.

Even yet, we wouldn’t be shocked to see additional A-listers enter Succession’s boardrooms as new characters in season 4 even if Brody doesn’t reprise his role as Aaronson. Additional cast members “are set to be unveiled,” according to HBO.


Last year’s episodes focused equally on each Roy brother, giving actors Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, and Kieran Culkin room to flex their (sometimes cringe-inducing) muscles. This was in response to the consequences of Kendall’s treachery and Logan’s gung-ho pursuit for retribution in Succession season 2. Logan’s dramatic choice to take Matsson’s offer into consideration left the three siblings more unified (against their father, that is) than ever, and Season 4 appears set up to continue in that vein.

Logan’s intention to give up family ownership of Waystar Royco is naturally seen by Kendall, Shiv, and Roman as a betrayal. Since fans have watched the siblings argue about who is best suited to inherit their father’s business for three seasons, it stands to reason that none of them want to see it pass into outsider hands.

The fourth season of Succession’s story will likely be driven by this conflict. Other plot lines are more difficult to identify, but we anticipate that Shiv and Tom’s unorthodox union will be brought up again after Tom deceived his wife in order to win Logan’s favour (so much betrayal in this family!).

We don’t yet know the full extent of Tom’s role in the switcheroo or the extent to which Greg’s role in informing Logan of his children’s efforts to sabotage the transaction with Matsson played in the cliffhanger season 3 finale.

One person who is eager to learn more is Sarah Snook. I have no idea [where the programme is heading with that incident],” she admitted to SiriusXM(opens in new tab). I’m eager to resume filming because I want to find out what transpires.

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Snook continued: “I feel like it’s an incredibly powerful position for Shiv to be in, because she knows stuff and then can choose whether to divulge that information. This is in reference to the final shot of season 3 which implies Shiv knows what Tom has done. She had the option of keeping her knowledge of Tom’s whereabouts a secret from both Tom and her siblings. However, it must ignite a fire [inside her].

But as of right now, and for the first time in the history of the programme, it appears like season 4 will start with Kendall, Shiv, and Roman going up against everyone else.

Future Succession episodes may see Connor being married to Willa, played by Justine Lupe. A giant “Willa Ferreyra & Connor Roy” banner can be seen strewn across a waterfront building in the set photo below. This suggests that the location will either be used for an establishing shot, the couple’s rehearsal dinner, or their wedding ceremony itself.

It’s also possible that Connor’s campaign for president will develop into a separate storyline, which might open the door for other politically active characters, including Justin Kirk’s far-right congressman Jeryd Mencken, to make an appearance.

However, the main focus of Succession season 4 will undoubtedly be Matsson’s proposed acquisition of the Roy family company. In fact, the ten-episode season 4’s official HBO summary is as follows: “In the season’s fourth’s 10 episodes, the sale of media giant Waystar Royco to tech genius Lukas Matsson gets increasingly closer. As the Roys envision what their life would be like after the sale is completed, the possibility of this seismic sale causes existential turmoil and familial discord. As the family considers a future in which their influence in culture and politics will be drastically reduced, a power struggle emerges.

We’re anticipating being astonished by the expected twists and turns that Succession season 4 has in store, given that HBO executive Francesca Orsi stated in her formal renewal announcement that “Jesse Armstrong [continues] to beyond our wildest expectations” with each new season of the show.


In October 2022, HBO unveiled the first official trailer for Succession season 4, which teases the show’s major characters in brief cameos. The video is below.

Before the first full-length trailer for Succession season 4 was released, HBO provided viewers a quick peek at the upcoming episodes of the show in a sizzle reel for HBO Max’s 2023 content schedule.

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We’re positive that Season 4 of Succession won’t be the program’s final season. HBO didn’t mention additional seasons in the press announcement announcing the show’s renewal, but discussions with cast and crew members in the following months have allayed our (relatively) fears.

For instance, Logan Roy, the family boss played by series regular Brian Cox, told GQ(opens in new tab) that he anticipates “maybe two more series, and then I guess we’re done.”

Georgia Pritchett, the show’s executive producer, agreed, saying in 2021 to The Times(opens in new tab) that she thought the maximum number of seasons for Succession will be five: “At this moment [Jesse Armstrong] is suggesting only one more.”

Armstrong, the show’s creator, has openly said that he wants the series to end. He told The New Statesman, “There’s going to be a very clear point when that story is ended, and it can’t continue on too long” (opens in new tab).

In 2022, Armstrong said it again at the BAFTA TV Awards. Reporters questioned him about how long he planned to continue the show, and he responded, “I won’t answer that one precisely. It shouldn’t carry on indefinitely, in my opinion. But right now, we’re still having a good time.

Even HBO executive Casey Bloys doesn’t know what will happen to Succession. He stated to Deadline(opens in new tab) in July that “we actually tend to leave it with the showrunners for those conversations. We’ll basically leave it up to him and let him have his process to find out what he wants to accomplish. “Jesse is certainly working out what he wants the fourth season to be and he will determine whether he sees it going beyond that or not.”

After season 4, there is a strong possibility that we will be treated to a fifth season of Succession, giving Logan plenty of time to (finally!) name a successor to his massive media empire.

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