The Release Of Zorua In Pokémon Was Postponed At Last Moment Because Of A Recently Found Bug

Zorua's Pokemon Go Debut Delayed

A brief history of Zorua As part of the game’s continuing Halloween activities, Zoroark were supposed to make their debuts this week, but a problem has prevented that from happening, or at least delayed it.

Niantic designed a special event for Zorua’s introduction in keeping with the trickster aspect of the Pokemon, where Zorua will first appear on the map as the player’s friend Pokemon until becoming clear that it is actually Zorua when it is captured.

Players in New Zealand, the first time zone to see Pokemon Go events, reported that the event went as planned. However, a second spawn didn’t happen as expected, while players in Australia reported seeing no evidence of Zorua.

The event, according to a series of tweets from Niantic Support, was bugged, enabling captured Zorua to acquire the stats of the buddy Pokemon that was initially caught, including height, CP, and attacks. Zorua was able to be captured and added to the Pokedex of some players in early time zones, however those Pokemon cannot be sold, sent to Pokemon Home, or used in PVP battles.

Niantic hasn’t updated the flaw that led gamers worldwide to miss Tuesday’s Zorua event. The developer hasn’t announced if it will hold this event again or introduce Zorua in another way. For present, just a handful Pokemon Go players can catch Unovan.

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Zorua In Pokémon Go Is Delayed

Zorua debut: what went wrong?

The surprise release of a new Pokemon was supposed to be the centrepiece of Pokemon Go’s final Spotlight Hour event of October, but those preparations have been derailed by a recent problem.

Zorua, a dark-type Pokemon, made its Pokemon Go debut during the Shuppet Spotlight Hour event on Tuesday, as gamers in other areas noticed. The new fox Pokemon would pose as the player’s friend Pokemon; however, this has produced troubles with the game.

Trainers, we are aware of an issue where Zorua, a Pokemon with a scheduled surprise encounter on October 25’s Shuppet Spotlight Hour, keeps stats like the height, CP, and attacks of the Pokemon it originally took the form of, the game’s developer Niantic tweeted.

This problem has caused other locations to remove Zorua’s debut. Although there won’t be a chance to obtain Zorua, the Shuppet Spotlight Hour event will go on as planned.

When Zorua will return in Pokemon Go is still unknown, but the game is now hosting its annual Halloween event, which has already seen the introduction of Mega Banette and shiny variants of Noibat and Galarian Yamask.

Vulpix, Gengar, and Pumpkaboo are among the new costumed versions of earlier Pokemon that will be available as of the second Halloween event, which begins on October 27.

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How To Catch Zorua In Pokémon Go?

How To Catch Zorua In Pokémon Go?

Similar to Ditto, Zorua operates. You can only locate it through catching other Pokémon, unlike every other Pokémon, which only appears in the wild. You must capture your Buddy Pokémon before you may get Zorua. We advise you to bring your buddy outside when trying to find Zorua.

You may do this by offering it a Poppin or three berries from the buddy menu. Zorua may show up if you see your Pokémon as a catchable Pokémon in the wild after it has arrived by your side and you have been walking about with it.

To enhance your chances of catching wild Pokémon, make sure to explore your neighbourhood while your buddy Pokémon is by your side. The second Halloween 2022 Part II event is when Zorua will make her debut.

Nevertheless, it ought to appear in upcoming events, and it probably will need you using a partner Pokémon to draw it out of hiding. If you want to enhance the amount of candy you receive when trying to catch Zorua, we suggest utilising a Razz Berry or even a Pinap Berry. Once you’ve accumulated enough, you can transform it into a Zoroark.

Best Way To Get Zoroark

For the time being, the only way to obtain a Zoroark is via evolving a Zorua. In order to develop into a Zoroark, a fox-type Pokemon needs to consume fifty Zorua candies over the course of its evolution.

Be sure to offer the wild Zorua a Pinap Berry before attempting to capture it so that the process can be completed more quickly. If you are successful in capturing the monster after feeding it, you will be rewarded with an increased number of Zorua candies.

In addition, in order to speed up the evolution process, you can change any Rare Candies that you have acquired into Zorua Candies.

There is presently a Halloween promotion going on in Pokemon Go that will go through November 1. In addition to Zorua, costumed versions of Vulpix and other Pokemon are currently wandering throughout the wild, and Mega Banette can be obtained through raids.

Evolving Zorua Into Zoroark In Pokémon GO

Zorua can evolve into Zoroark

Trainers that managed to capture Zorua in Pokémon GO are unable to use the Dark-type fox in combat, but they can still try to evolve it into Zoroark if they have 50 Candy.

Undoubtedly, the only method to gather this Pokémon GO Candy was to catch Zorua during the brief Shuppet Spotlight Hour and use Pinap Berries whenever possible. In spite of the fact that the pocket monster is in their Pokémon Storage, many gamers claim they are still unable to evolve it.

In Pokémon GO, Zorua can evolve if players have enough Candy to Power Up the Pokémon once, according to a Reddit post by user u/FinchyNZ. The pocket monster can be evolved after this action, which will restore its CP to its original value. For those who want Zoroark, even though this method isn’t working for certain users, it’s still worth a shot.

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