What Repercussions Will There Be For The F1 Championship If Additional Races Are Called Off?


The coronavirus outbreak that has put most of the world on lockdown has put Formula 1 on halt, like every other professional sports league. The 2020 Formula 1 season’s opening race in Melbourne was abruptly postponed owing to the COVID-19 outbreak over a year ago.

The majority of the 17 races that Formula 1 ran successfully last year were held behind closed doors, and the 2020 season wouldn’t actually start at the Red Bull Ring in Austria until July.

Formula 1 declared intentions to schedule a record-breaking 23 races in 2021 last November. Given the continued COVID-19 threat, many astute observers believed that the schedule was unduly optimistic. The announcement of 2021 calendar changes last month came as no surprise.

The 2021 Australian Grand Prix has been shifted to November, in between the Brazilian Grand Prix and the new race in Saudi Arabia, as Formula 1 was never going to undergo a two-week quarantine to race in Melbourne.

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The F1 Calendar

Changing the schedule for Formula One races

The Coronavirus is now affecting more and more race weekends over time. As a result, F1 and the FIA are collaborating to respond to the situation as best they can.

F1 Chairman and CEO Chase Carey stated the following on March 23: “Plans to arrange as many of the cancelled races as is feasible as soon as it is safe to do so received unanimous backing.

Although the teams will be consulted as F1 and the FIA seek to finalise a revised 2020 schedule, as was decided during the conference, their formal agreement is not necessary.

“This will provide us the flexibility we need to work out new timings with the impacted race organisers and be prepared to start the racing at the appropriate time.” The 2020 season will begin as soon as feasible, according to Formula 1.

As a result, it is anticipated that several races will be congregated near the year’s end. arranged to move teams from one country to another as soon and effectively as feasible. Scheduled to work week by week in a more geographical order.

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The F1 Miami Grand Prix: Cancelled Or Renewed?

Is the Formula One Grand Prix in Miami Going to Be Canceled or Renewed?

The inhabitants of Miami Gardens, led by former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Betty Ferguson, reportedly want the race to be called off. According to the article, Judge Alan Fine of the Miami-Dade Circuit Court voiced “frustration” on Wednesday about having to review the case so quickly. But he promised that he will rule on the situation by Monday.

In their lawsuit, the Miami Gardens homeowners alleged that the noise from F1 races would “cause substantial disruption and physical harm to residents.” They cited an assessment from an engineering company that said noise levels from the event may reach 97 decibels for residences within a 2.5-mile radius of the stadium.

According to the lawsuit, the noise levels would be comparable to those of “a chainsaw.” The Miami Grand Prix should go as planned, according to the attorneys representing Hard Rock Stadium and the city of Miami Gardens, until it is known whether the event needs a special events permit.

They asserted that the decision about whether the event complies with the city’s noise law must be made by the city rather than a court. Judge Fine added, “Many courts before me have resisted the urge to pre-emptively rule on something that has not yet been issued.

The fate of the courts is still uncertain, despite the hopes of F1 enthusiasts that the sport will be played in the renowned Miami. The Miami Grand Prix programme lists May 6-8 as the racing weekend.

Formula 1 Has Cancelled This Season’s Russian GP

Formula 1 Has Cancelled This Season's Russian GP

The Russian Grand Prix was scheduled to take place in Sochi on September 25, however the sport has said that it is “impossible to hold the Russian GP in the current conditions” as a result of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

After the decision was made on Friday, UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries stated: “The withdrawal of the Russian Grand Prix is yet another clear message to President Putin that the international sporting world will not stand by and permit him to use these events to legitimize his illegal and deadly invasion of Ukraine.

“I appreciate what the FIA and its drivers did. We are pushing them to follow suit as we move quickly with the governing organisations for the big athletic events that Russia will host this year.” World champions Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, and Fernando Alonso all pleaded vehemently against holding a race there, prompting the cancellation.

“I won’t go,” insisted Vettel. I believe that racism in this nation is bad. Following the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, the CEO of Formula One Stefano Domenicali and the sport’s governing body, the FIA, met with all 10 team owners on Thursday evening.

Domenicali joined the teams who were all in Barcelona for preseason training via video link-up from London. The race might yet be added to the schedule, according to Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto, who also remarked, “We all agreed that it would be improper to compete there in the current circumstances.”

Let’s wait and see, but we hope that things will improve, surely for Ukraine as well. The Sochi race has been an annual event since 2014, but starting in 2023 it will shift to St. Petersburg’s Igora Drive complex.

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