What Is A Regional Box A At USPS?

What is A Regional Box A at USPS?

The US Postal Service’s Regional Box A service is a low-cost shipping option for commercial and online customers. It’s used both domestically and internationally. You can save money while still getting the speedy delivery of Priority Mail thanks to the boxes’ zone-based pricing.

An economical choice for domestic shipments is the United States Postal Service’s Priority Mail Regional Rate service. Which is a subset of USPS Priority Mail

In short, selecting this service level option can help you save money on shipping without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

However, there is much more to Regional Rate service beyond the fundamentals. Expanding e-commerce businesses should know in order to make the most strategic shipping decisions for their operations.

Who Uses USPS Box A?

Online and business USPS customers who use the Merchandise Return Service or Priority Mail are the most common users of USPS Regional Rate Box A. The Regional Rate A Boxes offer a cheap alternate shipping option for customers who purchase their shipping labels online.

There are two different types of Regional Rate Boxes, designated as A and B. The cost of shipping a package will vary from one zone to the next once these boxes have been subdivided. There are nine distinct zones, each with its own set of fees.

usps postbox regional box a
United States Postal Service box for depositing/sending mail on a quiet suburban street in the San Fernando Valley.

A lot of people can gain from using this service. But before signing up, make sure you’re getting a fair deal.

Priority Mail Regional Rate used to be undersold by industry experts in favor of USPS Priority Mail Cubic. However, in 2021, Regional Rate is more affordable than ever.

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More specifically, you should think about using Regional Rate for shipping if:

  • Your item(s) weighs less than 15 pounds and can be shipped using Regional Rate Box A.
  • You have one or more items that can be shipped in Regional Rate Box B because of their small size, short distance, and low weight (5-20 pounds).
usps regional box

What Benefits Do Regional Rate A Boxes Offer?

The main benefit of using these boxes is that they combine zone pricing with the convenience of Priority Mail Shipping. To lower postage costs for items that are not traveling very far, this must be accomplished without adding to the difficulty of mailing.

This has significant benefits for a company. It allows customers to continue receiving priority shipping benefits without having to pay as much for the service.

What Is The Best Way To Utilize One Of These Boxes?

Simply order the boxes from the USPS website, place your item(s) inside, and order the necessary label online. After that, you can affix this label to the box.

The boxes come in sets of either 10 or 25, and the words “Priority Mail” are printed on them to make it clear which service will be used.

You really only need to pack, seal, and attach your shipping label because the boxes are tracked and insured.

What Is The Maximum Weight Allowed For A Regional Rate Box A?

One box A can hold up to fifteen pounds of mail. There is no way to pay extra to increase the weight limit beyond this. It’s not ideal for heavy packages, but it works well for sending small, dense objects quickly.

It’s important to keep in mind that Regional Rate Box A pricing is destination-based rather than weight-based. If you’re going to pack something heavy, you might as well make it heavy because up to fifteen pounds, the price remains the same.

To mail an item weighing more than 15 pounds, you may need to select Box B. You can use them for anything up to 20 pounds in weight. Regional Rate boxes have a maximum weight limit of 70 pounds, so if your item weighs more than that, you’ll need to find another shipping option.

usps regional rate boxes

Box C used to be an option, but USPS eliminated it in 2016, leaving customers with only A and B.

Keep in mind that once a weight goes over the maximum, it will automatically be rounded up to the next full unit. The service allows for the mailing of items up to 15 pounds; however, any item that weighs slightly more than 15 pounds will be counted as 16 pounds.

If you want to avoid extra postage fees for either you or the person you’re sending the package to, you should weigh the items before sending them.

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In Conclusion

USPS Regional Rate Box Some companies that send out a lot of mail can cut down on shipping time and expenses. This service provides businesses and customers with the best of both worlds by combining the speed and reliability of Priority Shipping with the lower costs that can be achieved by charging regional rates.

Those who already use the USPS should seriously consider signing up for a Virtual Mailbox service as well. This is a fantastic method of streamlining the mail-receiving process, as it eliminates the need for your physical presence at either your home or place of business.

You can easily digitize your incoming mail and get rid of junk mail without sacrificing security, privacy, or convenience. One more benefit is that it helps you save room in your office by decreasing the amount of paper you need to keep on hand.

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