What Happened Between Kathy And Kyle?

What Happened Between Kathy And Kyle?

The feud between Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton, which was aired on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has shed light on the tumultuous relationship between the two families. Kathy’s debut in Season 11 found the two getting along swimmingly. Kathy was able to tag along on the girls’ trips and spend time with her younger sister after joining as a friend. Kyle,

The original housewife, has established relationships with the other cast members that her sister has not been a part of. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, however, Kathy Hilton was already in high demand as the mother of Paris Hilton and the wife of a Hilton hotel heir.

Season 12 got underway after Kathy got a late start, as she was preoccupied with planning Paris’s extravagant wedding. But she eventually warmed up to the group activities, such as the trip to Aspen, Colorado. Kathy, along with her daughter Nicky Hilton and son-in-law James Rothschild, reportedly invested in the Casa Del Sol tequila line and hoped to boost its popularity.


A single season of American Woman aired in 2018, and then the show was canceled. In an interview promoting the show, Kyle said, “I hope when Kathy sees the show, she’ll understand.”


“If someone else asked me to tell their story, I wouldn’t. And I was sorry for her because she had a mistaken impression. Seeing my mother thrive as a single parent in the 1970s was an inspiration to me. It was a wild and carefree period. My life wasn’t the inspiration for this, though.”


In October of this year (2019), Umansky told Inman, “At the end of the day, time heals everything.” This was in reference to his relationship with his wife’s family. Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday parties, etc., are all great opportunities to get the family back together, and time usually helps things to heal. That’s probably what happened with us, too. To God be the glory.”

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Even though Kyle and Kathy got along great during filming for RHOBH season 11, which aired in 2021, they had a heartfelt conversation about their breakup in an episode that aired in August of that year. As they talked about it, the two women began to cry again.


It’s possible that “there’s a part of me that was very much holding things in like that, don’t you think?” And Kathy put it this way. “And when you step back and take a look at it, having it on the show like that might encourage more people to make that call or just be more open and honest, saving both parties some time and energy. Because of this, we squandered a considerable amount of time.”


In the preview for the next season 12 of RHOBH, which premiered in April 2022, Kyle can be seen sobbing onto Kathy’s shoulder. She addresses her older sister with the words, “I get the impression that you despise me or something.”

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in April 2022, Garcelle Beauvais stated that she was closer to Kathy than she was to Kyle at the present, which confirmed that things will take a turn for the sisters during season 12 of the show.

FAQs – People Also Ask

What happened to Kyle Richards’ relationship with her sister Kathy?

Kyle’s sister Kim Richards and she had a fight at the beginning of the series and they were never the same. Recent rumors suggested that Kathy and Kyle had a falling out, despite the fact that they collaborated effectively last season.

Are Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton feuding after ‘RHOBH’?

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton may feud following season 12 of RHOBH. Fans were shocked by the probable feud after the two sisters repaired their ties. Kyle tried for years to get Kathy on RHOBH, but she refused.

What happened to Kathy and Kyle’s relationship on ‘the Bachelor’?

Kathy’s friendship with Kyle was strained after hearing about what transpired in Aspen during the season 12 cast vacation. Sutton Stracke has denied rumors that Kathy called his assistant an offensive epithet and caused controversy in Aspen.

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