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What Happened To Eliza Fletcher? Who Is Behind Her Secret Death?

what happened to eliza fletcher

A portion of the affidavit that resulted in the murder suspect Cleotha Abston’s arrest warrant provides additional information about how the body of Eliza Fletcher was discovered days after she was kidnapped. Eliza Fletcher “suffered considerable injuries,” according to police, during the “violent” kidnapping in which Abston forced her into a car. The police affidavit states that it is “probable and evident” that the injuries left behind evidence, including blood in the car that the suspect cleaned.

Authorities have not yet disclosed the location or manner of Eliza “Liza” Fletcher’s death, but they have revealed a timeline of the crucial incidents leading up to it. Fletcher, a 34-year-old junior kindergarten teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School in Memphis, was pushed into a black SUV by a guy who chased her as she ran in a neighbourhood close to the University of Memphis at around 4 a.m. local time (5 a.m. ET) on Friday.

Based On A Tip From The FBI, Police Searched For Fletcher On Monday Along East Person Avenue And Victor Street.

The abandoned home at 1666 Victor Street had automobile tracks on the grass close to the driveway, the officer saw. Additionally, the police “smelled ansmell of decay

An “unresponsive female” was discovered laying on the ground adjacent to a set of steps close to the driveway behind the home as police officers were searching the area. The woman was found to match Fletcher’s description, according to the scene investigation.

Later that evening, close to 1519 S Orleans Street, a trash bag was discovered. Running shorts from Lululemon in the colour purple that matched those Fletcher was last seen wearing were in the bag.

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On Friday, September 2, Surveillance Video Showed The Suspects’ Car Moving About The Area.

The affidavit states that Fletcher’s cellphone and a pair of Champion slide sandals were found in the street close to where she was abducted. Tennessee received the sandals. for DNA testing, the Bureau of Investigation. Abston’s DNA was found to match, making him a potential target for the investigation. Later, surveillance footage revealed that Abston had been wearing those sandals the day before the kidnapping.

Abston’s vehicle was located by police. Abston tried to run away when police stopped him, but he was apprehended. He declined to tell the detectives where Fletcher was.

The driver, who is Abston’s brother, told the police that he saw Cleotha using floor cleaner to clean the inside of his automobile. Mario further said that his brother was “acting extremely strangely” and that he had observed him washing his clothes in the home’s sink. Home of Mario Abston is located on the 1700 block. the vicinity of S Orleans Street, where Fletcher’s clothing was discovered.

Former Student Remembered At Baylor University

In a tweet from Tuesday afternoon, Baylor University recognised Eliza Fletcher as a former student with aspirations of becoming a teacher.At the private Baylor University in Waco, Texas, Fletcher earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science in 2010.

Fletcher was “on her way to become an elementary school teacher” in her native Memphis at the time of her studies, the institution stated. In a tweet, Baylor University wrote, “We join those across the country in mourning the unfortunate death of Eliza Fletcher (BSED ’10).”

Fletcher received a master’s degree in teaching from Belmont University, which also issued a statement regarding his passing on Tuesday. “We are horrified and devastated bythe devastating loss of Eliza Wellford Fletcher, who graduated from our Master of Arts in Teaching programme in 2012, the institution tweeted on Tuesday. “Eliza’s family and everyone who knew and loved her are in our thoughts and prayers.”

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At the time of her disappearance, Fletcher was employed as a kindergarten teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School in Memphis. The school posted on Twitter on Tuesday that it is “heartbroken” by the passing of Fletcher, who was “a bright light in our community,” and that teaching and staff members began their days by lighting candles in his honour.

After An “Exhaustive” Search, Tennessee Police Offer Their Condolences.

The Bureau of Tennesseethe conclusion of the Eliza Fletcher case has left it “heartbroken,” the Bureau of Investigation declared. Since Fletcher vanished last week, the TBI has offered its assistance to the local law enforcement. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation tweeted, “We are heartbroken by the outcome of this investigation but are proud of the work of [Memphis Police Department].”

TBI expressed its “gladness” at having contributed to the actions that resulted in the capture of suspect Cleotha Abston and expressed sympathy to the Fletcher family. TBI expressed their sincere sympathies to Eliza’s family as well as to everyone who knew and loved her.

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