In Its Probe Into The Tua Tagovailoa Concussion Issue, The NFLPA Will Seek “Every Legal Possibility”

tua controversy

Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterback for the Dolphins, was able to re-enter Sunday’s game against the Bills despite displaying gross motor instability after his helmet hit the ground, and the NFL Players Association has exercised its right to ask for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding this.

The Miami Dolphins are still dealing with some of the same concerns over their concussed quarterback Tua Tagovailoa two days after the blow to the head that left him flat on his back, eyes closed, and twisted, rigid fingers.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the investigation will be carried out jointly by the NFLPA and the league and will include a review of the pertinent video as well as interviews with Tagovailoa, the team doctor, the Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultant, and any other pertinent parties.

It should take one to two weeks to finish the investigation. “We insisted on these guidelines in order to prevent just this situation. The doctors will be reported to licencing authorities and the team that is responsible for protecting our athletes, as part of our aggressive legal strategy.”

Smith’s statement was sent after Tagovailoa was transported by paramedics to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center following a terrifying incident in the second quarter.

After being sacked by Bengals nose tackle Josh Tupou, Tagovailoa’s arms looked to lock up and he struck the back of his head on the ground. Prior to being placed on a stretcher and taken off the field, he lingered there for about ten minutes.

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Tua’s Injury

Tua's Injury

Four days prior to Tagovailoa’s injury in Sunday’s victory against the Bills, the NFLPA had already asked for a separate review of the NFL’s concussion protocols. When attempting to get back into the huddle, the quarterback slipped many times and slammed his head on the ground.

At halftime of the game on Sunday, Tagovailoa had a concussion assessment performed. The quarterback was initially labelled as questionable to return after suffering a head injury, but the team later clarified that it was a back issue that caused him to slip on the field.

After the game on Sunday, Tagovailoa said that he had passed all of the evaluations. Mike McDaniel, the Dolphins’ rookie head coach, claimed Tagovailoa had a concussion but nothing “more significant” after Miami’s 27-15 loss to the Bengals.

Tagovailoa returned to Miami on Thursday night with the Dolphins, according to a tweet from the team. After Tagovailoa was carried off the field on Thursday, the NFLPA stated that “player health and safety is at the centre of the union’s purpose.”

Tua is the subject of our concern this evening, and we wish him a full recovery. We’re looking into the probable protocol breach right now. Tagovailoa took testing and received a clean bill of health from a separate physician, which allowed him to play in Sunday’s game, according to McDaniel’s explanation on Thursday.

Yes, else we would have indicated that he had a head injury. Accordingly, the NFL has these protocols, according to McDaniel. As long as I’m coaching here, I’m not going to lie about the problem because there is an independent specialist who specialises in the field of brain matter.

The concussion procedure is quite stringent if there is even the slightest indication that someone may have suffered a concussion. We don’t tamper with the fact that people don’t vary or depart. not ever. And it won’t ever be a problem for you guys to worry about as long as I’m the head coach, he assured them. While Tagovailoa is out, Teddy Bridgewater will be in charge of the Dolphins’ offence.

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Dolphins Faced Criticism

There was a lot of criticism directed on dolphins.

The Dolphins were still taking heat for their decision to have Tagovailoa play again against the Bills even before Thursday’s game and the terrifying injury he sustained.

Following the Bills game, the NFL Players Association announced it would initiate an inquiry to find out how Tagovailoa was given the go-ahead to return, as Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network reported.

Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion check during the #Dolphins’ game against the #Bills today in Miami was handled improperly, according to a source, and the NFLPA is starting an investigation into it.

Although the choice to not have Tagovaiola enter the concussion protocol was not entirely in the Dolphins’ control, they did have the option of letting him play against the Bills.

According to the league’s concussion policy, a player who exhibits concussion-like symptoms must consult with an Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultant and the team trainer before being cleared to play again.

The Dolphins were criticised once more on Friday for allowing Tagovailoa to play against the Bills while exhibiting what he called a “no-go” signal by JC Tretter, the NFL Players Association president and a former Cleveland Browns centre.

The NFLPA’s responsibility is to do everything within our power to obtain the truth and hold those accountable. We need to ascertain how and why the choices were taken last Sunday to allow a player with a “no-go” symptom to return to the field, Tretter said in a statement shared on Twitter. In a later statement, the Dolphins claimed that Tagovailoa’s misstep was brought on by a back injury.

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