In China, Two People Were Killed After A Tesla Model Y Lost Control On A Busy Street

tesla china crash

On social media this weekend, a clip of a Tesla Model Y driver losing control of their car in Chaozhou, Guangdong province, went viral.

According to Tesla, data indicates that the driver did not apply the brakes during the collision, which left two people dead and three others injured, according to Bloomberg.

In China, a speeding Tesla kills two people, but the automaker disputes brake failure claims. CCTV cameras were used to record the video. Before the Model Y took off at high speed and travelled for about 1.2 miles, the driver seemed to make an attempt to park.

During that time, the driver killed a high school girl riding a bicycle and a motorcyclist in collisions. Additionally hurt was the driver. Tesla has agreed to assist the police in their investigation.

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Tesla Car Crash In China

 Speeding Tesla kills 2 in China

On November 5, the car made a close call with several pedestrians in Chaozhou, Guangdong province, when it suddenly picked up speed and weaved through a road while pulling to the side of the road. The incident was caught on surveillance cameras.

The 55-year-old driver, a former trucker by the name of Zhan, achieves a high speed of 123 mph as the automobile strikes a rider off their bike, ploughs into a delivery truck, and then crashes into a structure. Zhan claimed to have made an effort to reduce his speed in front of his family’s store. Even when he pressed the brake pedal, the car apparently continued to accelerate.

According to reports in Dahe Daily, Zhan claimed, “I sensed the automobile was acting up so I clicked the park button, but it began to speed.” “I tried the brakes several times as I suddenly accelerated. On the highway, others could be seen. I swung the wheel because there was a motorcycle in front of me.

“I lost control of the vehicle and instantly started looking for something to crash into because I was a truck driver and knew what to do if my brakes ever failed on a slope, he continued. “I kept pressing the brakes in an attempt to get them to engage and bring the automobile to a stop. My reactions couldn’t keep up with the speed, so I was pondering where to crash.”

Two people, a motorcyclist and a high school student, were reportedly murdered in the event, and three other people suffered serious injuries. Apparently, the driver is still alive.

The family of the 55-year-old put the accident down to a problem with Tesla’s AutoPilot technology. He supposedly couldn’t manually slow down or stop the car. According to Zhan’s son, the Tesla was purportedly purchased in November 2021 from a friend.

The reports have been refuted by the Elon Musk-owned automaker, though. Data from Tesla revealed that no brake pressure was applied during the high-speed run, and the brake lights of the vehicle were not visible in the video.

Tesla said in a statement that the “vehicle’s electronic throttle was depressed deeply for extended durations and held at 100% for a time.” “Throughout the entire operation, there was no brake action. Additionally, kindly avoid spreading stories and refrain from listening to them. The motorist may have confused the brake pedal for the accelerator, according to safety experts.

The issue is still being looked into. A toxicology test on Zhan by the traffic police has ruled out driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Authorities are nonetheless still expecting an unbiased evaluation. The automaker has apparently committed to aggressively offering “whatever required aid” to the neighbourhood police, which might entail hiring a private detective.

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Tesla China Responds To The Crash

Tesla responds to fatal Model Y crash in China

After a deadly Model Y crash in Chaozhou, which is found in the southern Chinese region of Guangdong, Tesla China has offered its opinions. Two people were killed and three people were injured when the Model Y crashed after accelerating out of control for nearly two kilometres.

A video of the collision revealed that the Tesla Model Y’s brake lights appeared to be out during the unfortunate high-speed run. Despite this, a member of the driver’s family told a local Chinese news outlet that the brake pedal was non-responsive.

According to reports, the Model Y continued to run at full speed even after the driver attempted to put the car in park. For its part, Tesla China has refuted the driver’s assertions that the car’s brakes were non-responsive at the time of the accident.

The electric car manufacturer claimed that data from the tragic Model Y showed that the pedal was depressed all the way down for a long time, even reaching 100% at one point. Additionally, the driver did not apply the brakes at the time of the event, according to Tesla China.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer of electric vehicles did observe that when the driver briefly depressed the Park button four times while the car was moving, the brake lights flashed on and off swiftly. A Tesla may be stopped by hitting the Park button while it is moving, but only after a long length of time has passed, according to tests conducted by Tesla owners.

Due to rumours that the Model Y’s driver previously worked as a truck driver; Tesla China’s findings have been disputed on social media. The possibility that the car’s driver was impaired by alcohol or drugs has allegedly also been ruled out by the local traffic police.

The wreckage of the Model Y should contain important information regarding the incident, and police are apparently looking for a third-party organisation to investigate them. The required help for the analysis of the Model Y will be actively provided by Tesla China.

It has been reported that Tesla China’s vehicles had previously experienced braking issues. A protester at the Shanghai Auto Show last year claimed that one of Tesla’s exhibits had “brake failure” problems, which brought the electric vehicle manufacturer to the attention of the world.

Following this, numerous alleged “brake failure” incidents were reported and widely disseminated online. However, after Tesla China’s legal team intervened, both the media outlets that promoted the idea that the company’s cars were unsafe and the social media users who did so later apologized in public.

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