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Proud to Call Them My Classmates: Columbia Alumni Supporting Palestine Skip Reunions

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In the wake of the recent violence in Gaza, a group of Columbia University alumni have announced their decision to boycott their upcoming class reunions. The alumni, who graduated from various schools within the university, stated that they are standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom and justice.

The group, known as “Columbia Alumni for Palestine,” released a statement explaining their decision. They expressed disappointment and frustration with the lack of action and support from Columbia University towards the ongoing Israeli occupation and attacks on Palestinians. According to the group, this is not just about political differences but also about human rights violations.

“We cannot in good conscience attend events celebrating our time at Columbia while our Palestinian brothers and sisters are facing violence, displacement, and apartheid. We call on the university to take a stance against these atrocities and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people,” the statement read.

The recent violence in Gaza between Israel and Hamas resulted in over 250 deaths, including more than 60 children. The ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine has led to countless human rights violations, including forced evictions, home demolitions, and restrictions on movement and access to resources.

The group also called upon fellow alumni to join them in their boycott and urge the university to divest from companies that profit from or support the Israeli occupation. They also criticized Columbia’s decision not to follow other universities’ lead in condemning Israel’s actions and show support for Palestinian students on campus.

“We are disappointed that our alma mater has not taken a stronger stance in support of human rights and justice. As alumni, we have a responsibility to hold the university accountable and push for change,” the statement continued.

The group’s decision to boycott their reunions has gained traction within the Columbia community, with many current students and faculty showing their support. A petition has also been started, calling on the university to divest from companies supporting the Israeli occupation.

Columbia University has not yet responded to the alumni group’s statement or the petition. However, this is not the first time that the university’s handling of issues related to Palestine has faced criticism. In 2016, students staged a week-long sit-in to demand divestment from companies profiting from the occupation.

As the world watches the events in Palestine unfold, it is clear that there is a growing movement for solidarity and support for the Palestinian people. The actions of Columbia alumni are just one example of this, and their decision to boycott their reunions serves as a powerful statement against injustice and oppression. So, let us all stand with them in support of Palestine. As they say, “Proud to call them my classmates.”

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