Kelly Ripa And Ryan Seacrest: What’s The Deal Between Them?

During the live show, the hosts discuss their personal lives and engage in conversation with their guests while listening to a variety of musical performances.

This fall, there will be some significant changes to the 13abc and CW13 schedules. The discussion programme hosted by Drew Barrymore will take over “LIVE with Kelly and Ryan” as of September. The channel 36 change for “Kelly and Ryan” is WUPW.

With the start of “Action News at 4” with Christina Williams and Tony Geftos, the shift coincides with WTVG and its management investing more time and money in enhancing the local news product. On September 13, that news programme will debut.

In order to create way for the new show, “Kelly Clarkson” will move up an hour and begin running at 3 p.m. as a result of this change. The View, General Hospital, GMA3, and Rachel Ray will all continue to air throughout the same periods.

The daytime schedule of CW13 will also include a number of new syndicated shows. At nine in the morning, “Dr. Oz” will start this new schedule, followed by “Relative Justice” and “Law & Order: SVU.”

At 2:00 pm, “Chicago Fire” and “Funny You Should Ask” will begin the day’s programming. Seacrest joining Ripa for the ABC daytime mainstay seemed like a great choice after hunting for Michael Strahan’s replacement for what felt like an eternity.

He is always preternaturally perky, blond, and tan like Ripa. While Ripa and Seacrest have both denied any shadiness behind the scenes and assert that they are best friends both on and off the set, recent rumours suggest otherwise.

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What Is Live With Kelly And Ryan?

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are the two hosts of the popular morning talk show in the United States called Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Michael Gelman, who serves as the show’s executive producer and who stated in 1993 that “the real notion of the show, in a symbolic sense, is that they are husband and wife,” said the following about the show: They are sitting there with their cups of coffee and conversing about what’s going on in the world.

Since its debut in 1983 as a regional broadcast, the show has been helmed by a rotating cast of personalities. The show has been broadcast across the country continuously since 1988.

What is the show about?

The first segment of the show consists of Kelly and Ryan chatting about their private lives and digging into current events in the world of pop culture.

The pair welcomes listeners who come from all walks of life and work in a variety of fields. During the course of the show, special concerts frequently feature guest musicians.

Emcees will typically ask questions, and viewers will have the opportunity to answer those questions for the chance to win prizes, which may include trips.

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What Happened To Live With Kelly And Ryan?

What Happened To Live With Kelly And Ryan?

According to 13abc, starting in September, Live with Kelly and Ryan will be shown on WUPW, channel 36. The CW13 and 13abc schedules are undergoing some major adjustments, therefore the programme will be replaced with Drew Barrymore’s discussion show. The daily schedule for CW13 will be altered by the new modifications.

Dr. Oz will be the first programme on the CW13 daytime lineup at 9 a.m., followed by Relative Justice, Law and Order: SUV, Chicago Fire, and Funny You Should Ask at 2 p.m.

Due to their endearing banter and eccentric personalities, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have gained millions of fans since they first appeared on television together in 2017.

But Kelly has been conspicuously missing from Live with Kelly and Ryan for a while. Maria Menounos, an entertainment host, has filled in for Kelly while she is away.

Fans started to wonder why Maria was chosen and where Kelly had disappeared from the moment she started filling in for Kelly on March 22, 2021.

Kelly is currently taking a break from her typically demanding schedule of filmmaking. Also not unusual, Ryan has previously taken similar actions when deciding to take a little hiatus from the air.

When Kelly has taken a break, hosts like Anderson Cooper have filled in for him by hosting in the meantime. The celebrity hasn’t made it clear how she is spending her time off, but it is reasonable to assume she is taking some well-earned time off from work and spending quality time with her husband Mark Conseuelos and their three children, Michael (age 23), Lola (age 19), and Joaquin (year 18).

Maria’s replacement as host of the programme is likely only a temporary one, given that her replacement for Kelly was quietly disclosed. As was previously reported, Kelly is most likely simply taking a break and will soon return to the show.

She might have taken a leave of absence to look after her recently adopted Maltese-Shih Tzu mix, Lena. On March 16, Kelly and Ryan were the ones to first announce the adoption.

Ratings Of The Aren’t Good

Ratings Of The Talk Show  Aren’t Good

Despite the fact that both co-hosts appear to be content, Live with Kelly and Ryan isn’t performing particularly well in the ratings. Insiders in the television industry believe Ryan Seacrest is to blame.

According to reports, the show’s ratings have fallen by 23 percent after he joined as a co-host in May 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, with a 12 percent decline occurring one week following the news of his addition.

A source informed Life & Style (via Closer Weekly), “Currently, the show is a total mess. Ryan simply doesn’t appeal to midday viewers. His audience is younger and more focused on music.”

The source continued, “Ryan’s ego will take a knock if the programme doesn’t become a great smash. Ryan being added to Live felt really secure. He wasn’t considered a significant risk by anyone at the network.”

According to a source, In Touch “Ryan’s Midas touch appears to have disappeared. Ryan was meant to be a no-brainer when he was added, but for some reason, fans aren’t taking to him.”

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