Who Is Damson Idris? Know Everything About The Actor Famous For His Role In “Snowfall”

who is damson idris

British actor Damson Idris is well-known for his work in theatre, movies, and television. In addition, he has been a working actor since about 2012, thus he is currently active in the industry. Additionally, he is well-known for his portrayal of Franklin Saint in the crime drama Snowfall, which was created by John Singleton.

He is the son of a famous actor who is well known for playing a variety of characters in numerous television shows. Idris wanted to replace Cristiano Ronaldo as the best player in soccer. In 2002, he shook the Queen’s hand while representing his rugby team at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

Idris made the decision to pursue acting at Brunel University London when he realised that his professional football career was unlikely to materialise given that all of his older siblings had chosen to pursue corporate careers in law, business, and IT.

He obtained an Honors-level Bachelor of Arts in theatre, film, and television. Later on, John Boyega, Letitia Wright, and Malachi Kirby were among the performers he studied acting with at the Identity School of Acting in London.

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Who Is Damson Idris?

Who Is Damson Idris?

Idris was born on September 2, 1991 in Peckham, South-East London. He played soccer growing up and aspired to be like Cristiano Ronaldo. He has five siblings.

Idris completed his theatre studies at Brunel University in London and graduated with a BA Honours in Theatre, Film & Television studies. Additionally, he received his acting training at the Identity School of Acting in London.

Idris became well-known in the entertainment business because to the show Snowfall. Additionally, he has been in a few films, such as the 2016 thriller City of Tiny Lights, in which he co-starred with Riz Ahmed.

His other notable performances include The Commuter (2018), which stars Liam Neeson, and Farming (2010), which he co-stars in with Kate Beckinsale. For the Smithereens episode of Black Mirror season 5, Idris and Andrew Scott shared the screen.

He frequently referred to Denzel Washington as his hero. In an interview, he stated:

“Denzel is amazing. I didn’t realize I wanted to be an actress, but after it found me, I started looking at the people who other people thought were outstanding. I considered the kind of person I hoped to become. not just in their performances, but also in their daily lives. He was the one who helped me achieve my goal of being a well-rounded individual who set a beautiful example of good taste, prestige, and class.”

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Damson Idris Career

Know Everything About Damson Idris Career

When Idris got the chance to speak with Ade Solanke at Brunel, she encouraged him to apply for a part in her play Pandora’s Box. He was offered the role, joined a casting agency, and began to make appearances in other plays. The Identity School of Acting, established by Femi Oguns, provided him with more training.

After performing at the Royal National Theatre in London, Idris decided to seek roles in television and motion pictures. He made guest appearances on several British television programmes, including Miranda (2013), Doctors (2015), and Casualty (2015).

Idris is the prominent character in John Singleton’s FX crime drama Snowfall, which debuted in July 2017. Franklin Saint is a motivated 19-year-old heroin dealer in Los Angeles. In the first season of Snowfall, which is set in 1983 when the US is on the verge of the crack cocaine pandemic, the stories of many characters whose lives will shortly collide due to drugs are entwined.

Early in his career, Damson received a few minor TV appearances, but Snowfall, which debuted in 2017, marked his big break. Damson portrays heroin dealer Franklin Saint, one of the key protagonists in this film, which is set in the early 1980s amid the crack epidemic. The six-season saga will come to an end with the series finale in the spring of 2023.

When GQ questioned Idris, a British actor portraying an African-American, he responded, “I honestly feel it’s about listening.”

“There is a lot that goes into producing a film, a TV show, or playing a role. Not everything is focused just on the performer. We have advisors, much like when I produced Snowfall for the first and second seasons, I had Dub-C, who is from there, and I had John Singleton, who is from there, with me every day. because that’s the way talented actors approach the roles they play.”

2019’s Best Actor in a British Film Award went to Damson thanks to his performance at the Edinburgh Film Festival. He also appears in “Smithereens,” the second episode of the fifth season of Black Mirror.

In May 2017, Idris took home the “Emerging Talent Award” at the 12th Screen Nation Film and Television Awards in London.

Damson Saweetie Dating Rumours

Are Damson Saweetie Dating?

At an NBA Finals party hosted by their common friend Tyler, The Creator, Damson and Syd got to know one another. People began speculating about a possible connection in 2022 thanks to Damson’s closeness with another rapper, Saweetie.

On The Breakfast Club in 2022, when the hosts brought up his popular video of her practising the piano at home, he responded, “No, no, me and that queen are just friends,” according to Complex. She plays the piano beautifully. And I had no idea she could play the piano; I didn’t even think anyone else did. That’s why I thought, “Oh, this is a cool situation.

She is a major fan of Snowfall. We were probably discussing how we could work together during lunch that day, the speaker said.

“She wanted to show me her new apartment because I adore CB2, and I was going to give her some ideas for furniture and artwork when suddenly, we left. She had the piano in her hands. All done. After about five minutes, I dipped out of there. I have a buddy in her.


Born on September 2, 1991, Damson Idris is the youngest of six children who were reared in the South London neighbourhood of Peckham by his lone mother, a Nigerian immigrant.

As far as I can remember, the house was constantly noisy. He told GQ in 2022 that there was typically music playing and conversation going on.

Damson, who had a penchant for performing and film as a child, had his stage debut in a play in the UK in 2012. Written by Shamser Sinha, the play focused on the experiences of teenage refugees and generated a lot of discussion online, earning a Critics Choice designation, according to IMDB.

Putting an end to months of rumours, Damson Idris, 31, posted a picture of himself kissing Lori Harvey, 26, on his Instagram Story on Friday (Jan. 13).


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