Know Everything About The World Orphans Day, Celebrated Each Year On The Second Monday In November

world orphans day

Millions of children around the world have tragically lost their parents to war, famine, displacement, disease, or poverty, among other causes. World Orphans Day, which is observed on the second Monday in November every year, was created to ensure that they are never forgotten.

In order to bring awareness to the plight of the world’s orphans, this special day has been established. As a result, on this day, people are urged to take part in efforts to raise money, support, and awareness for fatherless and motherless children around the world.

Certainly, a worthy cause in any case! On November 14, which is World Orphans Day, people across America should come together to show their support for the local orphan population. Due to the loss of one or both of their parents, millions of young children are currently experiencing difficulties.

Making provisions for their social, educational, and physical well-being, as well as their housing, food, and health needs, is crucial for the community. Americans who are well-intentioned and socially conscious should seize this chance to publicly support orphans in their hour of need on World Orphans Day.

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The History Of World Orphans Day

In 400 A.D., the Romans built the first orphanage in history. For children who had lost their parents and had no one to care for them, an orphanage was established in order to meet their needs for food, shelter, and other forms of medical care.

The concept of caring for orphaned kids is not new. Orphans must receive financial support until they turn 18 according to Greek law. The Middle Ages saw the establishment of child shelters and orphanages by the churches.

The circumstances of orphans in England deteriorated during the 1900s. Due to a lack of food and appropriate medical care in care facilities, many kids even experienced malnutrition. As a result of failing to provide orphans with the necessary care and attention, orphanages soon earned a bad reputation.

Know Everything About The History Of world Orphans day

In order to give orphaned children in western nations a better future and to take care of their health and education, adoption was encouraged under the law.

World Orphans Day was first observed in 2006 by the Stars Foundation, a non-profit organisation in the entertainment industry that raises money and fosters awareness for children who are orphaned or displaced due to poverty, war, AIDS, and natural disasters. The main objective was to raise awareness of the global orphan crisis.

Giving orphans the attention, respect, and security, they merit is a great way to show people you care. People from all over the world organise fundraising efforts to support orphaned kids so they can get the high-quality education and healthcare they need.

Churches and other organisations hold activities and fundraisers on this day to aid orphans and other vulnerable children as Orphan Sunday has evolved into a global movement. As an International Day of Awareness and action for orphans, World Orphans Day was formally established in 2010.

World Orphans Day has been observed in nations all over the world since it first began. In order to raise money for orphanages and other programmes that support these defenceless children, a number of events are held every year to raise awareness of the needs of orphans.

The plight of orphans around the world has received a lot of attention thanks in large part to World Orphans Day. It has additionally assisted in raising much-needed funds for orphanages and other programmes that support these kids. Every year as we commemorate this special day, we hope to see even greater advancements in the support of orphans around the world.

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World Day Of Orphans 2022 Theme

What Is The theme Of World Orphans day 2022

The goal of the day is to increase comprehension of the issues faced by war orphans, manage them, and provide them with the support they need to overcome the trauma.

The World Day of War Orphans serves as a reminder to everyone on the planet that it is preferable to watch out for children during traumatic events, particularly in light of the current pandemic.

Thus, this year’s World Day of War Orphans promotes not only the war orphans but also the notion that the world is currently experiencing a difficult period due to COVID-19 and the spread of omicron.

In these situations, it is not appropriate to abandon the helpless and poor children. The world needs the hands of the adults to assist the youth in rising. Keep in mind that they are our future.

World Day Of Orphans Celebration

How Do People Celebrate World Orphans day?

Take some time to consider what you can do to help, then get to it! Anything you can do to aid an underprivileged orphan could mean the world to them. For instance, you may plan an occasion to raise money.

Additionally, you can donate to education programmes that provide orphans a fresh start in life or sponsor a single child in an orphanage of your choice in a region of the world that is extremely impoverished. This yearly day strives to spread awareness of the various ways to assist orphans to as many people as possible.

In 2017, a number of leaders and activists from the AIDS and ORPHAN communities are pleading with the UN to declare the second Monday in November every year as World Orphans Day.

10,000 international scientists, activists, and governmental representatives will attend the ICASA conference where the Initiative will be highlighted. AMICAALL is an essential component of the ICASA agenda, bringing mayors and municipal leaders from all over AFRICA to participate.

AMICAALL has a commitment to help end AIDS by 2030 as declared by UNAIDS and a desire to care for the orphans left behind by AIDS. As part of their public awareness and advocacy work on behalf of orphans, The Stars Foundation intends to bring powerful Ambassadors of Goodwill to the ICASA Conference.


Every year, World Orphans Day raises awareness of the numerous orphans who exist all over the world. The number of orphans worldwide is thought to be over 153 million, and it keeps rising yearly.

This day serves as a reminder that more assistance is needed for these kids who have lost their parents and are struggling to survive. Participate by giving to orphanages or organisations that work to better the lives of orphans.

There are numerous ways to lend your time and expertise to orphans in your neighbourhood and all over the world. Remember that no matter what you do, even a small act of kindness can have a significant impact on an orphan’s life.

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