Who Is Chrishell Dating Now?

Who Is Chrishell Dating Now?

Fans of the show Selling Sunset had a reason to celebrate this past weekend, as the fifth season of the show was released on Netflix. The dynamic between the leading lady, Chrishell, and the head of Oppenheim, Jason, serves as one of the season’s primary focal points. Even though we were able to follow the progress of the flame in real time via social media, getting a look of what goes on behind the scenes adds an entirely new dimension of excitement.

After five months of dating, Chrishell and Jason decided to end their relationship. If you haven’t been living under a rock, this information will hardly come as a surprise to you. In December of 2021, the couple posted on Instagram to announce that they had mutually agreed to end their relationship.

My relationship with her was the one that brought me the greatest joy and fulfillment throughout my entire life. She was the most incredible girlfriend I’ve ever had. “Even though we are no longer dating, we are still the best of friends, and we will always love and support one another.”

Late in the month of July 2021, the couple made their relationship known to the general world for the first time after uploading many very affectionate photos to Instagram. Fans who watched the entire fourth season in one sitting were left wondering why the couple’s brief romance wasn’t featured on screen. Chrishell revealed to E! News that she was the one who suggested keeping their burgeoning connection under wraps at first until they “understood precisely what it was.” This was part of the conversation that took place during an interview with E! News.

And despite all of the enthusiasm that surrounded the romance, it didn’t last very long at all. Following the conclusion of their relationship, Chrishell has made it very known that the two parted ways civilly due to a significant disagreement on which neither could reach a solution. On that subject, more in a moment.

Who Is Chrishell Dating Now?

Chrishell told Women’s Health in February that she had taken a break from dating before reentering the scene.

Her relationship with Jason Oppenheim, however, pushed her to abandon her Cinderella notions in favor of accepting love for what it is. Our differences in priorities ultimately led to the end of my last relationship, which was otherwise perfect. Chrishell assured WH in an interview that “there is still a lot of love there.”

Who Is Chrishell Dating Now?

I was of the old school of thought that a relationship was doomed if it didn’t end with the couple riding off into the sunset together, she admitted. And my friendship with Jason shifted my perspective.

Chrishell announced her relationship with Australian artist G Flip, age 27, on the Season 5 reunion episode that aired on May 6. “In recent weeks, I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with a person who is crucial to me. Specifically, they go by the moniker G Flip. Identifying as nonbinary, they prefer the pronouns they/them “People report that she said. “They are incredibly gifted as a musician.”

Apparently, they became acquainted on the set of a music video: “Everything started when they asked me to appear in their video. The plot revolves around an erratic romance. My background is in daytime dramas, and acting is my passion. And because of the nature of our work, I am not always afforded the opportunity. Initially, my response was “sure, let’s do that.” “Chrishell included.

“We had a wonderful time. Obviously, not everyone is going to be prepared for it, but I think it’s fantastic. The music is fantastic, in my opinion.”

The music video for “Get Me Outta Here” was released on May 12, and to celebrate, G Flip shared some behind-the-scenes photos of Chrishell tattooing them on the thighs.

A source told People that the couple is doing well and now lives together in Chrishell’s Los Angeles apartment, so things must be going well.

Additionally, they have already begun taking baecations together. The newlyweds traveled to G Flip’s home country of Australia, where they saw the Taranga Zoo and cruised Sydney Harbor.

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G Flip And Jason Are Both Super Supportive Of Chrishell.

At Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, G Flip, Chrishell, and Jason shared the sweetest moment. Taking home the trophy for greatest reality star, Chrishell had a big night. After celebrating with a kiss to G Flip, Chrishell jumped to her feet to give Jason a bear embrace.

Chrishell then used her acceptance speech to express gratitude to her audience for their acceptance of her new sexual orientation. Before Chrishell came out publicly as gay, she had heard rumors of her nomination. I don’t want to get too introspective here, but the fact that this was approved by popular vote after the fact means a lot to me.

Selling Sunset walked away with the best docu-reality show prize later that night. And as the cast was having a good time, Chrishell, Jason, and G Flip all hugged it out, with Chrishell looking directly into the camera and asking, “What is happening?”

She was most likely alluding to the fact that the cast had just won another award, but she was asking a question that was on the minds of a lot of fans because of the unbelievable purity of that moment.

Fans Suspected The New Relationship Before She Announced It.

In March, Georgia Flipo, better known by her stage name G Flip, was seen in Los Angeles at a concert alongside Chrishell. In addition to that, they have been writing really seductive comments for one another on Instagram.

On one of the posts, Chrishell left the following comment: “”How can you make us emotional and hot all at the same time?? Your sway over me.” Do you not agree that these emoticons convey a story? The musician was also shown in a few photos that were posted all at once on the real estate agent’s Instagram account. “,” G Flip commented on the picture.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Is Chrishell Stause dating G Flip?

Chrishell Stause is back in a relationship. The Australian singer G Flip, who identifies as non-binary and uses “they/them” pronouns, is dating the “Selling Sunset” star, it was disclosed on Friday’s reunion performance. Recently, I’ve been devoting a lot of my time to a special person in my life.

Is Chrishell Stause dating Jason Oppenheim?

Chrishell has been dating Jason Oppenheim, her supervisor and co-star in Selling Sunset, since the 28th of July. It was clear that she and Jason had become very close in a recent Instagram photo.

What happened to Chrishell Stause’s husband in Selling Sunset?

Season three of Selling Sunset, available on Netflix, is devastating. It’s the most exciting season yet, and one of the major storylines involves Chrishell Stause’s separation from her husband, Justin Hartley (you may know him from the NBC show This Is Us .)

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