Halloween Ends: What Happened To John Tate? He Is In The Halloween Reboot Continuity

what happened to john tate in halloween

The 200th Halloween movie hits theatres this weekend. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but Halloween has grown to be one of the most successful horror series ever, producing not only a tonne of reboots but also a tonne of sequels.

Franchise fans will need to get ready since the new movie Halloween Kills, which comes after 2018’s Halloween, the follow-up to 1978’s Halloween, sets up a lethal showdown for Halloween Ends.

The deuteragonist of Halloween H20 is John Tate. He is the nephew of Judith and Michael Myers and the son of Laurie Strode. Laurie and John have a strained relationship because Laurie is very overprotective of him as a result of the trauma, she had on Halloween 1978. John tries to reassure Laurie that Michael is dead since he would have returned by now.

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What Happened To John Tate?

The Halloween franchise has undergone a few retcons, and in one of them, Laurie Strode had a son named John. But what happened to him? With Halloween, a 1978 slasher film starring Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, John Carpenter revolutionized the horror subgenre.

Halloween wasn’t well received when it was first released, but it is now regarded as one of the best horror films ever and is recognized as one of the films that contributed to the growth and recognition of the slasher genre in the 1980s. Halloween tells the tale of Michael Myers, who was committed to Smith’s Grove sanitarium after killing his sister when he was just six years old.

After 15 years, Michael managed to flee and made his way back to Haddonfield, Illinois, where he started to follow Laurie and her companions.

What Happened To John Tate?

Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris), who debuted in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and took over the role of the new protagonist after Laurie was killed between Halloween 2 and Halloween 4, was given to Laurie as the franchise expanded (Halloween III: Season of the Witch is not part of the Michael Myers storyline).

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later introduced the first retcon in 1998, bringing Laurie back and pushing Jamie Lloyd aside in favour of giving Laurie a son. While hosting their own Halloween party in the school basement, John, his girlfriend Molly Cartwell, his pals Charlie Deveraux, and Sarah Wainthrope are attacked by Michael.

In the movie’s climactic scene, Laurie forces John and Molly to flee the school for their own protection while she stays behind to battle Michael. It is unknown what happened to John after that.

John only appears as a picture during Halloween: Resurrection, and his presence is reconfigured for Halloween 2018. Jamie Lloyd, Laurie’s daughter, does not have a relationship with John either because she only lives in the 4-6 timeline, even though 4-6 were still canon in Kevin William’s initial treatment for Halloween H20.

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John Tate Vanished?

In this timeline, Laurie and Michael are still siblings because Halloween H20 disregarded every film that came out after Halloween 2. It is told that Laurie pretended to die so she could escape Michael and lead a regular life, which she did for a considerable amount of time as Keri Tate.

John (Josh Harnett), the son of Laurie who later became a teacher and worked at the same school, went there. Following Laurie after learning all about her new life and whereabouts, Michael killed John’s pals.

Ultimately, Laurie was able to save John and his partner Molly (Michelle Williams), but she made the decision to kill Michael on her own. When Halloween: Resurrection revealed that she had not actually killed Michael, she was transferred to a mental institution where she was murdered by him. She had stolen the coroner’s van he was being carried into and had decapitated him there.

Where Is John Tate? What Happened To Him?

Halloween: Resurrection ended Laurie’s story, but it did not address her son, who was absent from the film, in any further detail. Instead, Halloween: Resurrection concentrated on a different set of victims that had nothing to do with Laurie and her family.

Hartnett’s character was supposed to make a comeback in Resurrection’s sequel to seek revenge for his mother’s murder, but the negative reviews and the film’s poor box office performance ultimately put an end to those plans. Rob Zombie’s Halloween, which was released in 2007, became the next entry in the series.

John’s destiny hasn’t been revealed, but given that Michael didn’t even look for him, instead pursuing a group of strangers, it’s usually accepted that he was taken far from Haddonfield so he wouldn’t have to worry about his uncle looking for him.

When a new Halloween movie was announced, many fans were hoping to see John or, at the very least, expected an explanation of what happened to him, but the 2018 film entirely ignores all Halloween sequels, implying that neither Jamie Lloyd nor John ever existed.

One of the largest outstanding questions the Halloween retcons have is what happened to John in the H20/Resurrection timeline, but ultimately that leaves it up to the fans’ interpretation.

Why John Tate Should Return?

Jamie Llyod and John Tate return in Halloween Ends. Two Halloween continuities feature Laurie’s children. Jamie appears in Cult of Thorn, and John in Halloween: H20. David Gordon Green should consider bringing back these two characters for Halloween Ends.

Jamie is adopted by the Lloyds after Laurie’s car accident. Michael stalks her in all three films, killing her in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. John is Laurie’s kid, who goes by “Tate” because Laurie changed her name to “Keri Tate” John is attacked by Michael in California, forcing Laurie to fight back, like Laurie in 2018.

John and Jamie are no longer canon, but Green should include them in Halloween Ends. Now that Michael has slain Karen, both characters can return to Haddonfield to avenge their sister. It would bring Halloween Ends and the Michael-Laurie saga full circle. In 2018, Laurie tells Aaron and Dana she’s been divorced twice.

Halloween Ends: Why John Tate Should Return

One marriage produces Karen, while the other isn’t discussed further. It’s easy to think Laurie conceives John and Jamie from this second marriage, and unlike Karen, they cut off all ties with her and left Haddonfield, explaining their absence in Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills.

David Gordon Green reintroduces the scenario from Halloween II where Sheriff Brackett uncovers Annie’s body. This, combined with the prominence of the Silver Shamrock masks, shows that Green is willing to pull from the earlier sequels. Green can bring the Halloween franchise full circle by bringing back Jamie and John.

Having Laurie’s other children join her and Allyson in their final encounter with Michael effectively ends their long-running animosity in Halloween Ends and the entire franchise. It can end Jamie and John’s story arcs.

David Gordon Green may add more legacy characters in Halloween Ends if Kyle Richards’ Lindsey Wallace returns. Jamie and John’s comeback depends on whether Green can fit them into the tale and on Josh Hartnett, Danielle Harris, or J.C. Brandy’s availability. Halloween Ends won’t be released until next year.

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