Episode 469: Kakashi’s Big Reveal – Shocking Updates


Kakashi Hatake began as Naruto’s most enigmatic character. He stands out in the show with his calm demeanour, face mask, and tilted headband. The majority of the fandom has a huge crush on the coolest Sensei ever, so it’s no surprise that his face mask has been the subject of numerous rumours about his appearance.

A filler episode reveals how intrigued Naruto is by the prospect of finally seeing Kakashi’s face. Kakashi’s bishounen good looks are on full display for fans as he sheds his mask, but Naruto and his friends never get to see them. His scar appears to extend onto his cheek, and he has a mole on his chin as well.

How It Started

Despite always hiding his face behind a mask—for what purpose is still a mystery to viewers—Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura decided in episode 101 that they had to find out the truth about their teacher’s appearance.

The idea that he had buck teeth or cod-roe lips was one of the many theories that Naruto entertained about his true beauty. In spite of Team 7’s comical efforts throughout the episode, Kakashi only reveals that he is wearing a mask.

To ease the minds of his readers, Masashi Kishimoto revealed Kakashi’s appearance in a special issue of the manga. After much suspense, a filler episode of Naruto Shippuden finally solved the mystery. Without a doubt, the reveal that took place behind the mask did not disappoint the audience.

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The Filler Episode For Naruto Shippuden

Naruto appears intrigued by the prospect of seeing Kakashi’s face. A ninja by the name of Sukae unexpectedly appears and suggests looking through the ninja registration records for a photo of Kakashi’s full face, despite Sakura and Sasuke’s initial dismissal of the idea as tired. Sukae offers his assistance in exchange for the opportunity to break the story in the media.

They get past the ANBU guards and into the secret document storage area, where they were about to reveal the photo of Kakashi when they were caught. Sukae suggests they try to take a picture of Kakashi right before he eats as a backup plan. However, when they look at the photos, they see that a bird got in the way, and then Kiba’s dog, Akamaru, jumped across Kakashi’s face.

Naruto and friends

“I feel like some kind of divine force is at work here,” Sasuke cries out in despair.

As a last resort, Team 7 enlists the help of their fellow ninja-in-training buddies by hatching a complex plan that will require the skills of every member of the group.

This, too, is doomed to failure when it is revealed that Kakashi had been posing as Sukae, the photographer, in order to prank his students and bring them closer together.

For the sake of the audience, Kakashi removes his mask in episode 469 and displays his bishounen good looks, but Naruto and his friends are never privy to this fact.


What’s With The Mask, Kakashi?

Some fans assume that Kakashi went so far as to physically cover his face in order to suppress his emotions and become the ideal Shinobi, one who has no feelings and only a sense of duty.

One theory, though, has prevailed over the others in terms of acceptance, perhaps because it is the most absurd. Many fans claim that Kakashi covers his face because reading the novels in the Make-Out series causes him to constantly bleed from the nose.

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Final Words

The unveiling of Kakashi’s face was undeniably one of the most memorable scenes in the anime, and it put an end to the years of conjecture that had been circulating in the community.


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