The Vampire Diaries Will No Longer Be Available On Netflix

Why is The Vampire Diaries leaving Netflix?

The Vampire Diaries will be departing the US streaming site in just a few weeks, which is bad news if you’re a fan and regularly watch the show there. Mystic Falls will be departing Netflix on September 3, 2022, as has been confirmed by a removal notice that has surfaced on the US streamer. There had been reports that the programme will be leaving the streaming site this year.

The CW’s well-liked drama, which aired for 171 episodes over eight seasons from 2009 to 2017, gave rise to a number of spin-off series. The series has been available on Netflix since the last season debuted there in 2017. When the supernatural drama originally debuted on Netflix in 2013, it was first predicted that it will end in March 2022. However, this prediction was later disproved.

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Why is The Vampire Diaries leaving Netflix?

Why is The Vampire Diaries leaving Netflix?

Earlier this week, the Netflix ANZ Facebook page published a status update with the following message: “On March 1st, we will sadly have to say goodbye to The Vampire Diaries. Give it one more full binge before it’s gone if you have a spare 5 days, 2 hours, and 33 minutes.” Over 100k people from different nations took the time to emphasise what a poor mistake that was, and that status update was shared more than 70k times.

Netflix will shortly stop carrying The Vampire Diaries seasons 1 through 8. From 2009 until 2017, The CW’s first season aired. The Vampire Diaries, starring Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder, managed to stand out in a time when vampire-related media like Twilight and True Blood were abundant. The Originals and Legacies were spinoffs of the original series, which remained one of The CW’s most watched up until its conclusion.

The CW’s most well-known TV shows, such as Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, were added to Netflix in 2011 as a result of a programming agreement between the company and the network. In order to give Netflix access to new seasons of CW programming earlier than before, that agreement was extended in 2016.

Due to this, both those who previously watched The Vampire Diaries on The CW and a new generation of viewers have started viewing it on streaming services. The Vampire Diaries’ stint on Netflix, however, will soon come to an end. The list of television programmes and motion pictures that will be departing the streaming service in September has been made public. The eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries are included in this.

On September 3, 2022, the programme will stop streaming on Netflix. For those who use the service to replay episodes of the popular series, Netflix’s move may come as a surprise. The Vampire Diaries won’t only be leaving Netflix; with its final episode scheduled for September 3, it will also be departing the site in less than two weeks.

As the eight-season run of the Vampire Diaries totals more than 100 hours, this quick turnaround leaves viewers with very little time to catch up on previous seasons. The loss of popular shows like The Vampire Diaries likely causes the platform to lose more subscribers, even while Netflix may concentrate its efforts on its original series like The Sandman and other forthcoming material.

Even though The Vampire Diaries won’t likely result in a significant decline in Netflix’s member base, other well-liked programmes, such as the Marvel Defenders series, have recently left the service. Users may stop finding Netflix to be as appealing as it once was. Netflix will continue to change its platform through ad-supported options and perhaps other means of revenue boosting and subscriber retention as the year goes on and The Vampire Diaries presumably finds a new streaming home.

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Is The Vampire Diaries leaving Netflix in every region?

Netflix presently makes The Vampire Diaries accessible to users in a variety of countries and regions, including the United States of America, India, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Australia. On the other hand, it seems as though the CW show will just be removed from Netflix in the United States.

For instance, the withdrawal notice that we discussed before is not displayed on UK Netflix, which suggests that The Vampire Diaries will continue to be available for the time being. Even though a notice stated in January that the show will be removed from the library, it is still possible to watch it through the Australian version of Netflix. This is despite the fact that the notice was displayed.

Six Netflix regions continue to stream The Vampire Diaries as of August 2022, including:

  • Netflix Australia (despite having a removal warning for last January)
  • Netflix India
  • Netflix Italy
  • Netflix United Kingdom
  • Netflix United States

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