Why Isn’t Share My Location Working On iPhone? (Know The Reason)

Do you have trouble tracking a friend’s whereabouts in iMessage or Find My on your iPhone because you keep getting the message “Location Not Available”? This is a problem with a simple solution. But it’s possible you’ll need to enlist the aid of your pal.

In that case, let’s not waste any more time and take a look at how to fix the “Location Not Available” error on an iPhone.

If the “Share My Location” option is grayed out or not functioning on your iPhone, it’s likely because Location Services have not been enabled or are being restricted.

Sharing your location in iMessage and other compatible iPhone apps requires that you be logged into iCloud.

Solutions to “Find My iPhone” Problems

If you’re having issues with this function, such as it being offline or not sharing your location online, you can use the following solutions to get Find My iPhone back online.

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Location Services Must Be Turned On

If you have location services turned off on your iPhone, Find My iPhone won’t be able to locate it. Find my iPhone will display the device online even if the location service is disabled. So, if Find My Phone won’t share your location online, make sure location services are turned on in iOS. You can activate Location Services by going to the Settings menu, selecting Privacy, and then toggling Location Services on.

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Gain Access To Your iCloud By Logging In

An iCloud ID login is required to use Find My Phone, so if you haven’t done so, that could be the cause of the error. iCloud is used by Find My iPhone to pinpoint a device’s location, so you must be logged into the service for location sharing to function. Simply navigate to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > and enter your Apple ID and password to access your iCloud account.

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Turn On Share My Location

Log into your iCloud account and then check to see if location sharing is activated on your device. To activate, select the option to Share My Location in iCloud Settings. Be sure to enable location sharing from “This Device” by tapping the “From” option next to the Share my Location toggle.

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Grant Access to Locate iPhone

You can control which apps have access to your device’s location data through the location services menu. Find My iPhone can’t figure out where your phone is if you haven’t granted it permission to use location services. To fix the issue where Find iPhone online is not sharing location. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Find iPhone. Then select “Always” or “while using” from the Sharing Location With option.

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