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Will  The Zombie Post-Apocalyptic Horror Series “The Walking Dead’ Be Back With Its 12th Season?

will there be a season 12 of the walking dead

The Walking Dead has long held the attention of zombie enthusiasts. The remaining members of society and the zombie apocalypse survivors are the focus of the narrative. The walkers, the undead, are the main antagonists. The franchisee illustrates the human condition in these dire situations.

With the season finale, The Walking Dead has at last put down its katana and ended one chapter of the narrative. It’s over after years of dominating television and providing some memorable comic book scenes.

At least the main show is finally done, which means the spinoffs, like Fear the Walking Dead, may now shine. Most people made it through and had their own happy endings, as happy as that world can be, that is.

At the conclusion, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) even made a surprise cameo. But whether or not we’ll ever have a season 12 is still the biggest concern for some people.

It’s not unheard of for a show to announce the end of its run just to return with another season, which is why I’m here to respond to this nagging query that matches the Walker virus in its tenacity.

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Is The Walking Dead Season 12 Happening?

Twelve seasons of The Walking Dead will not, sadly, be produced. A bumper-length 24-episode season was planned in order to give it the chance to go out with a bang. Its eleventh season, which began airing in 2020, was formally confirmed to be its final season back in 2020.

The show was kept on AMC. This was just one of those choices that all long-running series eventually have to make, and it appears that everyone involved in making The Walking Dead thought it would be best for the show to end on a high note in season 11 rather than continue for an excessively long time.

Despite the fact that season 12 of The Walking Dead is not in the works, there are still spin-offs in the works that will feature all of the show’s characters.

The Walking Dead: Dead City, which will debut in April 2023, will follow Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan as they travel to New York City. The following will take Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) to France; Carol (Melissa McBride), who was previously scheduled to appear, will no longer be appearing.

Additionally, the third instalment, which was made public at San Diego Comic-Con in July, will include the comebacks of Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira in a six-part series that will bring back Rick Grimes and Michonne.

The show’s current spin-offs Fear The Walking Dead and Tales of the Walking Dead are also worth checking out if that’s not enough for you (as well as the two-season miniseries The Walking Dead: World Beyond). Although The Walking Dead is no longer on the air, its world will continue to exist in a significant way.

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The Walking Dead Season 11 Recap

The situation continued in The Walking Dead season 11, episode 23, with Judith shot by Pamela and Daryl attempting to get her medical attention as the walkers threatened to take over the hospital. If it had been discussed for a little while longer, it would have had greater emotional impact, but we need to move on rather soon. Judith is fine, I’ll tell you right now.

Everyone didn’t really think they’d kill her off, I don’t think, because she embodies the show’s idealistic hope for a better future, and for AMC, “a better future” means more spin-offs. It serves as an example.

Of course, there are fatalities. Since nobody is interested in Luke, one of them is cheating a little. The other, though, kind of functions, and that is Rosita. She (and Coco!) tumble into a herd of hungry walkers after they pull the fake-out stunt on them, but she gets to her feet and fends them off.

Later on, it is discovered that she had been bitten. With a series of heartfelt farewells as Rosita finally fades away with Gabriel by her side, the show for once avoids becoming cruel about the situation and instead plays up its emotional significance. Not even her death is shown. Rosita wasn’t a particularly popular character among viewers, but because she’s been on the programme for a while, her death still has some impact.

It’s not like losing Glenn, for instance, whose passing was so significant that Maggie and Negan’s relationship as a whole is still shaped by it. They spend the entirety of “Rest in Peace” working together to snipe Pamela, but they fail because being kept alive is a fate worse than death for someone like her.

Because of this, they set aside their personal troubles in order to focus on The Walking Dead: Dead City. Maggie is willing to co-star in a spin-off with Negan, which is essentially the same thing as living with him, even though she can’t forgive him for what he took from her. We can briefly talk about Pamela.

She confirms her villainous credentials by ordering the execution of every single person who tries to get into the opulent estates, as if her credentials weren’t already well-established. However, she has continued to be a pretty meagre baddie.

She didn’t seem particularly menacing or intelligent. Although “disappearing” Commonwealth citizens isn’t exactly friendly, it’s probably the worst thing we’ve seen her do on-screen besides accidentally shooting Judith, which is the worst thing she’s ever done.

Generic corruption is a common practise for powerful and wealthy people in this world and is equivalent to not paying a parking fine, so it’s not exactly a good thing to see her do.

Negan used to wield a baseball bat to murder people, but now he’s one of the good guys! A Living Colour “Cult of Personality” needle drop and some explosives help the gang drive the walkers out of the neighbourhood with pretty comedic efficiency after Pam is out of the way and the group has come together to save the town.

After Rosita’s passing, the scene is cut to a year later, where Ezekiel and Mercer are in charge of the Commonwealth. The new government appears to be getting along well with the populace, and the zombies, who haven’t caused much trouble in recent seasons, are of little concern.

Daryl ventures off by himself for the foreseeable future in order to track down Rick and Michonne, crucially without Carol. As said, Negan and Maggie are in control of Dead City, but it is unclear what the story will be there.

Final appearances include Rick and Michonne, who will star in their own spin-off as they search for one another after being apart for a long time. It’s a fairly cynical way to wrap up what was intended to be an ending, but if there’s one thing about The Walking Dead you can count on, it’s that it will keep going long after it was apparent that it was lost. Indeed, “Rest in Peace.”

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