Worlds 2022 Play-In Predictions: League Of Legends

Worlds 2022 Play-In Predictions

The first phase of the League of Legends (LoL) 2022 World Championship began on September 29 with the Play-ins in Mexico City. There will be a total of twelve teams competing in the qualifying rounds for the Worlds 2022 Group Stage.

This year’s Play-ins roster features a diverse range of players, including some seasoned veterans from larger regions and a number of up-and-coming stars from smaller regions who are eager to prove themselves.

Fnatic, Beyond Gaming, DetonationFocus Me, Evil Geniuses, LOUD, and Chief Esports Club are all part of Group A Group B includes the teams DRX, Royal Never Give Up, Saigon Buffalo, MAD Lions, and Istanbul Wildcats Isurus.

To move on to the next round, only four teams can qualify. Most of the lesser-known regions’ teams, as well as the weaker representatives of the major regions, will be competing in the first round of the World Championships.

Due to the high stakes of the upsets that frequently occur, this is one of the most exciting stages. Given the current set-up, a number of unexpected results are possible. So, without further ado, here are the forecasts for the 2022 World Cup play-in games.

Quick Rundown Of The Rules

  • Each of the three pools has six different teams.
  • Round Robin play will consist of just one round.
  • After that time, the best team in each group will advance to the next round, known as “Groups.”
  • The two worst teams in the league will be eliminated.
  • Three and four teams from each group will play a best-of-five series to determine who finishes in last place.
  • The winner of the match for third place will play the runner-up from the other group in a best-of-five series with the winner advancing to the Group stage.
Worlds 2022 Play-In Predictions

The opening match of Worlds 2022 will feature the LEC’s MAD Lions and Latin America’s ISURUS Gaming. For years, we’ve watched South American teams try their luck in the Play-In rounds, but they’ve never made it past the first round. Among them is the lack of rivalry in the area, which is the single most important reason.

While competing in the LEC Summer 2022 playoffs, MAD Lions did not fare well. In particular, they failed to perform as expected and consequently missed out on playing on the first stage of the tournament. Despite this, they are the clear favorites to win against a helpless foe.

Group A: Fnatic (-111)

Fnatic almost didn’t end up as the favorites after it was revealed that Upset and Hylissang would be missing the play-in stage due to contracting COVID. The good news for Fnatic and their fans is that Upset will be going to Mexico to compete in the play-in with the rest of his team.

league of legends team 2022

In the meantime, Hylissang will join the team this Friday, giving them a significant boost that should be enough to start winning games right away. Evil Geniuses (+100) is the other team that has a chance to win first place, but the absence of Danny is enough to make them a less appealing pick.

Certainly, they are a formidable squad, but ever since Danny began choking in the postseason, it has been abundantly clear that they are struggling mightily, and not just in the defensive zone. It will be interesting to see how Evil Geniuses, especially Inspired, adjust to the new patch.

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The North American team won’t sweep the tournament unless their jungler from Poland has a perfect tournament. One thing is worth mentioning: on the first day of the play-in stage, Evil Geniuses will face Fnatic. Evil Geniuses may have a chance to beat the European team despite missing Hylissang.

  • Fnatic, at -111 is our pick to win Group A.
league of legends worlds 2022

Group B: RNG (-250)

It’s hard to imagine a situation in which this is not the most sensible option. It’s crazy, I know, but the fact that the 2022 MSI Champions had to go through the play-in round shows how intense the competition is in the Chinese league.

RNG’s poor performance this split wasn’t because they are a bad team; rather, it was due to the fact that they were pitted against the best League of Legends teams in the world (JDG, Top Esports, EDG)

While DRX will pose the greatest challenge to RNG, the reality is that it is extremely unlikely that they will win group B. On the first day of the play-in stage, all questions will be answered when Royal Never Give Up takes on DRX in the day’s final match.

But if we’re being honest, RNG is the superior team overall, and I don’t expect DRX to advance past the Play-in round of eight. Our coverage of the League of Legends World Championship 2022, including our predictions for the tournament, will keep you abreast of the best players in the world.

  • We Predict RNG to win Group B at -250.

Foresight On Royal Never Give Up Versus Isurus

It looks like a pretty easy win for one side here. While this is Isurus’ third appearance in the World Championship, RNG has been competing professionally for a long time and has won tournaments all over the world. RNG hasn’t had much game time, so they’re probably itching to start playing again.

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league of legends hroups 2022

The King Will Not Quit! One Of The Final Four’s Best

RNG’s summer LPL experience was less than ideal. The regular season saw them finish in the fourth seed, but Edward Gaming eliminated them in the first round of the playoffs with a 1-3 victory. Even so, the Regionals provided them with a second shot at Worlds qualification.

There, they faced the same foes as before, and Edward came out on top with a 3-2 victory. To qualify, RNG had to defeat LNG Esports, and they did so in a decisive series victory.

They know that their past performances at the World Championships have not been sufficient, and they want to improve for this year’s competition.

Isurus Makes a Brief Appearance in Our Universe

This is Isurus’ second appearance at the World Championships; in 2019, they placed 17th-20th. They recently finished a fantastic split and are the only official LLA representative from Mexico.

After finishing the round robin in second place with a 9-5 record, they dominated the playoffs to defeat the tournament’s preseason favorites, Estral Esports, 3-2 in the championship and claim their fifth championship overall.

Playing on the international stage will do them a world of good, even if they aren’t quite as good as some of the other teams they’ll face (their opponents, to start).

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