The Outlast Trials: The Closed Beta Release Date: Get Ready To Play The Most Scary Game Of All Time

The Outlast Trials Kicks Off Closed Beta

In terms of a lot of gameplay mechanics, the 2013 release of the first Outlast game was significantly influenced by Amnesia. However, it also makes use of other well-known horror tropes, such as the haunted asylum setting.

Even though the second game wasn’t as well-received as the first, it was still regarded as a superb horror game because it had fresh characters and settings. Red Barrels’ studio is now releasing The Outlast Trials after two single-player games.

This Halloween, players will only be able to access the most recent Outlast horror game in closed beta. During Tuesday’s Opening Night Live presentation at Gamescom, developer Red Barrels disclosed a forthcoming beta but, regrettably, no official release date for its new cooperative horror game.

Red Barrels announced that from October 28 to November 1 Outlast fans will have a taste of The Outlast Trials. The game’s developer did not specify how participants will be able to enrol in the beta test, which looks to be for the Windows PC version of the game through Steam, although it did advise fans to check back later.

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The Outlast Trials: The Closed Beta Release Date

The Outlast Trials: The Closed Beta Release Date

A sequel to Red Barrels’ horrifying first-person horror series is called The Outlast Trials. With the addition of multiplayer to the horror genre, The Outlast Trials was initially introduced in 2019.

You play a human test subject chosen to try out mind control and brainwashing techniques in this Cold War-era game. With up to three companions, you’ll be attempting to endure egregiously unethical tests.

The Outlast Trials PC closed beta will run from October 28 to November 1 for a select group of players, according to the release date announced by the game’s creator, Red Barrels.

Red Barrels reports that more information will be revealed later, thus registration for the closed beta is not currently open. The Outlast Trials will be made available on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store at an as-yet-unspecified date. Currently, there is no information available regarding console versions.

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The Outlast Trials: The Closed Beta Gameplay

What is The Outlast Trials? Gameplay and features

Outlast Trials introduces co-op multiplayer. Players will either compete against one other or help each other solve puzzles, akin to the SAW series. The Murkoff Corporation is returning to maim and torture volunteers in a cult-like facility.

The game’s scenario takes place during the cold war and allows up to four players to survive mysterious Murkoff company experiments. The game’s dilapidated, creepy passageways and small places recall the earlier instalment. We’ll confront a masked pursuer and a monster resembling Leatherface’s Wife costume.

The pursuers don’t stick out save for the Leatherface-esque monster, which may have been intentional. Decapitated, disfigured, and mutilated bodies are cool but frightening in the game. Futterland and Root Canal may be accessible in the closed beta. We speculate that players may visit these areas to escape the Murkoff corporation, where each pursuer is located.

The Leatherface-like figure chopped up body parts in a cellar with hanging body parts and a mannequin. Strange nun-like beasts in a cathedral could be a future pursuer. Nope. Players will be chased by a cop inside a police station.

The night vision camera makes the game scarier in the dark. A short second showed an X-ray vision feature that shows pursuers’ silhouettes. Outlast’s movement and traversal mechanics will also change. We’ve seen this before, so it’s either a slide mechanic or a cutscene. Speculation.

The game seems to concentrate upon early brainwashing tactics at Murkoff corporations, as players are compelled to recreate themselves with REMAKE YOURSELF splattered across an ancient TV monitor. The Mukroff business abducts test participants and calls them Reagents to conduct horrific experiments.

We’ve observed warehouses connected by tunnels to a hidden Murkoff facility. Life-size replicas of real-world surroundings are in the warehouses. Reaganites have a sleep room. Reagents can buy stuff from employees.

The Outlast Trials: The Closed Beta Storyline

What is the story in The Outlast Trials?

Although it takes place in the same fictional universe as the first two games in the series, The Outlast Trials takes place in a different era and takes place in a new area.

The synopsis states that “human guinea pigs are involuntarily recruited by the fine guys at the Murkoff Corporation to test new methods of brainwashing and mind control” and that the action “takes place during the time of the Cold War.”

“Your integrity will be called into question, your resilience will be put to the test, and your sanity will be shattered if you live in a world where people mistrust one another, are afraid of one another, and are violent. All of this is being done in the name of advancing knowledge and making a profit.”

As players, we will take on the role of one of these “human guinea pigs” who is attempting to flee these top-secret facilities, which are described as including “twisted realism, decadence, and in-your-face gore.”

It has been revealed by the game’s developers that these top-secret experiments are being carried out in deserted warehouses, in which the Murkoff Corporation has re-created real-world settings in order to carry them out.

The Outlast Trials: The Closed Beta Trailer

Although The Outlast Trials has generated a lot of excitement over the past few months, it’s not the only horror game grabbing attention at Gamescom.

The Callisto Protocol, a grimy sci-fi horror film from Striking Distance Studio, helped to open the event with a brief gameplay reveal teaser, while the long-awaited absurd zombie-slaughter simulator Dead Island 2, which was first revealed back in 2014, finally received an official reveal trailer.

But that doesn’t mean Red Barrel’s most recent works aren’t noteworthy; the original Outlast was actively preserving the horror gaming subgenre for a long time before Resident Evil 7 gave it fresh life.

Those who haven’t played either Outlast game should do so immediately before additional details about The Outlast Trials are disclosed in the coming months. It’s easily one of the scariest psychological horror experiences of the previous console generation.

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