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You Season 4 Release Date: Joe Is Headed Your Way, And He’s In The UK This Time!

You Season 4 Release Date

Greg Berlanti is the creator of the romantic crime drama series You, which is an original production for Netflix. The series is based on the novels You and Hidden Bodies written by Sera Gamble. Before it was picked up as an Original by Netflix, the series had previously aired on the Lifetime network. As soon as You became available on Netflix, the series had a meteoric rise in popularity, and it is estimated that more than 54 million households across the world have watched it.

Joe has relocated to a new apartment at the beginning of each new season of You. The highly unsettled amorous serial killer has gone from New York to Los Angeles, then to Madre Linda, and has finally arrived in Paris, France. Even though filming for the season has not yet come to an end, fans are already looking forward to another exciting season of the show, which may have a distinct tone from the previous seasons.

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You Season 4 Release Date

The crime thriller series was quickly renewed by Netflix for a second season. Prior to the third season’s October 13 release, Netflix made its decision. The show’s premiere date has not been disclosed by Netflix, but viewers can anticipate it to happen around the end of 2022. In December, the show’s first and second seasons were made available. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the third season’s release was delayed. The creators of the show might prefer to stick with their original schedule and release the following episode in December 2022.

You Season 4 Cast

Penn Badgley, who plays Joe Goldberg, a stalker and serial killer, will be the star of the fourth season of You’s cast. Victoria Pedretti’s departure as Love Quinn, who appeared to have died in a gas explosion sparked by Joe, is evident from the events of season 3. Of course, Pedretti can show up in a flashback, dream, or vision.

It’s unlikely that most of the people from Madre Linda will return in season 4 because Joe has vanished and is now thought dead. The primary exception is Tati Gabrielle, who plays Marienne Bellamy, Joe’s employer and the most recent object of his obsession. In order to find her, Joe has relocated to Paris, and as we’ve already seen, he’s incredibly adept at doing so.

Joe might go back to California to see how his son Henry is doing after he left him there with his husband and a co-worker from the library. They play Dante Ferguson (Ben Mehl) and Lansing (Noel Arthur). Saffron Burrows, who played Dottie Quinn, Love’s mother, is another former character who might come back. When we last saw her, she was enroute to treatment. She had given in to Dante and Lansing in a custody dispute for Henry when we last heard from her. However, Dottie can be tenacious, so she might reappear.

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You Season 4 Plot

The third and final You episode was, to put it nicely, pretty thrilling. Even by Joe’s standards, the murder of his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti), the placement of their infant with another family, the fabrication of his own death, the inclusion of his own toe in a pie to implicate Love in the aforementioned death, and the setting on fire of his suburban California home are excessive. Victoria Pedretti portrayed his wife Love in the movie.

Joe had just arrived in Paris in search of Marienne, who is a native of the city of Paris, when we last saw him. Joe was then going by the name “Nick,” and he was wearing a disguise. We are aware that the majority of the episodes in the upcoming fourth season of You will be filmed in London, with only a tiny amount of the season being filmed in Paris. Joe’s history has undoubtedly produced enough ghosts by this point for him to be properly tormented throughout this season, but no additional plot details have yet been revealed.

You Season 4 Storyline

The storyline for You Season 4 is yet unknown. You by Caroline Kepnes was adapted for the first season. The author’s subsequent book, Hidden Bodies, served as the inspiration for the second season. The third season was based on the earlier this year released You Love Me by Kepnes. Even though the next book in the series has not yet been published, it might happen online.

You Season 3 Recap

At the conclusion of Season 3, Joe staged his own demise by staging a murder-suicide at Love’s hands, incriminating her for, well, pretty much everyone else in Madre Linda who vanished as well (which would include Natalie, who she actually killed, along with anti-vaxxer Gil and asshole newsman Ryan Goodwin). Off the radar, he has since moved to Paris, as we witness at the very end of the programme (after a fakeout of two guys talking about New York).

Marienne, the former librarian, is still on his thoughts and the focus of his infatuation after having a vision of a lady who resembled Marienne in Paris. The season saw Joe’s transformation from a lead-villain—he had few redeeming qualities in Seasons 1 and 2—to more of an anti-hero. This was accomplished by highlighting Love’s impulsive and unpredictable natures, which Victoria Pedretti did an excellent job of conveying while still making Love a fully-human being that we can’t help but care about (until we remember that she is a threat to kill someone at any given moment).

Joe is not as self-aware as he believes he is, which is something that Season 3 did exceptionally well to make clearly plain to the audience. Joe, who we hear speaking through his narration, is always making remarks that, let’s face it, are pretty darn accurate. We don’t want to agree with a killer, stalker, or eccentric, yet he’s usually right.

But astute viewers ought to start noticing the trend by Season 3, when he begins referring to Marienne as his happily-ever-after. This man lusted after Guinevere Beck for the entire first season before killing her, though we can’t be sure for sure. He spent the entirety of Season 2 lusting after Love Quinn, but she turned out to be an even worse monster than he was, and she essentially tricked him into settling down and having a wife and child.

Even when he pretended to be “happy,” he always moved on to the next thing, whether it was Natalie or, eventually, Marienne. Joe Goldberg will never be content; he is constantly searching for the next exciting thing. And perhaps Marienne will be the one to understand that for sure in Season 4 and outsmart him permanently.

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