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Delhi's Water Supply Secured Despite Heatwave, Promises Lt. Governor V.K. Saxena

Delhi’s Water Supply Secured Despite Heatwave, Promises Lt. Governor V.K. Saxena

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Delhiites can breathe a sigh of relief as Lt. Governor V.K. Saxena has assured the city that there will be no shortage of water supply amidst the ongoing heatwave.

In a recent meeting with officials from Delhi Jal Board (DJB), Saxena reviewed the status of water availability in Delhi and instructed for immediate action to be taken to ensure adequate supply.

According to DJB, the city currently receives 900 million gallons per day (MGD) of water against its demand for 1,150 MGD. However, with the onset of summer and rising temperatures, this demand is expected to increase by 15-20 percent.

To meet this increased demand, DJB has been instructed to ramp up their operations and ensure that all water treatment plants are functioning at full capacity. Saxena also directed for stricter monitoring of water distribution in the city to prevent any wastage or pilferage.

In addition, measures have been taken to augment supply from neighboring states such as Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. DJB has been given the go-ahead to release additional water from these sources if needed.

Moreover, Saxena assured that there will be no reduction in water supply during the ongoing construction work for new water treatment plants and pipelines. He emphasized that these projects are necessary to ensure a sustainable supply of clean drinking water for Delhi’s growing population.

With temperatures reaching record-breaking levels, it is crucial to have a reliable water supply to combat dehydration and other heat-related illnesses. The assurance from the Lt. Governor brings some much-needed relief to the residents of Delhi who were worried about their access to this essential resource.

In conclusion, with proactive measures being taken by DJB and the reassurance from Lt. Governor V.K. Saxena, Delhi can rest assured that its water supply will not be compromised during the scorching summer months.

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