Young Irani Protester Nika Shakarami Died: Her Death Raised Several Questions

What happened to Nika Shahkarami?

Nika Shakarami was an Iranian protester and media face Nika Shakarami. During the demonstrations against the hijab, she became to fame by advocating for the protesters’ legal rights. Additionally, she was seen participating in a number of demonstrations.

Chants of “death to the dictator” can be heard in the background as an Iranian girl dressed in all black stands atop an upturned garbage can and waves her headscarf while the can is consumed by fire.

The video then shows her crouching down to retrieve another scarf from a pal, which she will likewise burn afire in front of the crowd of protesters. The young woman’s name was Nika Shahkarami, and she was from Tehran.

She was 16 years old. Nika was last seen on September 20, just a few hours after these scenes were documented on tapes that were obtained exclusively by CNN and corroborated by the network. And a little more than a week later, her family found out that she had passed away.

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Nika Shakarami, Who Was She?

Nika Shakarami, Who Was She?

A teenage Iranian protester named Nika Shakarami. In Tehran, she disappeared during the Mahsa Amini death protests in 2022. Her death was announced to her loved ones ten days after it occurred. She had died under mysterious circumstances, which were suspected to have entailed the use of force by security personnel.

They intended to bury her in Khorramabad when her family located her body. To exert influence over her family and prevent a funeral procession that would ignite additional protests, Iranian authorities are said to have stolen the body and buried it in Hayat Ol Gheyb.

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Nika Shakarami Prostest Participation

Nika Shakarami took part in the Mahsa Amini rallies (anti-hijab protest) in September 2022, which were planned to improve women’s rights in Iran and were spurred by Mahsa Amini’s passing while in police prison.

On September 20, Shakarami raised his voice on Tehran’s Keshavarz Boulevard before disappearing. Around 13:30 UTC, she had left her house with a water bottle and a cloth to protect herself from tear gas. She first told her loved ones that she was going to visit her sister.

Nika Shakarami reportedly sang chants ceaselessly throughout the demonstration and was described as “fearless.” Her family claims that her final known message to someone was to one of her friends, in which she claimed to be being pursued by security officers.

The protests grew louder and more crowded, and she appeared to have been separated from her pals. Her pals last noticed her about 15:00 UTC. On September 20, Shakarami had her phone turned off and her Instagram and Telegram accounts erased.

When Shakarami’s family did not hear from her, they filed a missing person’s report and started looking in police stations and hospitals. They also posted images of her on social media in the hopes that someone would recognise her.

Nika Shahkarami was reportedly found dead on September 21 after closed-circuit camera footage revealed her entering a Tehran building. Authorities have openly stated that she fell from the building’s roof. Her mother, however, insisted that she was shot and died at a protest by Iranian security personnel.

Nika Shakarami Death

Shahkarami joined the Tehran protesters on Sept. 20. In an interview with BBC Persian, the teen’s aunt, Atash Shahkarami, said her niece left their house at 5 p.m. Atash spoke to one of Shahkarami’s pals and heard she burned her headscarf on Instagram. According to her aunt, Shahkarami told her friend she was followed that night. Her family lost touch afterward.

Shahkarami went missing after the protest until her relatives found her in a Tehran morgue. Atash told BBC Persian, “When we went to identify her, we only saw her face for a few seconds.” According to Iran’s judiciary, Shahkarami disappeared after entering a building and was found dead the next morning. CCTV footage purportedly showing Shahkarami’s dying moments shows an unidentified figure walking through an alley and removing their mask before entering a building.

Tehran official Mohammad Shahriari said a post-mortem of Shahkarami’s body indicated “many fractures in the pelvis, head, upper and lower limbs, arms and legs,” according to the BBC. BBC Persian got Shahkarami’s death certificate from a Tehran cemetery, which says he died from “several blows with a hard object.”

The Iranian authorities initiated an investigation into Shahkarami’s death on Tuesday. Tehran prosecutor Ali Salehi says a complaint has been filed to examine Nika Shahkarami’s death. “The case is under investigation.” On the same day, eight building workers were arrested.

Atash, Shahkarami’s aunt, has spoken out about her death. Shahkarami’s Instagram and Telegram accounts were deactivated the day she disappeared. Iranian security agents reportedly seek access to inmates’ social media accounts to remove material.

Atash informed BBC Persian that Revolutionary Guards said Shahkarami was in police custody for five days before being sent to prison. Atash and Shahkarami’s uncle, Mohsen, were detained by Iranian authorities on Sunday, according to multiple accounts. Unconfirmed reports State TV aired a message from Atash saying, “Nika fell from a building.”

Atash told BBC Persian that her niece’s body was recovered outside the building where officials said she died. Mohsen criticized protests on TV. These admissions contrasted their prior statements concerning Shahkarami’s execution, and a BBC Persian source called them “forced confessions.”

The source said these confessions were made “after severe interrogations and threats to kill family members.” Shahkarami’s family buried her on Sunday, what would have been her 17th birthday. A family source informed BBC Persian that they agreed under coercion not to arrange a public funeral.

Sources say Iranian security personnel “stole” Shahkarami’s body from Khorramabad and buried it in Veysian. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at Khorramabad’s graveyard on Sunday, chanting “death to the tyrant.” Shahkarami is one of several young ladies and girls killed in Iran demonstrations.

Hadis Najafi, 22, was shot by security agents on Sept. 21 in Karaj, her family says. Her sisters say she was shot with live ammo and shotgun birdshot. “They wouldn’t return the body for two days, urging her father to pretend she died of a heart attack out of fear,” sources told BBC Persian.

Hadis made a video message during the protest saying, “I hope in a few years everything has changed for the better.” Her family thinks she was shot one hour after filming.

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