What Is Mastodon And How Does It Work? Ex-Twitter Users Are Opting For Mastodon

What Is Mastodon

The past day and a half have seen a great deal of movement and upheaval in the realm of social media. Following Elon Musk’s successful completion of the purchase of Twitter, the tech industry has undergone a discernible shift in the balance of power.

Since it was made public that the acquisition had taken place, the internet has been flooded with many rumours and suspicions. Mastodon, a well-known alternative to Twitter, is garnering a lot of attention in the midst of all the hubbub around Musk’s purchase of the company.

Many users believe that the sale of Twitter to the outspoken CEO of Tesla will be beneficial to the platform, while many others are sceptical that this will be the case.

Those who are wary about the change have likely already begun moving their activity to other kinds of social media. Among all of them, Mastodon appears to be the one that is attracting an exceptionally high volume of users at the moment.

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What Is Mastodon?

What Is Mastodon?

In 2016, when Eugen Rochko was only 24 years old, he created Mastodon, his creation. Rochko intended to create his own substitute at the time because Twitter was just abandoning its chronological method, which he detested. The end product resembles Twitter in appearance but operates very differently.

In contrast to Twitter’s current limit of 280 characters, you can post 500 characters. Incredibly charming, they are sometimes known as “toots.” Mastodon is less of a private platform and more of a public trust, which is another significant point to be made.

Only one server, mastodon.social, existed at first. It’s similar to a chat room from the early 2000s and is what Rochko refers to as an instance. Joining the instance, following users, perusing toots, and creating your own all require registration.

It is not, however, intended to be the only hub. People are urged by Mastodon to create their own instances. Even if every planet is unique, being a part of one community means being a part of the whole, according to its homepage, which lists thousands of diverse communities that make up Mastodon.

Since the API has been made open source, any developer can create one even though there isn’t an official app yet. Not only does that decentralize the entire platform, it also distributes hosting costs among volunteers. It is also possible for the person who creates the instance to keep it private by limiting access. Choosing a random one of your toots to make secret is an option open to even casual users.

But in essence, Mastodon was intended to be a platform that would allow users to congregate in whatever way they saw fit and freely discuss whatever they pleased. Rochko and several members of the team only moderate the mastodon.

They are also trying to add a Hindi-speaking mod, and perhaps additional languages will follow, as a result of the significant influx of new users from India. For the sake of speech freedom, all of this is fantastic. In contrast, it leaves behind a few new problems.

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How Does Mastodon Work?

How Use Mastodon? Is It Difficult?

Instead, then being a single place, Mastodon is comprised of a network of servers, often known as instances. If someone has access to a dedicated server, they are able to run their own instance of Mastodon if they so choose.

This instance of Mastodon can either be connected to the main platform or maintained as a distinct private server. There is some degree of centralization to the platform even if it is a decentralised system as a whole. This is due to the fact that individual servers are under the control of their own owners.

On the other hand, it is not like any of the other major social platforms, each of which is managed by a separate firm. Only communities that are dedicated to active moderation against racism, sexism, and transphobia will be listed in the Mastodon server library.

When you use Mastodon, your account is stored on a single server; yet, you are able to easily follow and communicate with users on other servers without having to create additional accounts for either of these purposes. You also have the option of moving your account to a new server without your following being affected.

How Is Mastodon Similar To Twitter?

In what ways is Mastodon comparable to Twitter?

Users on Mastodon can send 500-character “toots” as opposed to Tweets. Users on Twitter can also follow other users. In addition, the platform enables users to build their own networks, or “instances,” on the platform.

The platform’s users have more influence over it by letting them choose which network or “instance” they wish to be a part of. However, even after joining a specific server, users can still chat with other server users.

Users have the option of posting their opinions in one of three privacy settings: direct, private, or public. Similar to how public and private toots work on other platforms like Instagram, public toots are available to all users while private toots are only viewable to followers.

In order to safeguard users, Mastodon also offers anti-abuse measures. Users should go to https://joinmastodon.org/ to access the platform’s official website for further information. Like other social media networks, users must experiment with this one before they can master it.

How To Join Mastodon?

Mastodon Joining Instructions

It’s simple to register for a Mastodon account; just go to the community’s page of the platform and select a category. The themes covered by the categories range widely, from technology and gaming to art and music.

Additionally, there are general interest servers, the most well-known of which is Mastodon.social. After selecting an instance, you may register and set up your profile just like you would on any other social media site. The sole exception are servers that need permission or are only accessible by invitation.

Naturally, no social media platform would be complete without a mobile app, so you can download Mastodon for iOS or Android to toot while you’re on the road. Once everything is finished, the platform functions very similarly to Twitter, so it is time to locate fascinating individuals to follow, post some hot takes, and get lost in the trends.

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