Videogamedunkey Face Reveal: Disappointment Or A Running Joke?

Jason Gastrow, popularly known as videogamedunkey or just “Dunkey”. A Wisconsin-based YouTube gamer whose editing style varies greatly from video to video.

Dunkey had been online for many years prior, creating Flash animations on Newgrounds. He also ran a few older YouTube channels under the names Meatwadsprite and jmonkey21.

Dunkey started his channel in October 2010 to a minimal response (which is his oldest channel, dating back to 2006).

Soon he would stop playing and creating videos for League of Legends in 2015. His earliest claim to fame came from those videos.

While the majority of his output falls under his outrageous, surreal, and nonsequitorily-laden brand of humor. It does range from reviews (or “dunkviews”) to amusing gaming to profoundly insightful video essays to generally experimental films.

Additionally, he has an album that can be downloaded for free from Mediafire or purchased from Bandcamp for $10.

Ongoing Career

His debut video, “Great Yoshi Migration,” and a parody of the Village People song “Y.M.C.A.” are two examples. Gastrow stated in an interview that he aspired to be an animator when he was younger.

Gastrow launched his current YouTube account, videogamedunkey, in 2010 with a speedrun of the 1991 game Battletoads. He had another channel before videogamedunkey.

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Gastrow recalls getting the nickname “videogamedunkey” while playing Left 4 Dead with a friend. Gastrow’s videos have received over three billion views in total.

Gastrow is active on Twitter and has pages on Facebook and Reddit in addition to YouTube. He and his wife, Leah, also own and operate Dunkey’s Castle, an online retail store.

Gastrow’s channel focuses mostly on video games, with reviews, playthroughs, video essays, and montages. He has also written reviews for films such as The Shining.

During the early years of his channel, Gastrow was best recognized for his coverage of the 2009 multiplayer online combat arena game League of Legends.

Gastrow is also notable for popularising jokes about the PlayStation 4 games Knack (2013) and Knack II (2017), to the point where the games “became the internet’s favorite punchline.”

Gastrow initially signed a contract with Machinima, Inc., which absorbed a big portion of his advertising earnings.

He became increasingly concerned after revenue declined in 2013. Having just signed an expensive lease for an apartment, and filmed as many movies as he could.

Gastrow reportedly earns up to $1.7 million per year and is “possibly Madison’s highest-earning cultural pundit.”

In December 2020 he announced that he would cease filming “excellent videos” and instead transition to a daily routine.

He then made daily shorter films that satirized his stated intentions and utilized clickbait headlines. In one alleged Minecraft video, Gastrow was seen playing as the default Steve avatar from Minecraft in Super Smash Bros.

Dunkey’s Personal Life

According to his wife, he changed content formats because he was “frustrated with the current YouTube scene. Concerned about the future,”as his and other channels’ previous curated content had been “overshadowed by the latest trends and low effort things” from larger channels.

In August 2021, Gastrow joked that Kanye West’s album Donda would sample a song from the animated short film Strawinsky and the Mysterious House.

The track “Remote Control” sampled the exact clip, leading fans to speculate that West’s team watched Gastrow’s stream.

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Jason’s wife, Leahbee Dunkey, is a YouTuber with the handle Dunkey. The couple exchanged vows on September 21, 2019.

Leahbee’s high-pitched voice easily identifies her. Leahbee and Jason have appeared in a number of videos. Leahbee’s YouTube channel Leahbee, which she manages independently, has 274k subscribers.

In terms of his family, Jason’s mother is a second-grade teacher, something he is particularly interested in. Jason’s parents are both of Ukrainian descent.

More information on this family has not yet been made available. He refrains from disclosing personal information on the internet. Reveal of the Dunkey Face

Dunkey Face Reveal

Many people thought Dunkey was black but he turned out to be white.

People troll Dunkey for having the most mismatched personality when compared to his voice. It’s a never-ending joke among his 7.18 M followers.

It’s all over his youtube comments, his face reveal was quite a shock to his followers.

The shock doesn’t seem to end even after all these years and has become an inside joke in the Dunkey community.

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