What’s Inside The 2022 Emmys Gift Bag? All 22 Goodies!

What's Inside The 2022 Emmys Gift Bag? All 22 Goodies!

The 2022 Emmys is a chance for presenters and winners to take home a suitcase full of posh swag.

The Television Academy Foundation announced in June that Karen Wood and Backstage Creations, a women-owned business that has worked backstage at the Emmys for the past nine years, will be responsible for producing the 74th Emmy Awards Giving Suite.

Presenters and winners have access to the “Giving” lounge at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The Television Academy Foundation will benefit from the sale of celebrity-signed merchandise.

Sponsors will “make contributions to support the organization, which provides career pathways and access to the television business for students across the country,” as the foundation puts it.

Even though not every nominee will win an award, they will all go home with one of these gift bags containing 22 different gifts.

Perks In Place

The Giving Suite guests will be flown out to the Four Seasons Resort Nevis in the West Indies. The present is a three-night stay at a luxury hotel with a room overlooking the ocean and includes a variety of extras including a couple’s massage and a romantic meal.

Participants in the Emmys will also earn a trip to Montana’s RiverView Ranch Retreat & Western Adventures and Turkey’s Museum Hotel in Cappadocia, each for a stay of three nights.

74th emmy gifting suite 2022

Backstage Creations’ swag bags feature not just high-end holidays, but also luxurious skincare goods including esthetician Denise Bell’s 5 Circle Skin Care cleanser and Aveeno’s nightly moisturizer.

Cans of non-alcoholic lager So Beer and “naturally brewed functional effervescent beverage” Mude is also included in the gift basket. The package contains not just tasty beverages, but also a half-pound bag of Dr. Monkey’s Deliciously Good Caramel.

22 Gifts And Goodies In The Bag

The products from Nu Skin and Crystal Hills Organics are perfect for a pampering day, and a custom-made action figure from Hasbro in the recipient’s likeness is sure to be a hit at this year’s Emmys.

Come on in if you’re curious about the swag and VIP experiences that celebs receive during award events.

1. Nu Skin

This washing device from Nu Skin includes micropulse oscillation technology to leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed and younger.

2. So Beer

Cheers to loved ones can be said even if you don’t imbibe in alcoholic beverages. Low-calorie and alcohol-free, So Beer comes in Light and Grapefruit varieties and is modeled after the popular American Light Lager style. You can have a drink without the hangover or the excess weight because it just has 30 calories and no alcohol.

so beer non alcoholic drink

3. Thera Cane MAX Trigger Point Massager

The Thera Can Trigger Point Massager is a simple yet powerful tool for easing muscle pain, knots, and spasms. Get to all the tight points and release the tension there.

4. Vahdam India Nourishing Herbal Tea Infusions

Winners of the Emmys will receive 60 servings of rejuvenating Herbal Tea blends from Vahdam India.

vahdam india herbal tea emmy gifting suite 2022

5. Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry

Custom designs, reinterpretations of family treasures, and fresh takes on Erin Flynn’s distinctive lines of timeless, handcrafted, and ethically sourced fine jewelry are Erin Flynn’s forte. The Emmys Giving Suite will feature her work.

6. Four Seasons Nevis

This vacation package for two includes a three-night stay in an Ocean View room at a hotel, breakfast each morning, transportation to and from the airport, a couples massage, two rounds of golf, and dinner for two.

7. Mude Functional Sparkling Drinks

Mude, a plant-based effervescent beverage made with adaptogens and botanicals, will be served to guests in the Emmys Giving Suite. They are brewed to stimulate or calm your emotions, depending on what you need at the time.

mude drinks in emmys gifting suite

8. Hasbro Personalized Action Figure

If you’ve ever wanted to play a role from your favorite book, cartoon, or movie, Hasbro is making it possible. As part of the Emmys Giving Suite experience, guests can use Hasbro’s Selfie Series technology to customize a 6-inch action figure of themselves.

9. RiverView Ranch Retreat & Western Adventures

A luxurious Montana vacation at the scenic River View Ranch after the ceremony. This vacation package consists of a three-night stay at the ranch, complete with designer comforts, farm-to-table eating, on-site activities and experiences, a personalized itinerary tailored to the guest’s interests, and airport private driver service to and from the ranch.

riverview ranch montana

10. Museum Hotel Cappadocia

Well, hello there, opulence! The Giving Suite comes with a three-night stay at the Museum Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey, and a dinner for two at Lil’a, in addition to the standard amenities.

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11. Ricardo Beverly Hills

All guests of the Emmys Giving Suite will leave with a Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage to use during their three 5-star vacations.

ricardo beverly hills bag emmys gifting suite

12. Ageless Innovation

The card game Lifetime Lineup’s developed by Ageless Innovation as a therapeutic tool for families with elderly members. The game is a part of Emmys goodie bags. Guests may try it out at home with their loved ones.

13. Spirit Hoods

The Emmys Giving Suite features Spirit Hoods. The company’s faux fur clothing and home goods are known for their coziness.

14. 5 Circle Skin Care By Denise Bell

Esthetician Denise Bell developed the 5-Circle Skin Care system in order to provide her clients with visible improvements after just five treatments. Winners and nominees alike will be able to put 5 Circle’s Bright & Early exfoliating cleanser for tired skin to the test when they take home a gift bag from this year’s Emmys.

15. Aveeno

Aveeno, a well-known skincare brand, has donated a product for inclusion in the Emmys gift bags. Overnight, the skin will get deeply nourished. With the help of the Tone + Texture Renewing Night Cream’s 6% natural PHA, Pro-Vitamin B3, and prebiotic oat.

16. Crane Stationery

The Emmys gift package also included some stationery from Crane.

crane stationery

17. Comvita Manuka Honey

Supporting the body’s natural healing process, immunity, and digestive health. Manuka Honey produced from the deep woods of New Zealand.

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18. Crystal Hills Organics

How better to manifest with crystals than to relax in a tub full of Crystal Hills Organics’ bath salts? Crystal Dreams Bath Salts will help Emmys guests unwind and get ready for the night.

19. Disney Publishing Worldwide The Golden Girls Cookbook: Cheesecakes and Cocktails

Cheesecakes and Cocktails, a Cookbook for Golden Girls! includes more than 40 new desserts and drink recipes from Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia. Making Emmys gift bag recipients feel like they’re chilling on the lanai or preparing to win the Shady Pines bake-off.

20. Dr. Monkey’s Ridiculously Good Caramel

The name is a clue! A half-pound bag of Dr. Monkey’s Ridiculously Good Caramel included in this year’s Emmys goodie bags is a real treat.

21. Mark Bryan & Company LLC

In this book, Mark Bryan builds on the methods he and Julia Cameron pioneered. They are trying to help people unleash their creative potential in the workplace.

riding the dragon book

22. Huriia Hands-Free Wearable Umbrella Holder

Gift bag winners at the Emmys will get to try out the revolutionary Huriia product. It’s a hands-free umbrella holder created by a woman-owned small business.

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