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Trump Campaign Donation Page Goes Down After Guilty Verdict

Trump Campaign Donation Page Goes Down After Guilty Verdict

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The news of former President Donald Trump being found guilty on charges of inciting insurrection has sent waves across the nation. As people tuned in to watch the historic moment, another unexpected event was taking place behind the scenes.

As the verdict was announced, Trump’s campaign donation page crashed due to a surge in traffic. This comes as no surprise, considering how passionate and divided his supporters are about him.

According to reports, the influx of traffic caused the donation page to slow down and eventually crash. Many took to social media platforms to express their frustration and disappointment at not being able to show their support for the former president in this critical moment.

This is not the first time that Trump’s donation page has crashed. During his presidential campaign, the page also experienced a similar situation when he was leading in the polls.

However, this time it is different as the reason behind the increased traffic is not due to his popularity but rather due to the guilty verdict against him. It seems that some of his supporters are still standing by him and want to show their loyalty through donations.

In response to the crash, Trump’s team released a statement apologizing for any inconvenience caused and assured that they were working on resolving the issue. They also urged supporters to try again later or consider alternative ways to donate.

Despite this setback, many of Trump’s loyal followers have found other ways to express their support. Some have taken to purchasing merchandise from his online store, while others have donated to other organizations or political campaigns in his name.

The guilty verdict has not only sparked a reaction among supporters but also among Trump’s critics. Many are calling for further repercussions against the former president, while others believe that this verdict is long overdue.

Regardless of one’s political stance, it is evident that the impact of Trump’s presidency continues to be felt even after his term has ended. The crashing of his donation page serves as a reminder of the strong and divided opinions surrounding him.

As the nation processes this historic moment, it remains to be seen how Trump and his team will move forward amidst legal battles and a damaged reputation. One thing is for sure – his presence will continue to provoke reactions from both sides of the political spectrum.

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