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Suspect killed in Chicago police shooting after CPD called to Irving Park bar for man with gun

Suspect killed in Chicago police shooting after CPD called to Irving Park bar for man with gun

Authorities said that a person was shot and killed early on Wednesday morning by Chicago police after they responded to a report that someone had pointed a gun at customers in the area of an Irving Park bar.

According to Chicago police, the incident took place in the 3700 block of North Troy Street at around three in the morning. The victim’s age and identity have not been established by investigators.

Chicago Police Supt. David Brown informed reporters during a press conference at police headquarters that the suspect had returned to Christina’s Place, 3759 N. Kedzie Ave., after being evicted. The suspect brandished a gun at the bouncer and other nearby patrons after the security guard at the bar overheard argument outside, according to Brown.

When the security guy entered the bar again and dialled 911, police arrived and were waiting outside, according to Brown. The moment the suspect fled, there was “an apparent exchange of gunfire,” in which three parties—two cops and the suspect—all fired shots—into an alley on Troy Street.

The superintendent said that the suspect was the lone victim. It was discovered a gun with an extended magazine.

Police had been shot at, so officers radioed and requested an ambulance.

Police dispatcher was informed by an officer, “We have one subject down in the alley; he still has the gun in his hand. “At this time, we are not looking for any additional offenders.”

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According to Brown, the wounded officers were taken to a hospital for “observation purposes” and were in good condition. According to him, one of the officers who took part in the shooting is a “veteran” and the other is an officer on probation.

As the Civilian Office of Police Accountability investigates the shooting, both will be placed on routine administrative duties for at least 30 days, according to Brown. Briefly stating that its investigators were “responding to an officer-involved shooting,” COPA issued the statement.

According to Brown, who added that police also anticipate recovering police POD camera video, investigators are currently evaluating footage from the shootout captured on body-worn cameras.

Brown noted that there is limited information available to investigators about the circumstances leading up to the incident, saying, “From what we know currently, based on looking at the body-worn camera [footage], the offender fired his firearm, and the cops fired their weapon.”

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