Tiktok Transgender Star Dylan Mulvaney Face Reveal After A Surgery: What She Said About It ?

Tiktok Transgender Star Dylan Mulvaney Face Reveal After A Surgery: What She Said About It ?

Dylan Mulvaney is ecstatic with the change that has recently taken place in his life.

The star of the TikTok app updated her followers on how she is feeling two weeks after undergoing cosmetic surgery to give her face a more feminine appearance. Even while Dylan has a long way to go before she is completely well again, she has already reached a whole new level of happiness.

Dylan reported in a Tiktok on January 3 that his recovery is “doing wonderfully.” “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

The footage clearly shows that Dylan’s nose was cast and that she was wearing a bandage around her face. The 26-year-old actress has not yet presented her complete face to the public since undergoing surgery, and she has stated that she would require further time to recover.

“Who knew that having some privacy during a transition could be so helpful?” Dylan moved on. “If that’s okay, it’s going to be another two or three weeks before I can go back to work,” she said. “I really can’t wait to fill you in on everything that’s been going on,” the speaker says.


Dylan continued her video by discussing how different ways should be acknowledged and accepted while she reflected on the transition that was occurring in her own life.

Fans have been kept up to date both before and after Dylan’s facial feminization procedure, from the time she went to a pre-op doctor’s checkup until the time she was dropped off at the surgical centre. After her operation, she shared a photo of herself on social media while she was still in the hospital.

In addition to the photos, Dylan included a note in which she commented on her current appearance.

What She Told To Her Fans?

Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender rights advocate and content creator, shared pictures of herself following face feminization surgery.

The images carry on Mulvaney’s practise of meticulously chronicling her metamorphosis.

Mulvaney stated in an Instagram video, “Thank you for supporting me and I love you so much, thank you.

Mulvaney, 25, rose to fame on TikTok for her popular videos, including one from 2020 in which she tried to feed a buffalo bread from her car window.
Mulvaney has gained a lot of popularity this year, reaching 9.7 million followers since she began posting daily updates on her account on “being a girl.”

Her March 12 video documenting her first day as a girl received 9 million views. Mulvaney posted a video of celebrities and LGBTQ rights advocates celebrating day 100 on the occasion of the milestone. Day 285 was December 22nd.

Mulvaney shared a few selfies from her hospital bed late on December 21 with the caption, “Let the healing begin.” She supplied two notes: one for her new face and one for her old face.

While it “did me well,” she thanked her face and admitted that it “sparked melancholy much too often.”
Regarding her previous appearance, Mulvaney commented, “For now, you are still a friend.” “I appreciate you taking a stand for the team and paying attention to my needs. I can promise you that I am the one who failed, not you, so please don’t feel that way.”

Mulvaney said she was eager to meet her new face and “start seeing the outside match the inside.”

She wrote, “Stop listening to the haters. “You get this one!”

As the name implies, facial feminization surgery aims to give its patients a more feminine appearance. The Mayo Clinic states that it may comprise a combination of surgeries, such as a facelift, chin and jaw contouring, and cheekbone or lip augmentation.
Mulvaney became a target for right-wing anti-trans figures this year as well as a champion for trans rights.

Caitlyn Jenner labelled Mulvaney a “absurdity” and accused her of “exposing” herself in public, to which Mulvaney reacted in October. According to Mulvaney, the remarks sparked anger and death threats.

Mulvaney urged Jenner to reflect on her own early transitional days, saying, “I wanted to reclaim my body in a positive manner, and now you’ve taken that and you made it into something really awful.”
“The power you have is that you have personally exposed me to millions of malevolent eyes, some of whom may very well desire to harm me.”

Additionally in October, President Joe Biden and Mulvaney spoke with NowThis about trans rights. Mulvaney was advised by Biden that no state should be able to restrict transgender people’s access to healthcare.

He declared, “I feel firmly that you should have every single right, including usage of your gender identity bathroom.

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Final Words

Dylan Mulvaney, a popular TikTok user, almost revealed her face to her admirers over the weekend while using the social media platform to provide an update on her recovery from Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS).

To summarise, FFS includes a wide range of treatments designed to alter the contour of the face in order to make it appear more feminine. Examples include moving the hairline to create a smaller forehead, enhancing the lips and cheekbones, and reshaping and resizing the jaw and chin.

Dylan said to her 10 million fans, “I haven’t recovered all the way,” and she still needs “two more weeks” before she’s ready to reveal her new look. She teased, “The results are going so beautifully,” highlighting how much she loves the how her FFS turned out and is confident that her followers “are going to adore it” as well.


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