Tekken: Bloodline Release Date: Get Ready For Action

Tekken: Bloodline Release Date

A forthcoming anime titled “Tekken: Bloodlines” will be adapted from the Tekken fighting game franchise, which has garnered an incredible amount of success. This is the first fighting game that Netflix has chosen to adapt into an anime; the streaming service already has a few anime based on gaming properties such as DOTA and Castlevania, but this is the first fighting game that Netflix has chosen to adapt.

The trailer revolves around Jin Kazama and how he ended up taking part in The King of Iron Fist Tournament. A significant number of the characters from the games make appearances as well, including Paul, King, Hitachi Mishima, Kazuya, and many others. In addition, we feel obligated to draw attention to the extremely accurate effects that are utilized during battles, which appear to have been lifted directly from the games.

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Tekken: Bloodline Release Date

On Thursday, August 18th, Tekken: Bloodline will reportedly become available for internet streaming on Netflix. Netflix has not yet stated publicly when the new anime will be released in other countries, although the streaming service normally begins uploading all original, non-simulcast Korean dramas beginning at the following times:

  • Pacific Time – 12 AM
  • Eastern Time – 3 AM
  • British Time – 8 AM
  • European Time – 9 AM
  • India Time – 12.30 PM
  • Philippine Time – 3 PM
  • Japan Time – 4 PM
  • Australia Time – 4.30 PM

Tekken: Bloodline Cast

  • Jin Kazama, voiced by Isshin Chiba
  • Jun Kazam, voiced by Mamiko Noto
  • Heihachi Mishima, voiced by Taiten Kusunoki
  • Kazuya Mishima, voiced by Masanori Shinohara
  • Hwoarang, voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa
  • Ling Xiaoyu, voiced by Maaya Sakamoto
  • Paul Phoenix, voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka
  • Julia Chang, voiced by Seiko Yoshida
  • Nina Williams, voiced by Yumi Tōma
  • Ganryu, voiced by Hidenari Ugaki

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Tekken: Bloodline Plot

The plot of Tekken 3 will be adapted for use in the anime. This is an excellent pick considering that Tekken 3 served as many people’s introduction to the Tekken brand. At a very young age, Jin Kazama received instruction from his mother in the family martial art known as the Kazama style. However, despite this, he continued to stand there helpless as a wicked demon known as “Ogre” took everything away from him.

This results in him embarking on a crazed drive to achieve power for the purpose of exacting revenge against Ogre and adopting the Mishima way. In the end, he winds up in The King of Iron Fist Tournament, which is a competition in which the best fighters from around the world compete for the top prize. Fans are guaranteed to have a nice time, while novices to the genre will find that this anime serves as an excellent point of entry for them.

Tekken: Bloodline Details

  1. Leroy Smith, Feng Wei, Craig Marduk, and Steve Fox play roles even though the series is mostly focused on the events of Tekken 3. These characters made their first debuts in games following Tekken 3.
  2. Heihachi, Kazuya, Nina, and King II use their Tekken 5 Player One uniforms, while Xiaoyu and Julia wear their Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Player One outfits. Some Tekken 3 characters still wear their original outfits from this game.
  3. Hwoarang is shown wearing his Tekken 3 Player One uniform as well as a different colour variant of his Tekken 5 Player One attire; the Tekken 3 clothing is only glimpsed in passing during a montage.
  4. Jun and Ancient Ogre battle in their standard Tekken Tag Tournament 2 positions.
  5. Paul is the only character not to have a Japanese voice actor, either from the home series or from Street Fighter X Tekken. Heihachi’s Japanese voice actor was replaced as a result of Unsh Ishizuka’s passing.
  6. The only characters who have retained their original Japanese voice actors from their debut games are Nina and Hwoarang, with the exception of Jin, whose voice actor, Isshin Chiba, has returned to reprise his role in all Tekken-related media since his debut.
  7. In Tekken Tag Tournament, Yumi Tma last provided the voices of Nina and Anna Williams. Prior to Street Fighter X Tekken, Tma also provided the voice of Xiaoyu in her debut game.
  8. In the Japanese version of Tekken 4, Toshiyuki Morikawa provided Hwoarang’s last voiceover.
  9. In the series, Jinpachi Mishima is discussed, and Heihachi claims that Jinpachi erected two wonderfully carved stone lanterns on the Mishima Estate and broke one of them with his bare hands to show the Mishima capacity to build and destroy.
  10. Jin is depicted using a handheld console in the first episode. The audio samples of the game indicate that it is a Tekken game, including grunts that can be recognized as most likely coming from a Jack or Prototype Jack.
  11. Boxing kangaroo silhouettes can be seen on the walls behind the two characters as they spar in episode two’s introduction of Jin and Hwoarang.

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