Tower Of Fantasy Release Date, Trailer, and Everything You Need To Know

Tower Of fantasy

The open-world action RPG Tower of Fantasy is presently being developed by Hotta Studios in China. This action game is expected to look stunning even on outdated mobile phones and tablets because it was designed with Unreal Engine. Here is all we currently know about the game, including its anticipated gameplay and release date for Tower of Fantasy.

First and foremost, let’s simply state the obvious: as Tower of Fantasy carves out its place, it will frequently be contrasted with Genshin Impact. But even before it reached its peak, that monolith was destroyed since it was obviously modelled after Breath of the Wild.

At least this one appears to have some influences from sci-fi role-playing games like Xenoblade. Star Ocean and Phantasy Star are also included.

Even though the game hasn’t yet been released, we already know quite a bit about some of the characters you’ll be controlling. Check out our Tower of Fantasy Zero guide, Meryl build guide, and Samir skills guide to learn more about some of the operators you’ll be facing up against.

Release date of Tower Of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantacy Release date

Compared to the Q3 2022 mobile release for iOS and Android, Tower of Fantasy will arrive on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store in Q4 2022. On the game’s website, you may pre-register right now for all editions, including PC.

The Omnium Tower serves as the focal point of the narrative, but the game also has single-player and co-op action in a “vast alien environment full of magnificent open landscapes and intimidating futuristic architecture.” We’re actually registering for the jetpack bikes.

Tencent alerted potential gamers that Tower of Fantasy was prepared for a Global Release on March 18, 2022.

Although Tower of Fantasy’s launch in 2022 was just briefly addressed in the announcement. The Beta version registration process has started.

The Platform of Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantacy platform.jpg

At this time, it looks like the future beta will only be available on mobile devices, but this is probably because the development team wants to test the game on a variety of phones. In its early beta stages, Genshin Impact adopted a similar strategy. However, unlike that game, Tower of Fantasy does not currently seem to be in the works for a console release.

Play this game to find out if Tower of Fantasy is an MMO.

In the open-world action role-playing game Tower of Fantasy, players can battle foes while controlling distinctive characters on a vast globe. Every character’s arsenal is accessible to gamers, and they can get around in futuristic vehicles. Check out a few of the gameplay shown in the trailer up top.

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Use our Tower of Fantasy Shiro strategy guide to get ready for combat.

For what it’s worth, Tower of Fantasy can be considered a pretty casual MMORPG. It included a world chat, and as you play, you can see other gamers sauntering around.

That’s pretty much all there is to say at this time about the Tower of Fantasy release date. Although you can find footage all over YouTube, it’s still a ways off, and most Chinese games go through a lot of revisions before being released outside.

Check out our lists of Punishing Gray Raven codes or Honkai Impact codes as we finish up a tonne of useful instructions for the game’s final release. Each can get you cool tiny boosts until then in some games that are similar.

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Community Closed Beta

The developers of Tower of Fantasy informed users on Twitter that they could sign up for the closed Beta through their website.

Although there are plans for testing accounts, they are being released locally. People who want to get their hands on this game before everyone else can still register and wait for the release in their nation (rumours suggest the first occidental country will be Canada).

Applications for the March 2022 Closed Beta will be accepted from Monday, March 15, through Sunday, March 27, 2022.

Trailer of Tower Of Fantasy

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tower of Fantasy is currently in beta?

The moment the game’s international release was confirmed, signups for the Tower of Fantasy beta became available. Successful candidates received invitations in the first few days of April, and the Tower of Fantasy closed beta was scheduled to begin on April 19 of the following year. A second beta will begin on June 22 and last through late June.

The Tower of Fantasy Beta will end when?

There is currently no set conclusion date for the June Tower of Fantasy beta. Therefore, you still have time to get started and try out the game for the time being. However, progress won’t be held back for the global launch.

On which platforms is Tower of Fantasy available?

like Genshin Impact, which is its closest analogue The Tower of Fantasy is currently in beta.

Tower of Fantasy will soon be available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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