Viagogo: Is It Legit? Let’s Find It out

is viagogo legit

The 2008-founded Viagogo is a reliable source of tickets for important sporting events, concerts, and Broadway productions throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa, but there have been some unfavourable Viagogo reviews that you should be aware of. Recent Viagogo reviews indicate that it may not be the most dependable ticket marketplace (see our top alternative ticket sites below).

When Docherty purchased his bogus tickets on Viagogo eight months prior to the game, real tickets were not readily accessible. Dugald’s mental and physical health was negatively impacted by the months-long process of trying to obtain his money back from Viagogo after being duped. In spite of a Federal Court decision against Viagogo in April 2019 for making false or misleading representations and acting in a misleading manner, it is obvious that Viagogo is still not doing enough to stop scammers from utilising its website to defraud customers.

Reviews Of Viagogo: Is The Site Trustworthy & Secure In 2022?

Reviews Of Viagogo Is The Site Trustworthy & Secure In 2022

Most unfavourable Viagogo reviews are discussed. Average tax/booking fee: 31.69% (hidden until checkout) Currently, there are a lot of unfavourable Customers’ reviews of Viagogo (more than 288 complaints in the past 12 months) have us undecided as to whether Viagogo is the most reliable ticket supplier in Europe. As you can see, Viagogo has received 286 complaints in the past year and doesn’t currently have the best review rating on

The ability to buy and sell tickets for events all over the world is made possible by online ticket brokers, and one of the biggest ticket resale platforms enabling this is Tickets bought from this website are regarded as secondary or resold tickets. Even though some people refer to them as second-hand, they are nonetheless accepted and taken seriously.

How Exactly Does Viagogo Operate?

A worldwide ticket exchange called allows people, or “professional ticket brokers,” in order to market tickets on their website. The Viagogo staff has never actually held any of the tickets offered on the website.

Today, the majority of resale ticket swaps operate in this manner as a regular procedure, including One of the biggest ticket marketplaces, StubHub, offers events in over 50 countries. stubhub vs. viagogo customer reviews review of a trustworthy, safe website: viagogo vs. “Provide a legitimate, safe and secure platform for the merchants and buyers” is how Viagogo describes its purpose.

How Does Viagogo Operate And What Is It?

Viagogo does not permit any adjustments, refunds, or cancellations once your order has been placed, like the majority of secondary ticket exchange websites. Only when Viagogo specifically states that you can receive a refund if the date of your event is postponed but not cancelled.

Can One Amend Or Cancel My Order On Viagogo?

Sometimes it can be challenging to comprehend the Viagogo phone support representative or to get through to them. learned that Viagogo’s online service appears to be superior to their phone support, and it is more suited to your questions (see how-to below with picture).

If you’ve already placed an order, the best approach to get in touch with Viagogo is to go into your account and select “Customer Support” from the “Help” menu, as shown below. Here is the Viagogo customer service phone number. Support for America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Middle East, and Africa may be found below.

It’s advised to contact Viagogo via online support first if you need any help at all with your order because several Viagogo reviews said that service over the phone might be challenging to comprehend and can delay getting a direct answer. Numerous Viagogo reviews claim that users who contacted the company for customer service support received little assistance.

Can I Use Viagogo To Resell My Tickets?

Can I Use Viagogo To Resell My Tickets

Yes, Viagogo’s ticket exchange platform allows individuals to sell tickets. If you require assistance selling your tickets, choose your event first. Additionally, you must develop Create a Viagogo account with your name, email, address, phone number, credit card information, and the tickets you wish to sell.

Is it possible to sell tickets on viagogo? Ticket sales on The business ensures the signup procedure is trustworthy so that customers can only transact with legitimate sellers.

Delivery, Tax, And Reservation Costs

Numerous unfavourable Viagogo reviews mentioned expensive tickets. Others who purchased from Viagogo complained about the company’s hefty (31.69% plus service fee) hidden fees that appear only at checkout. viagogo-tax-booking-fee-delivery-charges Taxes and booking/delivery fees charged by Viagogo On Viagogo and their customer assistance, some people have complained.

Keep in mind that the majority of resale websites today impose service charges of 20% to 40%. (usually hidden until checkout).Even though the majority of customers were successful in receiving their tickets on time, several Viagogo reviews expressed dissatisfaction with the shipping delays.

What Merits Exist In Viagogo?

One thing to note is that Viagogo offers businesses and professionals corporate services that include: Tickets for certain events that include VIP and hospitality Their website has over 4 million tickets. activities in over 50 nations of the most popular ticket exchange sites outside of the US Review of corporate hospitality tickets on viagogo Tickets for VIP events are available through Viagogo.

Many consumers appreciate that Viagogo offers premium tickets to events in more than 50 countries throughout the world, according to various Viagogo reviews. Some buyers said they were able to purchase tickets for less than face value (this is possible if you’re willing to wait until the last-minute purchase). 50 country events tickets viagogo legitimacy

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What makes ViagogoWorthwhile?

Viagogo ticket prices have received mixed reviews, but there have been a few concerns about tickets costing more than face value, which is to be expected with a resale site (supply and demand).

Some claim that Viagogo offers affordable tickets, while others claim that the prices are excessive or significantly higher than the face value. The fact that Viagogo does provide good seats—which may no longer be available via the venue’s box office—is a plus.

A few Viagogo reviewers particularly like the seating diagrams that can be viewed prior to selecting which tickets to purchase. Customers can select the type of view they will have by using the 3D seating charts.

Viagogo Review 2022: Is It Legit?

Note: At the Ed Sheeran event in the UK in 2018, approximately 10,000 Viagogo consumers were turned away from the venue. I know that happened in 2008, but I’m not sure if this was a one-time event that affected this many people or if it might happen again now.

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Reviews For COVID-19 On Viagogo?

Yes, it appears that Viagogo has been the subject of at least one lawsuit since COVID-19 because they appear unwilling to issue refunds to some of their clients.

According to a site at, Viagogo is trying to settle a proposed class action lawsuit brought by a Florida woman who claims the company refused to give its customers a refund for events that were postponed due to COVID-19 because the customers had accepted a voucher that couldn’t be used for other events.

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