Who Is Megan Hall? Know Everything About The Scandal


Maegan Hall, a married police officer in Tennessee, was recently let go from her job after being caught having an affair with six of her coworkers at the La Vergne Police Department.

Along with Hall, the other policemen who lost their jobs include Sergeant Lewis Powell, Sergeant Ty McGowan, Officer Juan Lugo, and Detective Seneca Shields. Officers Larry Holladay, Patrick Magliocco, and Gavin Schoeberl were demoted as a result of their involvement in the affair.

After receiving information via a tip-off on December 12, La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole instructed the city’s Human Resources Director, Andrew Patton, to investigate into the allegations. As a result, an investigation into the alleged affairs got underway.

The inquiry revealed that the aforementioned officers on the second shift had inappropriate physical relationships with each other both during and outside of work hours, had personal encounters within the station while on duty, and shared inappropriate images and videos.

According to the investigation, some of the interactions happened during officers’ football watch parties, where they contemplated involving Maegan Hall in their personal affairs and got into drunken skirmishes.

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Other claimed private interactions happened at a shift party during an NFL game and at a hotel after an outing to the Go Kart USA facility. One such incident, which happened at a “hot tub party” on Sergeant Eric Staats’ houseboat, is when Officer Maegan Hall was accused of removing her top.

who is megan hall?

Staats wasn’t directly involved in the affair, but Hall was suspected of having a second alleged intimate rendezvous with a police officer in the boat’s bathroom.

An internal inquiry published on December 28 revealed that the indictment not only resulted in Hall’s firing but also the arrests of Detective Seneca Shields, Officer Juan Lugo, Sergeant Lewis Powell, and Sergeant Ty McGowan.

One event allegedly occurred on a ship, while the other allegedly occurred in a port in Tennessee, where Hall and his coworkers were employed. The claimed incident also allegedly occurred at several employees’ houses.

After learning that Hall shared three residences with Magliocco and his wife, among other allegations, La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole made the decision to relocate. Magliocco acknowledged having sex with Hall “several times” despite this complex claim.

The cop said that they witnessed Hall and Holladay sharing a kiss at a football watch party and that he kissed his wife Amy after he learned that they were “openly married.” Although her husband “very disapproved” with the arrangement, Hall, who was seen as chaste in an open marriage, agreed to have sex with the Maglioccos.

Apparently, Magliocco said that Hall boasted about Powell’s “huge black body” and claimed that they had intercourse while they were both on duty. Powell originally denied having sex with Hall but then admitted it, saying “everyone knows he had more than one partner” and referring to Holladay and McGowan as his lovers.

But it turned out to be a fabrication that was perpetuated by a rogue health centre employee, who eventually acknowledged to it during a follow-up interview. Even though the video is popular or even popular in many social networks, it is not worth seeing because it contains hot scenes.

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