Vicente Fernandez Netflix Drama: An Eye-Catching, Colorful Biopic With Glossy, Period Drama Elements

vicente fernandez

Through the addition of more regional content created to appeal to viewers across a number of international countries, Netflix continues to bolster its worldwide expansion strategy.

Mexico is one country in particular where they have made more of an effort to create unique material, as evidenced by the abundance of new titles that have recently or will soon be released.

The biographical television programme El Rey, Vicente Fernández is one of them. Netflix is responsible for chronicling Vicente Fernandez’s eventful life and career over many years.

Vicente Fernandez, a musician from Mexico who is regarded as the father of modern Mexican music, is the subject of this Netflix movie.

There seems to be a lot to say about the performer’s life with a vast and diverse resume that includes four Grammy awards and more than 50 million CDs sold. The full 15-episode run of the series will be released on September 14, 2022.

A biographical series on Vicente Fernández, the renowned King of Mexico’s Rancheras, is airing on Colombia’s top television network, Caracol, under an unidentified title.

On September 27, multiple locales in Mexico and the United States will start producing the Netflix original production. There hasn’t yet been any information made public about the representatives.

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Vicente Fernandez Netflix Drama

In an effort to broaden its market outside of Colombia and export its creative and industrial know-how, Caracol has created a chain for the first time in Mexico.

Globally, Caracol, Colombia, and Netflix will all run the series concurrently. Vicente Fernández‘s life is the subject of a 36-part biographical film series available on Netflix.

It appears to be a must-watch series for fans of the genre. This is a beautiful, vibrant historical drama that is inspired by El Rey’s songs and Mexican folk music in general.

The show seems to centre on Fernandez’s rise through the ranks and early success before continuing his mid-career victory and later comeback, based on the program’s trailer.

Pablo Escobar: Patron del Mal,” featuring the talented actor Andres Parra, and “Bolivar,” which depicts the tale of the Venezuelan General Simon Bolivar, who assisted in the liberation of numerous nations, are only two of the most important series that the firm has previously created.

Spanish colonization of the Americas. In addition, the business produced Embrace of the Serpent, Colombia’s first Oscar-nominated picture.

It has been in development for more than two years. At each stage of the procedure, Fernandez was involved.

The ambitious band Caracol follows Fernandez, or “Chente,” from his harrowing upbringing in Jalisco, Mexico, through his rise to fame as the king of ranchera music, as well as an actor and well-known public figure.

President of Caracol Televisión Gaczalo Córdoba stated: “Over the years, Mexican folk music, culture, and cinema have become the first Latin American stories anywhere in the world.

Caracol Televisión has been committed to discovering and developing local stories to make them global. country, country The programme attracted 9 million Colombians with an impressive 11 point rating and 46.8 percent share.

In every viewing area, it instantly generated a sensation. The preview took place while Fernandez Abarca’s family members were only allowed to view one product. On more than 500 sets and 380 locations spread across Mexico and the United States, the show was recreated.

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These locations included Vicente’s childhood home in Real del Monte, Hidalgo, street scenes in Huentitan, the Cha Cha Cha Hall, the Esperanza Iris Theatre, and the renowned Blanquita Theater, among others.

The bio-series, which will span seven decades, was also filmed in many cities in Mexico and the United States, following the interpreter from “Aca entre nos” from his humble beginnings to the pinnacles of fame.

Sebastian Dante feels that Vicente Fernandez was someone he got to know by placing himself in “Chente’s” shoes, despite the fact that he had never met Vicente Fernandez in person.

Dante was one of four artists that brought the late icon of Mexican regional music to life in the musical El Rey, Vicente Fernández, which Caracol will debut on Wednesday. His fans sing and play his songs all around the world, thus even after his death, his music continues to live on in their hearts.

“The iconic and complete story was the story of the great Vicente Fernandez, known as the hero of music, cinema, and public life, but we don’t know his story,” he said, adding: “That is why and with the company’s intention to not only be a Latin story, but a global story as well, we decided to tell it and take the icon his life and his music around the world.”

Who Is Vicente Fernandez?

The executive vice president of international sales at Caracol Televisión, Lizette Osorio, echoed this sentiment: “Our distribution business has allowed us to deliver stories of great relevance and relevance to all regions, and now we are firmly committed to the internationalization of an artist’s life history. whose musical influence has been well-established in many cultures.”

Observing that Caracol Televisión was a pioneer in the creation of contemporary CVs, one that is acknowledged by our society, Dago Garca, the company’s director of production, said

“Due to this and other factors, we can’t help but be concerned about the Latin American folk music hero who is arguably the most significant and influential. Our organisation had a responsibility to produce Vicente Fernández’s story”, he said.

A rising number of Latin music films, both in cinematic and serial form, dating back to 1987’s La Pampa and launching Selena’s career are connected to Caracol’s musical biographical series about a Grammy-winning Mexican icon.

Most recently, “Selena” on Netflix, and Jennifer Lopez in 1997. Now in production is the second season of the Diego Bonita-starring television series.

The biopic “Rebellion,” which is about Joach Arroyo, a legendary Afro-Colombian salsa performer, was produced by Rhayuela Films in Colombia alongside Leyenda Films in collaboration with Alacran Pictures, WideAngle Films, and HD Cinema.

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