Why Are The Padres Wearing Neon? An Ode To The Ocean

Why Are The Padres Wearing Neon?

The San Diego Padres have released a City Connect Series uniform that was “inspired by the vibrant landscapes in the San Diego and Baja California communities, from the scenic views up and down the coastline to the ocean’s white foam, and the stunning pink and yellow sunsets,” as the team put it.

The pink and green typeface on the jersey is meant to evoke “weathered beach signs.” One sleeve of each shirt is pink, while the other is green with yellow trim.

According to the team’s official statement, “This Padres collection, with its colorful highlights, is a nod to the coastal community we live in.” “The bright colors and ornate details of the uniform represent the illuminating artwork prevalent in our common heritage. Our binational fan base and the area we all call home is something the Padres take great pride in.”

The Padres’ City Connects may be the season’s most visually arresting jerseys. They also look like the City Edition uniforms the Miami Heat wore (fuchsia and blue) to represent the team’s Miami Vice identity.

Team Padre And Nike

The 18-month-long partnership between Nike and the San Diego Padres on City Connect uniforms has already seen a number of twists and turns. Padres CEO Erik Greupner said that the majority of them constituted the more tried-and-true, tried-and-safe options.

padres new gear uniform neon

In the end, however, they took a risk.

A city near the international boundary between Mexico and the United States inspired the Padres to design a logo and uniforms with a binational theme that celebrates the Hispanic culture of the area.

When designing a uniform to honor a place with distinctive social dynamics, they emphasized the pink, mint, and yellow that can be found all over the Baja peninsula.

The Neon Uniform

During spring training, the team took photos in their new City Connect uniforms, and Greupner could feel a surge of excitement from the players.

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The player’s number is in pink below a pink and gold striped right sleeve and a seafoam green jersey with a patch of the recolored Padres “Swinging Friar” logo.

padres team in neon uniform

The player’s name is written in gold in a traditional jersey font, and it’s arched above the player’s number, which is written in a large pink typeface that’s consistent with the front.

The Padres’ interlocked “SD” logo is on the front of the crown in pink, and the New Era logo is on the left side of the cap.

Despite the multicolored design of the jerseys, the caps are all that seafoam-style green from crown to button to visor. Matching batting helmets are available, but they lack the New Era logo.

padres baseball  player in neon uniform

The lower half of the uniform consists of white pants with a single pink stripe down the right pant leg and a single green stripe down the left. The belt is pink and wraps around the midsection.

Green Stance socks with a gold and pink horizontal stripe at the top, a pink palm tree silhouette, the Padres’ “SD” logo, and the new “San Diego” script from the front of the jerseys in white.

What’s With The Neon Colors?

The jerseys are very flashy, with neon pink and green sleeves, yellow trim, and a green hat.

The vibrant landscape of San Diego and Baja California, the ocean, and pink and yellow sunsets inspired the color scheme.

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padres jersey in stores

Third baseman Manny Machado used the slogan “Two cities, two cultures, one team” in the promotional video. It’s a gesture of love toward Padres fans living south of the U.S.-Mexico border.

The promotional video features skateboarder and Carlsbad native Tony Hawk, as well as lowriders and surfers.

Telling from the videos of the Padres team store, the fans were pleased with what they saw.

The Padres’ players gave the uniforms an overall positive review. They also noted that they had a definite Miami Vice feel to them. Some players have even begun donning specialized cleats that complement the new uniforms. On July 8th, we’ll see them in the hands of others for the first time.

“Those are sick,” said pitcher Mike Clevinger. “I’m so excited!”

The Padres team shop, in addition to Nike and MLBShop, are all selling replicas of the City Connect jerseys.

Second baseman Jake Cronenworth remarked, “They look better on us.” “Yeah, when you put them on, they look even better than they do in the pictures.”

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