What Happened To Cara? Here Is Everything We Know Regarding Cara Delevingne’s Health Concerns

what happened to cara delevingne health?

These days, it would appear like Cara Delevingne is going through some kind of rough patch. According to recent rumours, the star was supposed to be present in New York for the debut of her capsule collection in collaboration with Karl Lagerfield, but she did not make it.

Numerous pieces of evidence point to the fact that she is experiencing some kind of mental anguish, despite the fact that no one has come up to openly discuss what is going on with her.

Cara Delevingne has recently been the subject of images that have sparked controversy, and as a result, her family is reportedly working on making plans for an intervention for the troubled British celebrity.

The supermodel Cara Delevingne was pictured looking distressed, smoking, and wandering around barefoot after her followers began voicing their concerns about her well-being after she was photographed without shoes and observed smoking.

When Margot Robbie left the 30-year-old model’s $7 million West Hollywood house on Monday, she appeared tearful and distressed.

Her older sister Poppy is said to have rushed to her side and has been seen coming and going from the property as well. Margot Robbie struggled to keep her emotions in check and appeared to be distressed.

This year’s Emmy Awards were also skipped over by Cara Delevingne, who stayed away from the red carpet. She appeared in the episode of the popular Hulu series “Only Murders in the Building” as a guest star.

It is not apparent whether Cara is having difficulty with Covid or whether she is having difficulties with something else. Cara, according to some reliable sources, has not yet fully recovered from the effects of her trip to the Burning Man festival.

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Cara Delevingne weird behaviour at the airport

After an absence of two years because of Covid, the annual Burning Man event finally took place. As before, Cara Delevingne had a troubling appearance as she seemed unable to control the body motions, and she was spotted talking on her phone, leaning over, grabbing her phone, and frantically wandering around wildly.

An intimate friend of Cara’s was quoted in The Sun as saying, “We are all really concerned.” The situation has been getting worse for a few weeks now, and Cara’s family is involved.

There is talk of staging some kind of intervention and making sure Cara gets the help she may very well need because “she has been burning the candle at both ends lately, and it’s clearly taking its toll.”

The situation has been deteriorating for some time now, and Cara’s family is involved. The only admission that Delevingne has made on her drug use is that she used to experiment with them in the past.

She has not stated whether or not she is currently suffering addiction. However, the actions that the “Paper Town” actress has been engaging in over the past few months have given rise to cause for alarm.

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It was in March of this year that she was first observed behaving in a “very inebriated” manner while attending a party in New York, which is what led to the establishment of her reputation as a party girl.

At the festival, there were facilities for people to relieve themselves, but there were no showers, and attendees were responsible for bringing their own food.

She was seen with her assistant holding her dog when she arrived two hours late for a flight on Jay-private Z’s jet, according to the allegations. She was also carrying her dog.

Before getting into her SUV and driving away, witnesses claim they heard her conversing and saw her lighting up a cigarette. Since a few months ago, rumours have been circulating regarding Cara Delevingne’s health as well as her conduct, and now those rumours are causing rising concerns.

Before she went to Burning Man, witnesses reportedly saw Cara smoking and drinking in her vehicle. She was also observed smoking.

A couple of weeks before, she spent her birthday in Ibiza on a yacht, and one of her friends remarked that she was messier than normal during the festivities.

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