Toast’s Accidental Face Reveal: Here’s What We Know


Disguised The Hearthstone streamer known as “Toast” rose to fame by capitalising on the pun-averse humour of his or her audience. He streams Hearthstone frequently, even to the point of breaking it when he’s bored and revealing a bug that Blizzard was too lazy to fix.

Jeremy Wang, disguised as Toast, is a Taiwanese-Canadian streamer, YouTuber, and Internet personality. He was born on November 25, 1991. His first videos, which were about the online card game Hearthstone, were uploaded to YouTube, where he quickly became popular. Later, Wang started broadcasting his gameplay on Twitch, but he ultimately decided to sign an exclusive streaming contract with Facebook Gaming in November of 2019.

Wang made the announcement that he would resume streaming on Twitch in November of 2021. Toast is supposedly more familiar with Hearthstone’s inner workings than the developers, thanks to all the playtesting the latter don’t actually do.

When he put on his bread mask, Toast became the most popular kid in school. Once, in an effort to put an end to the career of this disruptive digital terrorist, Blizzard opted to stage an “accident” in which Toast’s identity was exposed. The AIDS-infected smegma-cunts on Twitch at the time had a field day with this new information, and soon everyone in high school recognised Toast.


Surprisingly, Toast was attractive, which further isolated him from his target demographic. However, he gained more traction with the ladies of YouTube, so he may just be getting started on his path to a better existence. We’re crossing our fingers that he doesn’t just blow it all on League of Legends.

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Then Vs. Now In Terms Of Content

Toast’s content used to involve playtesting cards, finding bugs, and unlocking the full potential of every janky card ever, back when he was a wee babby boy. In short, he was doing what Blizzard is supposed to do months before the expansion is released. Things were distinct and enjoyable. but fate had other ideas.

He qualified for the 2017 ONOG PAX East Majors but was famously booted from the competition for sleeping through his alarm; with his skill, he would have finished in the top ten at the very least, if not won the tournament outright. He got his moniker from the line “This guy is Toast” on the “SI:7 agent” card in Hearthstone, which he altered to become “Disguised Toast.”

However, following the dramatic reveal, Toast became a generic professional player with little identity, with new videos with titles in all caps that reveal the entire content. Toast, on the other hand, has almost entirely abandoned Hearthstone in favour of Teamfight Tactics. Time will tell whether this is for the better or for the worse.

The Face-Revealing Moment


Toast was well-known for donning the Toast mask, which the Hearthstone community has come to regard as an icon. At Hearthstone tournaments, even the casters would make fun of his outrageous yet recognisable appearance.

Wearing the mask and making amusing gestures, he was annihilating his adversaries. Many viewers were drawn to his entertaining personality, and everyone recognised him as Disguised Toast.

He made the most of his name and donned the Toast mask to “disguise” himself, which he and the people watching him found to be very amusing. However, in one stream, Toast failed to notice the change in camera angles and unintentionally exposed his face because he was not wearing his mask.

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