What Led To The Cancellation Of Shane Dawson? Shane Dawson’s Fall From Glory On YouTube

Why Was Shane Dawson Cancelled

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star have both encountered controversy throughout their tenure as internet celebrities, with both of them being the target of many claims and counterclaims.

The YouTubers’ choice to work together on the creation of an eyeshadow palette and give it the moniker Controversy is therefore very understandable. In his first video after being kicked from YouTube a year ago, Shane Dawson said he is “grateful” for the decision.

In a forty-minute update video, Dawson said he had “learned a lot” and was “happy it occurred.” But he also said that he had changed and that he no longer cared what other people thought of him.

In a tumble that led to a significant collision, Shane Dawson was also a participant. Because of the lengthy documentary series-length videos he has posted to the website over the past few years, Dawson has earned the title of “King of YouTube.” It is acknowledged that these films have a big influence on how YouTube video is made.

Dawson’s career has continued to soar because of the huge demand for his conspiracy theory films and the fact that he is able to do contentious interviews with polarizing stars like Jeffree Star and Jake Paul as well as elusive personalities like Eugenia Cooney. Invulnerable and kind, Dawson is a rare combination.

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Why Was Shane Dawson Cancelled?

How did Shane Dawson get cancelled?

Old videos, tweets, and interviews showing years of prejudice, discrimination, and horrific alleged sexual misconduct illustrate Dawson’s convoluted list of controversies, which has been growing for more than ten years.

Despite the fact that his questionable content had been out in the open for years, Dawson’s involvement in the high-profile fight between Tati Westbrook and James Charles, also known as Dramageddon 2, brought Dawson’s past to light in a separate incident known as “Karmageddon.”

After a short-lived but successful makeup partnership with Jeffree Star, Dawson announced his departure from the beauty industry in a now-deleted statement more than a year after Westbrook and Charles’ original argument over Charles’ alleged sexual misconduct.

Dawson also addressed the rumours that he was connected to the affair. Dawson said that he believed Charles “ought to be dealt a slice of humble pie” while criticizing the neighborhood and denied any participation in the issue.

Charles had initially given the impression that the accusations levelled against him were unfounded. However, recent reports of Charles’ inappropriate behavior with children do suggest Dawson may not have been entirely off base in his assessment of Charles.

Dawson’s claim wasn’t warmly received in 2020, though. Following Dawson’s remarks, Westbrook made an explosive response video in which she claimed that both Dawson and Jeffree Star were responsible for planning the attack on Charles. As a result, Dawson received a barrage of criticism and was removed off YouTube along with another long-standing creator.

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What Is Dramageddon?

Since the maestro of conspiracy theories debuted his documentary-length series “The Secret World of Jeffree Star,” Jeffree Starr and Shane’s friendship has been a favorite among fans.

Both established themselves as a YouTube power couple and even produced products. But the pals were also to blame for Dramageddon in Tati Westbrook’s eyes.

A little background: In her infamous YouTube exposé, “BYE SISTER,” Tati accused her longtime friend and protégé James Charles of sexual behavior in 2019.

Tati apologised and withdrew from all social media when James refuted the claims with his own YouTube video titled “NO MORE LIES,” demonstrating their falsity.

Prior to the guru’s publication of a second dramatic video on July 1, 2020, in which she charged Shane and Jeffree with pushing her to abandon James because they felt intimidated by his success, she had been friends with James.

They have additionally been charged with extorting other content producers both inside and outside the beauty industry.

In a live stream on Instagram, Shane responded to this brand-new video, Breaking My Silence, which is now recognised as the first act of Dramageddon 2.0 (also known as Karmageddon). He was expecting to win over some supporters, but his response simply fueled the fire.

Has Shane Dawson Returned To YouTube?

Shane Dawson: Is He Back On YouTube?

The YouTuber made the announcement in June 2021 that he would be returning to the platform after he had avoided the public eye for over a whole year prior to making the statement.

On October 7, 2021, Shane made his YouTube debut after an extended absence. The content producer posted a video with the title “The Haunting of Shane Dawson,” in which he goes into great detail regarding a number of topics, one of which being his infamous cancellation of the show.

On March 27, 2022, Shane and his fiance, Ryland Adams, who was 30 at the time, announced via a video posted to YouTube that they had formally chosen an egg donor and begun their process to become parents.

Shane Dawson Expressed Regret For Earlier Mistakes

Dawson responded to the majority of the accusations made against him in a lengthy video during the 2020 controversy. In an effort to hide some of his objectionable and troublesome content from the public, Dawson removed earlier films that had received close to 1 billion views.

“That is all foolish and incorrect. And I did that as an adult on the internet, which is insane,” he continued. He claimed that he no longer creates “jokes” with the same themes as his earlier work.

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