The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Release Date: Documentary Based On The Death Of George Floyd And BLM

the greatest lie ever told release date

In recent years, there has been a rise in the desire among the core audience for non-fictional films or documentaries that search for a wide variety of specialist issues that may or may not find their way to conventional audiences and films. The year 2022 has not disappointed in any aspect, whether it be actual crime, nature, or anything else.

There has been a great deal of drama for the viewers, ranging from Conversations with a Killer to Tinder Swindler; however, all of that drama was on Netflix. The Greatest Lie Ever Told is the most recent documentary that viewers are talking about.

Candace Owens of The Daily Wire published the trailer for her highly anticipated documentary, “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold,” on Thursday. “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold” will be made available for online streaming on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Central Time.

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The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Release Date

When Is The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Going To Be Released?

Beginning on Wednesday, October 12th, 2022, subscribers of The Daily Wire will be able to view The Greatest Lie Ever Told on the website of the publication’s official release.

Because it is only accessible to members of the website that publishes conservative news in the United States, registration is required to use it.

However, if you use the code “CANDACE,” new members will receive a discount of 25% off their membership fee. Candace Owens, who is the central figure in the documentary that has the full title of The Greatest Lie Ever Told: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM, is the subject of the code. For those who are unaware, the code refers to her.

Throughout the course of the documentary, she navigates and investigates the political scene in Minneapolis in the wake of the George Floyd trial and the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Will The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Be Available On Netflix?

No, the documentary will not be distributed elsewhere but The Daily Wire, and even then, access to it will be restricted to site members only.

It will not be available for viewing on streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, or Peacock, amongst others. Nevertheless, if you want to become a member of The Daily Wire, it won’t take you long and it won’t be difficult.

Who Was George Floyd?

Who Was George Floyd?

It was due to his passing that the “Black Lives Matter” movement came into being. He was an African American male. His assassination at the hands of the police was particularly gruesome.

He was accused of using counterfeit twenty-dollar bills, which led to an official complaint being filed against him. After further examination, it turned out to be a fraudulent statement in the end. The senselessness of his death ignited a lot of controversy, which ultimately led to the conception of this movement.

As a result of the movement’s meteoric rise in popularity, major celebrities from all over the world, including those from the worlds of music and movies, came out in strong favor of it. The movement expressed its solidarity with those who, for whatever reason, had been the target of discrimination.

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Who Is Candace Owens?

She is a host, an author, and an activist in her professional life. It’s possible that she opposes abortion and thinks women are weak, but she also backs the LGBT community and marriage between people of the same gender. The general public’s perceptions of her temperament and personality are divided as a result of these characteristics.

Candace Owens Speaks About The Documentary

Candace Owens Announces Release of Searing New BLM Documentary, ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Sold’

The Daily Wire actress revealed the arrival of her highly anticipated Black Lives Matter documentary, “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold,” only days after she and rapper Kanye West ignited the internet with their matching “White Lives Matter” t-shirts.

The Black Lives Matter exposé, which goes live on October 12 and is available only to DailyWire+ subscribers, delves deeply into the multi-million dollar “grift” of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and its former Executive Director Patrisse Cullors.

Thursday saw the release of the documentary’s trailer on Twitter by best-selling book and podcast presenter Owens. West then shared the film with his roughly 18 million Instagram followers. With never-before-seen interviews with insiders and specialists, filmmaker Owens gives audiences “the true tale” of George Floyd’s life, death, and the emergence of the movement in the movie.

The documentary’s host, Candace, claims that “riots, violence, and scriptural heresy” is the real narrative behind the George Floyd case. “You look around you and see what’s left, which is a tale that spread globally. Do you envision $90,000,000 being invested in this neighbourhood? Where did all that cash go?

The movie promises to leave “no stone unturned, and no receipt unread,” according to the production firm, and offers a glimpse into “the peculiar role of prominent celebrities like Chrissy Teigen in continuing the damage done to small businesses around the country.”

Following actor and musician Jaden Smith’s “Black Lives Matter” message, Owens released the documentary’s trailer on Twitter on Thursday.

Ironically, Owens said to Smith, “You live a life of incredible white privilege.” You claim that “black lives matter” but do so in the hopes that it would give you credibility in a community you are unfamiliar with. On 10/12, “the fake BLM will be revealed,” warned Owens.

Please wear black out of respect for the passing of the movement that drove black America further into poverty, jail, and misery, Owens demanded, tagging Smith.

With the help of his “White Lives Matter” clothing, which he wore with Owens at Paris Fashion Week, West earlier this week denounced Black Lives Matter as a “scam” and pronounced the cause “dead.”

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