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Filmmaker Who Recorded Alito and Roberts Asserts It Was in Service of Public Good

Filmmaker Who Recorded Alito and Roberts Asserts It Was in Service of Public Good

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Washington D.C. – A filmmaker by the name of Ms. Kimberly Reed, who recorded footage of Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and John Roberts, has come forward to state that she did it in service of a public good.

On April 15th, 2024, Ms. Reed released a short documentary titled “Supreme Court Secrets” which featured hidden camera footage showing Justice Alito and Justice Roberts attending private events with conservative donors.

In an interview with CNN, Ms. Reed explained her reasoning behind recording and releasing the footage. She stated, “The Supreme Court is supposed to be an unbiased institution, but these private events with wealthy donors raise serious questions about their impartiality. The American people have a right to know where their Justices’ allegiances lie.”

Ms. Reed’s documentary has sparked controversy and calls for investigation, as it brings to light the issue of potential conflicts of interest within the Supreme Court.

According to Ms. Reed, she began recording the footage in late 2023 after hearing rumors of private events involving Supreme Court Justices and conservative donors. She strategically placed hidden cameras at various locations where these events were rumored to take place.

The footage captured shows Justices Alito and Roberts mingling with wealthy donors and discussing potential cases that could come before the Supreme Court. This has raised concerns about the influence of money on judicial decision-making.

In response to the release of this footage, a spokesperson for Justice Alito denied any wrongdoing and stated that he regularly attends events hosted by both liberal and conservative organizations. However, critics argue that private events with wealthy donors raise questions about possible conflicts of interest.

Ms. Reed’s documentary has brought attention to a larger issue within the Supreme Court – one of transparency and accountability. Many are calling for stricter regulations and codes of conduct for Justices to prevent potential conflicts of interest.

In the end, Ms. Reed’s actions have sparked public discourse about the role and responsibilities of Supreme Court Justices. Whether or not any action will be taken in response to her documentary remains to be seen, but one thing is clear – she has started an important conversation about the integrity of our highest court.

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