Walmart Pay Not Working: How To Fix It?

Walmart Pay Not Working

Walmart Pay is the company’s way of joining the growing mobile payments market. Just like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other well-known mobile wallets, Walmart Pay lets you link your credit card, debit card, and gift cards to your mobile device and use it to pay at checkout.

You have to keep in mind that Walmart Pay can only be used at Walmart. The service can also save receipts automatically in the Walmart app, which makes it easy for Walmart shoppers to keep track of how much they spend and return items.

Also, if you use Walmart Pay and have a Capital One Walmart Rewards MasterCard, you’ll get extra cashback for the first year.

How Does Walmart Pay Work?

Walmart Pay is a mobile wallet like Google Pay or Apple Pay. But Walmart Pay can only be used at Walmart stores, while other mobile wallets can be used anywhere.

After you put Walmart Pay on your phone, you’ll be able to store information about your credit, debit, or gift cards. If you do this, you can buy things at Walmart without having to use a card or cash.

From there, you can use Walmart Pay to make payments without touching anything. You only need to scan your items, open the Walmart Pay app, and scan the QR code at the register. Your purchase will be saved and kept on the app, so you won’t need a paper receipt.

walmart pay scan

Why Isn’t Walmart Pay Working?

As of 2022, Walmart Pay has problems when too many people use it at once or when a customer tries to pay with a debit or credit card that has expired.

To fix Walmart Pay problems, you can clear the app’s cache, delete and redownload the app, update your phone and the app, or call 1-800-WALMART.

There could be many reasons why Walmart Pay doesn’t work sometimes or for some people. We have tried to list the reasons why Walmart Pay might not work:

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How Can The Walmart Pay Feature Be Fixed?

If you’re having trouble with Walmart Pay, there are a few things you can do to get the program working again.

1. Reinstall The Walmart App

One of the simplest ways to fix problems with Walmart Pay is to delete the Walmart app from your device, wait a few minutes, and then reinstall it.

By doing this, you get rid of small problems in the app.

2. Clear The App’s Data In Settings

Most of the time, the Walmart app doesn’t work because it takes up too much space on the hard drive of your phone.

Because of this, you should always clear the data if you have a lot of bugs or slow download speeds.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

Check to see if your internet connection is normal and stable. This is the most important thing to do. This can be done by going to YouTube and watching a video to see how it plays. If you’re having trouble getting data on your phone in a store, try looking for WiFi networks.

check walmart pay connection

Most stores have WiFi for their employees that customers can’t use. In certain situations, you can ask a worker for the WiFi password so you can pay for something or do something else important.

4. Walmart System Maintenance

If Walmart Pay is down for maintenance, the best thing to do would be to either wait until it’s fixed or pay with cash or a credit card. How long it takes to fix a problem might depend on what level it started on. Server maintenance is likely to take longer than usual, so you can’t wait in that case.

5. Restoring Outdated Credentials

These are the ones that are the hardest to fix if the credentials have been deemed invalid for some reason. Try going to the official website to sign in. If you see a mistake in the credentials or billing information, you should try to fix it.

If you can’t change a piece of information or everything seems to be right, you might need to ask for help from customer service. You can try to get in touch with customer service by going to help.

If you can’t find a way to fix your problem, you can use the “Contact Us” button to get in touch with the customer service staff.

6. Upgrade The App

For the Walmart Pay system to work, the Walmart app would need to be up to date. If your Walmart app is more than a certain amount out of date, you might not be able to use Pay. It’s also possible that the app is so old that it doesn’t have the Pay system yet.

7. Scan The QR Code Again

Some Walmart Pay problems can be fixed by scanning the QR code again or moving it. Make sure you scan the QR code the right way to avoid problems.

8. Check Your Connected Cards

Most problems with Walmart Pay that get “refused” are caused by problems with cards that are linked. The Walmart Pay app lets you check your linked cards for any problems or wrong information.

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Your credit, debit, or gift cards that are linked to the Walmart Pay app might need to be turned off. After that, you can put each card back in one at a time to make sure it works. Make sure the cards you’ve linked have enough money on them to pay for the order.

Why Wasn’t My Payment Accepted?

Walmart Pay can be turned down for a number of reasons, whether it’s said to be for security or not. Here are a few of the most common reasons why Walmart Pay doesn’t work:

  • There are bugs in the Walmart Pay app for mobile devices.
  • You don’t have enough money on your debit, credit, or gift card.
  • Problems with your bank account or debit/credit card.
  • Questions about the QR code.
walmart pay

Advantages Of Using Walmart Pay

As you might expect, there are many good things about using Walmart Pay. So, here are a few of the most common reasons why people like to use Walmart Pay:

  • Touch-Free Payments: When you use Walmart Pay, you don’t have to worry about getting sick because you don’t have to touch the card reader.
  • Easy Returns: The Walmart Pay app stores all your receipts, so you don’t have to keep track of paper receipts.
  • Environment-friendly: Because there are no paper receipts, the Walmart Pay feature lets you be good for the environment and save energy.
  • Walmart Pay makes it easier to make a budget because it keeps track of all your purchases in one place so you can see how much you’re spending each month.


Due to the large number of users who frequently access the Walmart app, it occasionally experiences bugs and slow download speeds.

You can try uninstalling the Walmart app and reinstalling it to fix these problems. If you’re experiencing slow download speeds, make sure your phone and the app are both up to date.

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