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Where Is The Ruthless Serial Killer Charles Cullen Now?

where is charles cullen now

In the terrifying world of true crime, Netflix has just released The Good Nurse. The new movie, which was released on October 26, presents the viewpoint of the person who was instrumental in Charles Cullen’s arrest for his crimes as a nurse who admitted to killing 30 to 40 victims over the course of 16 years while working in several medical facilities.

According to, authorities involved in Cullen’s investigation think he may have killed as many as 400 people, “making him the most prolific serial murderer in history.” The Netflix production, which tells Amy Loughren’s perspective, is based on Charles Graeber’s The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder.

Loughren, a single mother with a life-threatening heart disease and a nurse at Somerset Medical Center, became close to Cullen and even introduced him to her kids. After a number of unexplained fatalities at their facility, investigators sought Loughren to help them gather information against Cullen. Later, after confessing to his crimes, 17 life sentences were given to Cullen.

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Who Is Charles Cullen?

1960 saw the birth of Charles Cullen in Orange, New Jersey. His mother passed away when Cullen was a teenager, and his father supposedly passed away not long after his birth. He reportedly dropped out of high school in 1978 and joined the Navy, where he rose to the rank of petty officer second class, according to The Independent.

He later had his discharged after making an attempt at suicide, according to the New York Times. The New York Daily News reported that despite being dismissed from or forced out of at least six facilities, Cullen worked as a nurse for 16 years at hospitals and nursing homes in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

When he was apprehended in December 2003, he confessed to killing patients by inserting lethal combinations of cardiac and insulin medications into IV fluid bags, turning off ventilators, and medicating patients without a doctor’s approval, according to

Cullen decided to take a plea deal when he was offered the chance to avoid the death penalty and admitted to killing 29 people, 22 in New Jersey and 7 in Pennsylvania. As the first serial killer to appear on 60 Minutes in 45 years, Cullen made his first appearance on television in 2013, seven years after receiving his sentence.

Despite the fact that some of his victims weren’t terminally sick, Cullen claimed that the deaths were “mercy killings” during his interview. He disclosed that he had previously made an attempt on his life. Because I never really loved who I was, he claimed, “I tried to destroy myself throughout my life.”

“I didn’t think I was deserving of anything,” According to Chris Graeber, who looked into Cullen for his book and expressed this belief in the same interview, Cullen may have killed more individuals than he has claimed. If it wasn’t in the hundreds or multiple hundreds, “I would be very astonished,” said pretty much everyone with knowledge of the matter that I’ve spoken to.

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How Did Charles Cullen Killed People?

Throughout his career, Cullen committed heinous crimes against innocent people by taking advantage of his advantages as a nurse in the medical industry. According to Wikipedia, he committed his first murder in 1988 by giving a patient a fatal intravenous medicine overdose.

Cullen killed his patients while working as a nurse, frequently causing them to overdose on various drugs. The discredited nurse moved from hospital to hospital as different organisations took notice of his odd behaviour.

Cullen additionally battled mental health problems, which led to multiple suicide attempts. Cullen was able to carry on his murdering spree at all of the jobs he held until 2003, when an investigation into him was opened due to a lack of evidence and inadequate police monitoring at the time.

Where Is Charles Cullen Now?

Reports state that Charles Cullen fully cooperated with the authorities and provided them with every piece of information he could recall on each occurrence in exchange for them not seeking the death penalty.

As a result, in April 2004, he entered a plea of guilty to 13 counts of murder as well as two counts of attempted murder in connection with his tenure at the Somerset Medical Center in Somerville, New Jersey. Charles was eventually given a total of 18 consecutive life sentences, plus an additional 60 years, which he is currently serving at the maximum-security New Jersey State Prison in Trenton.

The nurse then, in the months that followed, pleaded guilty to at least nine more murders as well as three more attempted murders across the state, causing his sentence time to just continue to pile up.

He was given 11 life sentences for the 22 patient murders he committed in New Jersey, seven for the seven murders he committed in Pennsylvania, and he allegedly tried to murder a total of six more people. The 62-year-old will be eligible for the same (in New Jersey) on June 10, 2388, little under 366 years from now, because all of his sentences must be served consecutively with parole.

The Good Nurse Story

When Cullen started working at Somerset Medical Center in 2003, where the plot of The Good Nurse begins up, the pattern started up again. According to author Charles Graeber, “a few cases were strangely coding.” The majority of deaths included digoxin, a heart medication that regulates heart rhythm and is similar to foxglove.

Other fatalities included insulin. A portion of the story involving Dr. Bruce Ruck and Dr. Steven Marcus from New Jersey Poison Control, who pushed Somerset Medical Center to expedite the inquiry, was left out of the film because they were on the same ward.

Detectives Tim Braun (played by Noah Emmerich in the film) and Danny Baldwin (played by Nnamdi Asomugha) were in charge of the investigation when the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office got going. Braun and Baldwin received the run-around from the hospital and were only provided with a 4-page document that summarized the findings of the internal investigation.

The investigators requested documents from the “Pyxis machine” at the hospital, which would have contained all the information on the patients who died and the nurses who cared for them, but they were informed that the records weren’t retained for more than two months.

When the detectives finally called the business that owned the Pyxis machines, they learned that all the data was indeed permanently stored. It was the discovery of that information that enabled police authorities to finally coax a confession from Cullen and secure his imprisonment.

Along with the evidence of the digital data, his most recent murders were also able to be autopsied. We’ll never know, though, how many people Charlie Cullen actually killed, according to Graeber, who spoke to NPR. How many individuals Charlie Cullen killed is unknown. He first remembered 40, and he added that a significant portion of his life was clouded by forgetfulness at the time.

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