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Will There Be No Game No Life Season 2? What We Know So Far!

Will There Be No Game No Life Season 2? What We Know So Far!

No Game No Life, which many people have cited as their favourite isekai anime of all time, has not had many anime adaptations. A second season seemed inescapable after the first one because fans praised and adored it so much, but somehow, almost ten years later, it is still only an idea.

So, is No Game No Life: Season 2 a reality or just a pipe dream? Sadly, that does seem to be the case since there is no information on the upcoming season.

But this does not imply that everything is over. The Devil Is a Work-At-Home Freak: If that’s the case for one anime, there’s still hope because Season 2 debuted almost ten years after its predecessor.

When Is No Game No Life: Season 2 Coming Out?

However, No Game No Life: Season 2 doesn’t yet have a release date because the studio hasn’t said whether it’s in the works. The idea that there hasn’t been a new season released yet is pretty puzzling considering how popular the anime was during its existence.

Although the production has never given an official explanation, a number of variables, including the author, Yuu Kamiya’s health, and the allegation that the anime was just a promotional endeavour to encourage fans to read light novels, may be to blame. Whatever the case, the immediate future of No Game No Life: Season 2 appears to be dubious.

What Is No Game No Life: Season 2 About? (Spoiler Alert)

No Game No Life: Season 2 from the fourth volume of the light novel will continue Sora and Shiro’s epic fantasy adventure in the planet of Disboard. In the final episode of the first season, Sora and Shiro successfully defeated Izuna and even managed to put an end to the animosity between Imanity and the Werebeasts.

Team Blank will be vacationing in the Eastern Union for season two. The two run into Puramu, a prince of the Dhampir race, there. Things start to heat up, and just as in all other Disboard situations, it all boils down to a game-based conflict. Unexpectedly, Purama suggests a game that Sora and Shiro had never considered playing—a game of love.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

The release date for No Game No Life Season 2 has not yet been revealed. Eleven volumes of the No Game No Life light novel series have been made available in Japan as of February 2022.

The No Game No Life light novel series is still going strong in Japan in 2022. On November 25, 2021, YuuKamiya distributed the most recent volume. He made it clear that the manga’s finale was approaching, as volume 11 is nearing its conclusion.

The adventures of step-brothers Sora and Shiro, who declare an undefeated group of gamers “Clean,” are chronicled in a series of Japanese light novels. Tet, a character from another dimension, challenges them to a game of chess.

The two are successful and are encouraged to live a daily world based on simulations. They acquiesce, lose the game, and Tet banishes them to the Disboard universe, where everything is determined by random games. Their next goal is to defeat sixteen different species in order to challenge Tet to a game.

In the final scene of “Rule Number 10” from No Game No Life Season 1 Episode 12, Sora and Shiro are killed. “Sora discovers he tied Stephanie to the Pledges to hide her objective while Shiro tracked the NPC’s progress, allowing Stephanie to hide her location. Izuna laments the fate of the werebeasts, but Sora assures her of his goodness.

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No Game No Life: Sales and Profit Figures

How many Blu-ray copies of No Game No Life were sold? The No Game No Life Blu-ray sold around 8,800 copies each disc for the first season. The movie over 45,000 copies sold.

The first season and the movie have excellent Blu-ray sales.

How many copies of the light book No Game No Life Man are sold? The current book, No Game No Life Volume 11, only sold about 70,000 copies while Volume 10 sold 161,000 copies. It is acceptable for 2022 but significantly below the previous sales of this series.

Although digital sales may have contributed to the fall, the lengthy break is more likely to blame for the most of it.

How many printed copies of No Game No Life are there? The No Game No Life series had 6,000,000 printed copies as of 2021/08/19.

It ranks among the top 40 most widely read light novel series ever.

How much No Game No Life merchandise is there? There are a considerable number of figurines—more than 55 in total. Also, this series has more than 550 items of products.

Only 20% of anime shows receive more than this.

Some of the figurines, like this Shiro and this Shiro Sniper figure, are breathtaking. Yet, this Jibril (Nendroid) is the most attractive.

I believe it is now obvious that this show generates more than enough revenue to secure a second season.


There is no trailer for No Game No Life season 2 or No Game No Life season 3 to watch, but we will update this page if one gets released on the official No Game No Life Twitter account.


In conclusion, No Game No Life Season 2 will air. Around 2023 or 2024, we should learn more about No Game No Life Season 2. But don’t anticipate the second season’s release date to be any time soon. I can see that happening as early as 2024.

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