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Who Is Kristine Saryan? Let’s Find Out Everything About Her Personal Life

who is kristine saryan

Kristine Saryan is an actress and media figure who was born in America. She is primarily recognized for her acting work. In 2004, she co-starred on-screen with Jerrika Hinton in her first appearance as Chrissy in the television series “Gilmore Girls,” which marked the beginning of her acting career.

She later had a second appearance in 2015’s “Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story,” playing Nicole McKinnon. She also portrayed the 38-Year-Old Woman in the TV miniseries “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” the following year.

In addition to her acting career, Kristine Saryan rose to fame as the spouse of well-known American musician and actor Scott Patterson.

Early Years Of Kristine Saryan

In the year 1984, Kristine Saryan was born in the state of California. When she was born, Despite having the last name Saryan, she was given the name Kristine Saryan.

Kristine is a person with both European and Native American origins. In 2022, Kristine will turn 38 years old. Despite being well-off and well-known, she avoids social media.

Additionally, she has shielded her family from public view. There is no online information about her parents or siblings. She is questioned as to whether or not she has siblings. She maintains a very secret existence, thus details regarding her education are likewise missing.

When Was Kristine Saryan Born?

Kristine Saryan was born in California, as previously indicated. She was born in America, nevertheless. She was born in 1984, which means that in 2022 she will be 38 years old.

Kristen was thought to be of mixed ethnicity. However, there is no additional information available regarding her early life or academic history. Additionally, Kristine has not recorded any intimate events in her life, such as weddings, engagements, or birthdays, because she values privacy.

The main reason Kristine Saryan is well known is that she is married to the talented actor Scott Patterson. When Kristine began acting on “Gilmore Girls” in 2002, it is thought that the two lovebirds first crossed paths.

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Scott’s second wife, she is. Scott was previously wed to Vera Davich, but their marriage lasted just two years before ending in divorce in 1985. While many people think Kristine and Scott first connected through their 2002 Gilmore Girls performance, Others think the two knew each other before they played their parts in the show It’s rumored that the two connected in 2001. According to this, Scott and Kristine have been dating for twenty years.

Due to the lack of specific information on their wedding and marriage, the couple exchanged their vows in secrecy. It’s interesting that the couple’s 24-year age difference.

Nicholas, the child of Kristine and Scott, was born in July 2014. On July 3rd, 2014, Scott shared a photo of his son thanking his followers on Twitter. The infant may have been born a day earlier, according to speculation.

Scott adores his son and frequently shares photos of him on social media. The pair do not post many details about their lives on social media, though. Scott prefers to refer to their son as Nicky rather than Nicholas.

Kristine and Scott appear to have a nice marriage because she hasn’t engaged in any extramarital relationships. And unlike many famous people, Kristine has never been caught cheating on her husband.

Physical attributes

Kristine is typically 5 feet 4 inches tall and has a slim build. The actress, as previously noted, doesn’t share many personal facts, thus she hasn’t yet made her weight public. She has not provided her BMI information. Details like waist size or shoe size have not yet been disclosed.


Kristine Saryan is a stunning woman who became well-known as an actress. She debuted in the 2000 American comedy television series “Gilmore Girls,” the television film “Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story,” and the 2016 miniseries “Gilmore Girls,” which launched her career.

Kristine became one of the most well-known actors in the entertainment world. Saryan was featured on the cover of Fashion magazine in 2018 and her attractiveness was emphasized.

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Gross Value

A number of sites estimate Kristine Saryan’s net worth to be $200,000. Her yearly average compensation for her acting work in motion pictures ranges from $49,000 to $100,000.

Her TV series compensation ranges from $25K to $45K. Her wealthy spouse is also, and couple has a comfortable lifestyle together. Although her automobile count is unknown, she undoubtedly owns a number of vehicles.

Appearances In Social Media

In contrast to other well-known people, Kristine Saryan avoids social media and lives a solitary life. Kristen has retained her lack of an online presence for a very long time. She doesn’t use social media, therefore she keeps everything to herself.

But Scott, her spouse, is a regular user of social media. On Instagram, he has over 250k followers, and on Twitter, 126.7k people follow him. He enjoys sharing photos of himself and his son online, but he never posts ones of his wife, Kristen.

Facts Worth Knowing About Kristine Saryan

FAQs: People Also Ask

What is Kristine Saryan’s age?

According to reports, Kristine Saryan from Gilmore Girls will be 38 years old in 2022.

With whom is Scott Paterson wed?

Scott and Kristine have been wed since 2014.

Has Kristine Saryan ever given birth?

Yes. Nicholas Patterson, her son, was conceived in July 2014.

What is the age difference between Kristine Saryan and Scott Patterson?

Kristine and Scott Patterson are about 25 years apart in age.

What do you do for a living, Kristine Saryan?

She is a well-known actress who played Chrissy on Gilmore Girls.

How much money is Scott Patterson worth?

By 2022, his net worth is anticipated to be $15 million. American actress Kristine Saryan is well known for being the spouse of the well-known actor.

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